Chapter 403 Treasure Trove of Prison

Han Fei’s original purpose was simple.
He had wanted to intimidate everyone in this battle.

But after he fused with Little Black and Little White, he felt that something was wrong.
Everything was fine at first, and his power in every aspect was significantly boosted.
But then, as the battle went on, something seemed to be growing in his head, until he woke up in the end.

Han Fei asked Yang Huan, “What did you see?”

Yang Huan waved his hands.
“I didn’t see anything.”

Han Fei said coldly, “What did I do?”

“You don’t know what you did?”

Han Fei: “???”

Yang Huan looked at Han Fei with a complicated expression.
“Just now, your spiritual weapons all became black-and-white wheels that killed every person who hadn’t run away yet.
There’s also them…”

Yang Huan pointed at the bodies of sea creatures on the ground, many of them had been squished violently and died with miserable looks.

Yang Huan was pretty sure that he should never make Han Fei his enemy.

He was confident that he was the best in terms of poison in the level-three fishery, but in terms of fighting, Han Fei could’ve killed dozens of him in his previous state.

Han Fei was rather confused.
Was I so awesome just now?

Yang Huan waved his hand and tossed hundreds of Sea Swallowing Seashells to Han Fei.

Staring at Han Fei thoughtfully, Yang Huan said, “Many people escaped.
The four entrances to the Undersea City will probably be blocked in ten days, so I won’t explore it anymore.
It’s time to say goodbye.”

Han Fei picked up 208 Sea Swallowing Seashells in a row.
Plus the dozens that he picked earlier, he had 260 in total at this moment.

Yang Huan smiled casually.
“We cooperated well this time.
We slew more than five hundred enemies.
I can finally make it to the top five on the wanted list now!” Han Fei’s lips cramped.
“Then wouldn’t I be first place?”

Yang Huan shook his head.
You only eliminated a dozen peak-level Dangling Fishers with the Spirit Forbidding Net this time.
Mo Qianshang, who ranks first, killed more than sixty by himself.
If you can kill so many peak-level Dangling Fishers sometime, you may be able to compete for first place with him.”

Han Fei: “….”

Yang Huan left.
He was a smart guy.
Han Fei was not scared of poison because of the treasures he found, so it was impossible for Yang Huan to beat him.
In case they were surrounded later, Yang Huan might as well escape sooner.

What was inside the Undersea City exactly? Yang Huan didn’t really care.
After all, nobody had obtained anything remarkable from there since ancient times.

Han Fei didn’t stop him, or check if the number of the Sea Swallowing Seashells was right.
He had already earned a lot from the battle, including not just the Sea Swallowing Seashells but also the deaths of those who intended to hunt him and Xia Xiaochan.

After Yang Huan left, Han Fei’s eyebrow flashed, and Little White and Little Black appeared again.

Han Fei looked at them weirdly, sensing that there were great secrets in them.
If Yang Huan wasn’t lying just now, his Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers must’ve been transformed into mini Supreme Yin Yang Wheels!

Han Fei understood the power of the Supreme Yin Yang Wheel, but wasn’t it a fatal move when Little White and Little Black were combined? How could his weapons be transformed into Supreme Yin Yang Wheels?

Resting a moment, Han Fei pet Little White and said, “Search for Xia Xiaochan.
She should be here.”

Little White craned its little head and wandered a moment, before it swooshed away.

Han Fei grabbed the Hexagon Starfish and threw it on his shoulder.
Hexagon Starfish, why are you such a coward?”

The Hexagon Starfish rolled its eyes.
“You were so brutal.
I might have been killed by you if I hadn’t run away.”

Han Fei scoffed and asked, “Mr.
Hexagon Starfish, are you the best treasure hunter among the starfish? Where do you think the treasures are hidden in this forsaken city?”

The freezing currents appeared now and then, but Han Fei simply changed his swimming posture accordingly.
The Shadow Swimming Art allowed him to roam this dark place gracefully and casually.

To get a better view of this place, Han Fei took out the lights he collected from the lantern fish and connected them.

So, in the dark Undersea City, a white little fish was swimming ahead, and a young man holding a series of brilliant lights was following, with bubbles popping up from his mouth now and then.

Those who were familiar with Han Fei would realize that he was saying “shoot” everything when bubbles came out.

Han Fei discovered, to his surprise, that there were many more caves of Soul Eating Crabs like the one he saw before.
He had seen the Scavengers from the Seaborne Prairie too.

But back then, the Scavengers erected their bone stings and simply lay at the bottom of the sea.
Han Fei tried cutting them but failed to kill them.

The Scavengers here were clearly different! They were not aggressive either, but they were much bolder.
At this moment, Han Fei saw that many of them were devouring the Soul Eating Crabs like candies.

Not just that, he even saw a conch that had been bitten by the Scavengers with hundreds of holes in it.
Even a spiritual weapon couldn’t have broken that conch easily!

Under the light, Han Fei finally saw part of the city clearly.
The buildings here were similar to those on the floating island, and some were founded on bones.

However, the buildings on the floating island couldn’t have stood after such a long time… Which meant that the buildings here were made of better materials.

If the buildings of this city were of such a remarkable quality, how powerful must it have been in its heyday? It must’ve been even more prosperous than the Blue Sea Town.
Then, what power reduced the city to its current conditions?

More importantly, why was this city established at the bottom of the sea?

Han Fei had been puzzled by these questions for a long time.
Could this city have been on a floating island too, until the floating island fell into the sea, resulting in the crash of the city?

The deeper he swam, the more splendid Han Fei found the city was.

Little White changed its course every once in a while.
It must’ve sensed dangerous creatures and circumvented them.
So, Han Fei did not run anything tricky on his way.

Three hours later, Han Fei came to a halt and stopped Little White.

He had found a treasure trove, which was surrounded by seven pillars and covered by an array.

Hexagon Starfish, do you think there are treasures inside?”

The Hexagon Starfish said excitedly, “There must be! How can there be no treasures in a treasure trove?”

Han Fei said, “Why don’t you go in first?”

The Hexagon Starfish: “???”

Han Fei said with a smile, “Forget it.
I know you are a coward.
Let’s go in together.
However, this array seems to have been broken.
What do you think?”

The Hexagon Starfish said, “Yes, it has, or we wouldn’t have noticed it just now.”

“Let’s go in!”

Han Fei recalled Little Black and Little White.
He took out the Blood Drinking Knife and squeezed into the array.
A moment later, he found a cave beside one of the pillars.

Han Fei secretly cursed.
He hated the treasures that were buried underground, because there might be unexpected dangers.

But of course, Han Fei still jumped in after the cursing.


Out of Han Fei’s expectation, it seemed more than easy for him to enter the treasure trove! He felt that he just stepped on rotten wood.

Illuminating the place with his lights, Han Fei found a door below his feet.
It was not a regular door, but a prison door made of certain mysterious iron.

Han Fei was rather surprised.
Have I come to the prison of this city?

Han Fei grew curious immediately.
He didn’t think he could find any treasures in this place, but it was possible for him to learn the history of the Undersea City here.

Holding the lights, Han Fei pressed on in the dark aisle.
But after only several dozen meters, he found three corpses on the ground.
They weren’t fully rotten yet and couldn’t have been dead for more than ten years.

Judging from the posture of the bodies, they had been trying to escape from the treasure trove, but for some reason, they died after they ran to this place.


The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was attached to himself, and he raised the nine-star chains as a precaution.

Han Fei passed several rock walls and rooms.
Inside the rooms were rotten desks, chairs, and occasionally weapons that had been randomly left on the ground.
Han Fei stepped on them and poked them.
Those weapons were easily perforated.

After taking multiple turns, Han Fei finally entered the prison.
It was even more ragged than Han Fei had imagined.
Barely any doors were left here, and more than half of the walls had collapsed too.

Han Fei came to a random prison cell and saw bodies in them.
“Huh? There are still remaining bones?”

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