survived when the Soul Eating Crabs approached them.

Even Han Fei was surrounded by dozens of Soul Eating Crabs now and then.
However, Han Fei did not give them any chance, so he simply crushed them with his overwhelming spiritual energy.

Seeing that most of the enemies were escaping instead of pushing forward, he sneered at them.


It was the first time that Little White and Little Black were fused after level 30.

Many people were awed by Han Fei’s strange eyes at the moment of fusion.
His face was slightly twisted, and the gray hazy sheen over his body eclipsed the colors of Little Gold.

Yang Huan broke out of the crowd.
He also covered himself in poison to avoid the attack of the Scavengers and the Soul Eating Crabs.

At this point, his eyes constricted quickly as he looked at Han Fei, impressed by Han Fei’s formidableness.

Just now, he felt that Han Fei was a peak-level Dangling Fisher, but much faster than the regular peak-level Dangling Fishers.
The man ripped apart the chaotic mass of Soul Eating Crabs in one attack.

Then, thirty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers flashed in the seawater, with black and white colors spreading on every one of them.

Pu… Pu… Pu…

After each attack, one of the advanced Dangling Fishers would fall.
Both them and their spiritual beasts would be minced as long as Han Fei touched them.

Of course, Han Fei was attacked too.
But to everybody’s shock, Han Fei did not bother to defend himself at all.
His body was so sturdy that the spiritual weapons caused nothing but a clinking sound when they hit him.

“Demon Han is on a rampage! Let’s go!”

Including the peak-level Dangling Fishers, no one wanted to hunt demons anymore.
That man was too strong! Even though he seemed to be covered in bloody wounds, he hadn’t suffered any critical wounds.

Maybe, the remaining peak-level Dangling Fishers could kill Han Fei if they attacked him together.
But they didn’t have a chance, not with the assortment of hostile creatures that had been attracted to this place.
Besides, there was still a Yang Huan who was lurking in the dark

“Let’s go!”

The peak-level Dangling Fishers squeezed their Flash Stones one after another.

As for the advanced Dangling Fishers, they had already run if they were capable of running the moment Han Fei marched into the crowd.
They certainly didn’t want to be cut to pieces by Han Fei.

After a long time, the gate to the inner part of the Undersea City had become empty.

Nobody was here to kill Han Fei anymore, but Han Fei was still slaughtering the Soul Eating Crabs, showing no intention of stopping.
“Hey! Enough! Stop killing! There’s nobody around!”

Yang Huan spoke to Han Fei from the dark.
He felt that something was wrong with Han Fei.
The man was weird and powerful, but what surprised Yang Huan most was that the spiritual energy was surging into Han Fei’s body from all directions.

Too many creatures had died in this battle, leaving tremendous unowned spiritual energy.
It was actually not Han Fei but the Demon Purification Pot that was absorbing the energy.

At this moment, Han Fei was in fact still, and the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were doing the killing.

Han Fei’s eyes were closed.
He sensed something mysterious that was trying to pop up in his head, but it failed again and again.
He didn’t know what it was, but he yearned for it.

After a long time, Han Fei suddenly lost strength and nearly fell on the ground, and the fusion of Little White and Little Black automatically ended.

He opened his eyes in a hurry, only to see nothing but bodies in front of him.
He asked, “Mr.
Hexagon Starfish, what happened just now?”

He looked at his shoulder, but the Hexagon Starfish was nowhere to be seen.
Had this guy disappeared? “Mr.
Hexagon Starfish?”

From a lobster shell a thousand meters away, the Hexagon Starfish crawled out and rolled its six big eyes at Han Fei.
“You’ve woken


Han Fei was puzzled.
“What happened here?”

The Hexagon Starfish replied with a shivering voice, “Just now, an extremely powerful force seemed to be escaping from your body.
Naturally I had to run, didn’t I?”

Han Fei’s eyebrow was furrowed.
“An extremely powerful force? From me?”

After a brief silence, the Hexagon Starfish replied, “It might not have belonged to you, but to your spiritual beasts.”

“Little Black and Little White?”

Suddenly, Han Fei darted a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger to the void on his left.
Then, a person flashed and appeared from stealth mode.

Yang Huan was rather stunned.
“You’re not crazy?”

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