Chapter 42: The Most Delicious Food

At the center of the market in the port, Han Fei rented a stand for ten mid-quality pearls.

At this moment, a plate had been raised, catching everyone’s attention.

Someone said in disdain, “You are truly confident.
‘The Most Delicious Food’? Less bragging, please!”

Other dealers were sneering, “How many foods have you had? How do you know that it’s the most delicious food?”

Someone was curious.
“What is going to be sold here?”

Standing before the grill, Han Fei declared to the crowd, “Today, we launch our barbecue business.
All customers will enjoy a fifty percent discount.
I guarantee that you will bite your tongue off when you’re having our food!”

“Barbecue? What’s that?” asked a passerby curiously.

Han Fei said, “Don’t be hasty.
Some of the food will be distributed for free.
You don’t have to pay unless you want more.”

“Really? Boy, are you the owner of this business?”

Han Fei said, “Of course.
I never go back on my word.
Xiao Gang, start the fire.”

Little white fish, sea conches, clams, yellow fish, shrimps… Dozens of seafoods had been placed on Han Fei’s long grill.

Han Fei was delighted.
The spiritual energy in those seafoods had been entirely absorbed, so they were actually of little use to him.

He took out a pepper and shouted at everyone, “Guys, you may find it hard to believe, but this is Red Tears Fruit, a spiritual fruit that costs one mid-quality pearl!”


The crowd seethed.
You’re making food with a spiritual fruit that costs one mid-quality pearl?

Someone was unconvinced.
How can you make food with such extravagant stuff? What’s the price of your product?”

Han Fei said, “This spiritual fruit can be used repetitively.
It’s not expensive.
As for the prices, they’re all on this board.”

After Han Fei showed the prices, everybody whispered again.

Someone scolded, “Boy, are you taking us for fools? Ten low-quality pearls for one kilogram of little white fish? That’s dozens of times higher than the market price!”

“That’s right! You are a terrible businessman!”

“I wouldn’t buy it no matter how delicious it is!”

“I’ll only have a taste of the free food and leave after that!”

“I’m going to see why this boy is confident in making the most delicious food in the world.”

Li Gang sweated hard as people criticized them.
He was also shocked when he saw the menu.
He did not believe that anyone would buy such expensive food.

Han Fei took out the ginger and the garlic and shouted, “It’s all a matter of perspective.
Is a little white fish with three kinds of spiritual fruits still a little white white? Besides, there is also the finest oil and appropriate salt.
You should leave now if you don’t want to get addicted to it later.”

Someone mocked him.
“Who knows if they are spiritual fruits?”

“None of us has seen a spiritual fruit.
Of course you can say that it’s a spiritual fruit.
But how can a spiritual fruit only cost one mid-quality pearl?”

Han Fei said, “You can go to the southern plantation and ask.
All the spiritual fruits in my store are authentic.
I’ll compensate you if you find anything fake.”

“Are you serious?”

“That’s a bold statement.
He doesn’t seem to be lying.”

“Does he have so much money?”

“Huh? Isn’t he that piece of garbage?”

“I’m told that Tang Ge is his brother and has given him a lot of good stuff.
He’s a genius now, not garbage anymore.”

At this moment, Han Fei was brushing the seafood with fish oil.
Every gasped at how generous he was with the oil, which was extremely rare and precious.
Han Fei was using it so casually that some of the oil was dripping into the fire.

Li Gang, on the other hand, had chopped the peppers and garlic into pieces.

After Han Fei smeared the garlic on the food, people immediately exclaimed.

“Wow! It smells great!”

“Is this the power of spiritual fruits?”

“I’m told that the fragrance of spiritual fruits can keep people from walking away.
It seems that the spiritual fruits are authentic!”

Not just the onlookers, even Han Fei himself swallowed.
The fragrance was even more intense after the peppers were added.

Han Fei shouted, “Everybody, hurry up! The first batch of barbecue will be ready in one minute.
It’s free.
If it’s delicious, you can buy more later.
Everything is at a discount today!”

One minute later, Han Fei bellowed, “All right, Xiao Gang! Next batch!”

Everybody stared at the barbecue in Han Fei’s hands.

Han Fei cut the barbecue into hundreds of pieces with a dagger and said, “Come on! Have a taste, everyone! Don’t fight!”

“Let me! Let me!”

“Get out of the way! I’ll go first!”

“I came here early! Give it to me, boy!”

“Stop squeezing! I’ll have a taste for you!”

Li Gang was dumbfounded by people’s enthusiasm.
They must be aiming for the spiritual fruits.
Who would really pay for such expensive food?

A young man at the front of the queue got a piece of clam.
At this moment, the clam meat was golden and smelled great with the three spiritual fruits.
He was astounded when he popped the meat into his mouth.

“Dear Sea God, why is there such delicious food in this world? Is this still clam meat? How can clam meat be so delicious? It’s unbelievable…”

The young man was lost for words.
His limited vocabulary could not express his feelings at all.

Not just the young man, everyone who got a sample was shocked.
The succulency and hotness of the food covered the original stink in it.
They all felt that their tongues were dancing in delight.


“It’s so delicious! I’ve never had anything so wonderful!”

“This must be the food the Sea God enjoys! Why has it come to the mortal world?”

Many people swallowed after they had the food.
Staring at the new batch on the grill, nobody intended to leave.
Some of them had intended to go fishing, but they were stuck here and did not want to leave anymore.

Those who were at the end of the queue stood on their tiptoes.
The delicious smell of the food was too much for them to handle.

Han Fei looked at them and said, “Please, don’t stand in other people’s way! From now on, the food is no longer free! But there’s still a fifty percent discount! Hurry up if you want any!”

“I would like a kilogram of yellow fish.”

“I want five kilograms of white fish.”

“Give me a small octopus.”

“One complete clam, please.”

Someone looked at the person next to him and said, “Didn’t you say that you would only have the free food?”

The person sniffed.
“I’m a man of integrity, I pay for what I eat.
I’m planning to support his business.”

Everybody squeezed close.
Li Gang was dumbfounded.
Weren’t they all cursing just now? Why had they changed their attitude?

Li Gang was drooling himself.
It truly smelled great! The price of the food was a hundred times higher than usual, but people were still passionate about it.
He had never thought that anyone would buy a clam with twenty low-quality pearls.
It was truly luxurious.

As Han Fei worked on, people on the whole street were attracted to him subconsciously.

Someone smelled the enticing scent when they came to the market.

Someone was about to set sail, but they caught the smell and decided to check it out.

Zhang Han was enjoying the sunflower seeds in his store casually when he smelled the food.
He immediately threw the sunflower seeds away.
It smelled great! What’s the food?

Even Xiao Qin, the most nonchalant person in the port, was frowning.
A certain indescribable fragrance from the market made her swallow.

Suddenly, someone shouted from the back of the crowd, “Get out of the way! What are you doing here? Are you not planning to pay your fish tax?”


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