d? Han Fei knew that this city was going to be destroyed and there might be stronger creatures showing up soon.
But at the gate of the city, there were tens of thousands of people, many of whom had no combat power left at all and were even unable to climb the city wall.
All they could do was look back at the shrimp spines all over the sky and wait to die…

When Han Fei saw those desperate eyes, his mind suddenly went blank.

Han Fei murmured to himself, “I can block the shrimps… But I’ll only block one wave.
I can only block one damn wave.”

Hexagon Starfish was shocked.
“Are you crazy?”

“Master Hexagon, at this moment, you’ve gotta trust me.”

“No, I just want to return to the land of starfish.”

Han Fei scoffed.
“Shut up.”

Behind Han Fei, someone yelled, “That boy, go away.
We don’t need a kid to rescue us.”

“Leave! Don’t waste your talent, kill as many sea demons as possible for me.” “Hey! Don’t try to block them.
It’s not going to work.
Don’t waste your life in vain.”

Han Fei turned his head, grinned, grabbed the Embroidery Needle, and thrust it into the ground.
“Grow larger…”

Then the Embroidery Needle became thicker and taller.
However, when the Embroidery Needle grew to a height of about 50 meters, it stopped.

Han Fei sighed.
“Hey! What’s wrong with you? Monkey King’s Golden Cudgel can even break through the sky.
I don’t expect so much from you but can’t you even grow as tall as this city?!”

However, the Embroidery Needle did not respond.

Clank, Clank, Clank…

Suddenly, Han Fei felt that the Water Dividing Seal was being attacked frantically.
In the blink of an eye, there seemed to be hundreds of shrimp spines bombarding it.

“Majestic Mystic Spell.”

Han Fei used the Majestic Mystic Spell, the muscles on his body burst, and the terrifying power spread to his limbs.

Even with the Water Dividing Seal and the Embroidery Needle blocking the shrimp spines, Han Fei still felt deeply helpless.
There were too many shrimp spines, which almost blotted out the sky and covered up the earth with overwhelming power.


Suddenly, Han Fei felt that something was wrong under his feet.
A shadow entangled his feet and then turned into Xia Xiaochan.
Han Fei was furious.
“I told you to stay up there!”

Xia Xiaochan grunted.
“If you don’t go up, I won’t either.
If you die, I will die with you.”

Han Fei’s body shuddered.
No one had ever said this to him in his two lives.
Xia Xiaochan was the first one! He looked at her again who looked so serious and resolute.

Han Fei suddenly grinned, injected all his spiritual energy into the Water Dividing Seal, and roared gritting his teeth.
“I, Han Fei, am the chosen one! I will not die here.”

Clank Clank Clank…

The dense shrimp spines fell on the Water Dividing Seal like hailstones, making clanking sounds.


Behind Han Fei, at the city gate, someone cursed, “Shit, children nowadays are too disobedient.”

“You’ve got guts! Boy, if you survive this battle, I bet you will reach the peak someday.” “Okay, kid, you’ve blocked a wave of the shrimps.
Now you can get the hell out of here.”

Han Fei turned around and smiled with difficulty.
Then, he saw a cyan light mask emerging from the city wall.
All the shrimp spines were actually blocked out of the light mask.

“Sure enough, there is a formation!”


Han Fei sank to the ground, the Water Dividing Seal became palm-sized, and the Embroidery Needle turned to its normal size without the support of spiritual energy.

Han Fei was exhausted but still smiled.
“F*ck, I’m almost shaken to death.”

As soon as he put away the Embroidery Needle and the Water Dividing Seal, Han Fei felt like he was being picked up.
Xia Xiaochan grabbed him by the collar, jumped several times, and landed on the city wall that was full of spines.

Han Fei had tried his best and could only buy some time for those people.
He didn’t think he could block another wave of shrimp attacks.

He didn’t know how many shrimp spines he had blocked.
Anyway, he should have saved many people.

Xia Xiaochan said angrily, “From now on, you need to listen to me.
Don’t run around.”

With that said, Xia Xiaochan took Han Fei’s hand, jumped down the city, and ran towards the inner city.

Han Fei ran and said, “Hey, slow down.
I’m afraid we can’t get into the inner city.”

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Why not?”

Han Fei smiled bitterly.
“Don’t forget, when we entered the Undersea City, the outer city was also a battlefield.
At this moment, the top priority is not to run to the inner city, but to take a rest, regain physical strength, and restore our combat power to its peak.”

Then he took out the Yellow Blood Sea Cucumber that he hadn’t finished eating and handed Xia Xiaochan a large piece of sea cucumber meat.

Xia Xiaochan was speechless.
Even at this moment, he was still thinking about eating!

Xia Xiaochan took a bite of the sea cucumber, regardless of the taste, and asked, “As you can see, we are not going to win this battle.
But can we only go back when we win this battle?”

Han Fei gave a wry smile.
“Who knows? Anyway, try to stay alive.
Unless there are only two of us left in this city, unless we are besieged, we must stay alive…” Xia Xiaochan nodded hard.
“I have a feeling that this secret realm is not meant to make us fight this battle! The city was destroyed countless years ago.
What’s the point for us to fight this war? Even if we win, can these dead people in the Undersea City come back to life?”

Han Fei smiled.
“I’ll tell you why.
It’s because this, this is an opportunity.”

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