om a dark corner.
He was rather crept out, but the eyes ran off after glancing at him.

But Han Fei stepped out and quickly came to the third level of the prison this time.

The moment he entered this level, he was embraced by a stinky wind.
Instantly, he slashed out the dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers.
Controlling the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers and straightening them into a line, he cut the darkness.

Then, he heard clangs, and a weird shadow was waving its tail on the floor, fending off the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers.

“Lizard? Salamander? Serpent?”

Han Fei did not need to speculate anymore, because he had seen a head on the floor.
He almost felt the urge to flee when he saw the hideous head.

To be more exact, it was a human-shaped head, with two holes on the part where the nose should’ve been, and sharp teeth all over the mouth.
The creature also had two skinny hands.

This creature moved using those two hands.
Apart from the web on those hands, they were exactly like the hands of an extremely slim man.

What shocked Han Fei most was the body of that creature, which looked like a fish and had a long tail behind.

At this moment, the creature bent its tail, revealing the sharp bone stings on it.

Data popped up in his eyes.

Undead Merman

This is the lowliest sea primate.
It’s a regular merman that has evolved in the special environment.
It has extraordinary sight, and its teeth are sharp enough to bite through mid-quality spiritual weapons.

Exotic (Ultra-Quality)


3,358 Points



Han Fei was immediately stunned.
You call this a merman? It evolved from a regular merman? This is how it looks after a long time of evolution? Then how ugly must it have been before the evolution?

The Undead Merman jerked and bared the sharp claws on its hands.
In the meantime, it opened its mouth widely as if it was going to swallow Han Fei alive.


Han Fei exerted eighty percent of his strength and slapped it with his seal, because it was too ugly.
He would be disgusted if the creature lunged at him! So, he simply slapped with the Water Dividing Seal without using the Blood Drinking Knife.

The Undead Merman rolled on the ground and crashed into a prison cell.
Han Fei immediately followed, ready to attack again.

In the next moment, a human-shaped body was thrown to him, and Han Fei subconsciously slapped it apart with the seal.

What caught Han Fei’s attention was that this body had a tail too.
It was more complete than other bodies, with everything from the skull to the pelvis.

But right below the pelvis, it was one long bone that was in many sections.

“Sweet mother of God.
Is this a merman or a mermaid?”

Han Fei swallowed.
Earlier, rumor had it that there were mermaids in the sea.

Han Fei had never seen any mermaids after roaming the sea for years, or he would’ve tried to marry one.

He felt that he had to update his knowledge now.
It was possible that merman and mermaids did exist, except that they were not as beautiful as described.

At this point, the Undead Merman was staring at Han Fei in fright from a corner, gnarling and baring its crooked teeth at Han Fei.
Han Fei was almost throwing up.

This Undead Merman had been paralyzed by Han Fei’s seal.
Now, it could only crawl with its hands while it roared at Han Fei.

Han Fei looked at it in despite and hit it consecutively with the Water Dividing Seal until it was dead.

“You’re undead? You think you’re really undead when you have such an awesome name? Damn it.
What is this place? Why are there mermen here?”


The Hexagon Starfish warned, “Watch out.”

Han Fei waved the Blood Drinking Knife back, cutting another Undead Merman into two pieces.

He said awfully, “Is this s*ithole full of those things?” Now, Han Fei did not expect any treasures in this place.
So, not every treasure trove contained opportunities…

When Han Fei walked out of the prison cell, he found several pairs of cold eyes gazing at him from the end of the passage.
However, instead of charging at them, those creatures were gradually falling back.

Han Fei hesitated a moment.
He looked back, but he eventually decided to push on because he was too curious about the merman.
They hadn’t been completely transformed into fish, like Yang Ruoyun was; they were real mermen! What would he find at the end of this prison?

The Hexagon Starfish pulled Han Fei’s shoulder and asked, “Are you going on?”

Han Fei said, “I’m just taking a quick glance.
I’ll leave after that.”

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