Chapter 447 Is He A Heavenly Talent?

Han Fei was slightly surprised.
“Are the disciples of the large sects not related to your families?”

Cao Qiu shook his head.
“Basically not, but still a little related.
All major families will try to be on friendly terms with the Heavenly Talents of some large sects, but we’re not close.”

Han Fei didn’t know anything about the Thousand Star City.
From Cao Qiu’s mouth, he could vaguely tell that there were many powerful families in the Thousand Star City.

Almost all the floors under the 200th floor at the Steps into the Sea were occupied by the children of the big clans.

As for the Heavenly Talents from the 36 towns, there might be some but very few.
After all, they had different origins from these young masters.
The former was born at the start point of life, while the latter at the end point of life.

Things like adventures and opportunities wouldn’t help at all.
Who wouldn’t get one or two opportunities after coming to the level-three fishery?

Han Fei wanted to ask if they knew Tang Ge.

However, when the words reached his lips, he swallowed them back.

His current situation was not good.
Not to mention anything else, the possession of the Sea Token made Han Fei stand on the opposite side of many of the children from the powerful families of the Thousand Star City.

Even if Han Fei trusted the little fatty Cao Qiu, he would never tell an outsider about the relationship between Tang Ge and him.

Han Fei asked in a different way, “Will you go to those large sects to study?”

Han Fei knew that Tang Ge was taken away as a genius with a promising future, but he didn’t know where Tang Ge went.
Judging from Fang Ze’s behaviors, Han Fei didn’t think Fang Ze was from a powerful family.

Now hearing Cao Qiu’s words, he guessed that Tang Ge might have been brought into a large sect to study.
Cao Qiu didn’t think there was anything wrong with Han Fei’s problem.
He thought Han Fei was just being curious, so he said, “Sure! We all have to study in a certain large sect, but not necessarily in the same sect.”

Han Fei frowned.
“Can we kill the Heavenly Talents from the large sects?”

Wang Zitian said lightly, “Better not.
No one who can hit the 200th floor is simple.
Many of these people have been given all kinds of treasures by their sects and their life-saving means are no less than ours.
Besides, some teachers in the large sects are very protective of their disciples.
If some teachers insist on taking revenge on us, no one in the level-three fishery can stop them!”

Han Fei clicked his tongue.
“That’s a shame.
But our slogan is that ‘we want money, not life’, so it’s all right.”

Wang Zitian glanced at Han Fei.
“But I remember what you told me just now was that ‘I want your money and your life!””

“Oh, really? Must have been a slip of the tongue.”

The four chatted and entered the 198th floor one after another.

From beginning to end, Han Fei did not mention Tang Ge at all.
In fact, he didn’t even tell his classmates about Tang Ge because it was unnecessary.

When Han Fei appeared on the 198th floor, he saw no one on this floor.

This time, he did not immediately offer a sacrifice, but searched around aimlessly.
The area of the 198th floor was even smaller and the probability of encountering others tended to be higher.

Sure enough, as expected by Han Fei, after only a short while, he met an armorist and a manipulator.

Both of them wore cyan robes, which looked to be their uniforms.

After seeing Han Fei, the two exchanged glances and immediately swam towards Han Fei.

Han Fei did not leave, leisurely waiting for the two to come over.

Huh! Intermediate Dangling Fisher, Senior Brother, this person is not simple.

The face of the girl who was a manipulator changed slightly as she spoke to the armorist next to her via voice transmission.

Yes, but it doesn’t matter.
No matter how strong an intermediate Dangling Fisher is, he has a limit, but we two can easily solve a peak-level Dangling Fisher.

Seeing the two arrive in front of him, Han Fei grinned.
“It’s nice to see you.
I want money, not life.
Please hand over your Sea Swallowing Seashells!”

The manipulator was shocked.
“Senior Brother, is this guy stupid? He seems to be robbing us?”

The armorist put his armor box down.
“If you win, our things are yours.
If you lose, your things belong to us.” Han Fei smiled.
“Okay! Which of you will come first?”

The armorist smiled slightly.
“We, of course, are together.”

As soon as he said so, there were thousands of golden lights in every direction.
At the foot of Han Fei, there was a formation made up of black balls.

Han Fei’s body was twisting back and forth in weird postures in the golden lights, which made the manipulator dumbfounded.

Han Fei touched the few gold threads around him with the Blood Drinking Knife.
“How sharp the gold threads are, but they won’t work on me.
As for this formation…”

Han Fei secretly said to the Hexagon Starfish via voice transmission, Master Hexagon, it’s your turn.

On the periphery of the black stone formation, six purple lights rose, and the Hexagon Starfish arranged another formation outside their formation.


The armorist frowned.
Not only did the opponent not try to break the sealing formation that he had laid, but he also could lay another formation out on the periphery?

Is he afraid that they would run away in this situation? How damn confident is this guy?

Amidst the thousands of threads, dense black spurs, like pear blossoms in torrential rain, gushed out from the armor box of the armorist.


Han Fei held the whetstone in his left hand, made it larger, and threw it to the air, intending to block the black spurs.

However, then he discovered that those black spurs had similar characteristics to the Million Knife Art.
They formed a whirl in the air that chased Han Fei.

Clank, Clank, Clank…

Han Fei put away the whetstone and the Blood Drinking Knife was shining with a cold glint.
As he swung it, all the gold threads along the way were broken and the black spurs were slashed away.

“Not bad.”

Han Fei frowned.
The man controlling the black spurs was not weak and he was a very special armorist.
There seemed to be no swords or knives in his armor box but only needles and spurs that were quite powerful.

However, Han Fei didn’t believe that an armorist would have such a strong spiritual power.
He himself could easily control 50 Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers once.

But once there were more daggers, such as 80 or 100 ones, he wouldn’t be able to control them.
But the armorist in front of him was actually controlling more than ten thousand black spurs!

Therefore, Han Fei was sure that these black spurs were not as flexible as they seemed.

Han Fei’s skin was full of small holes.
Although no spur could penetrate his body, they were so powerful that they could leave tiny holes on his skin.
This had demonstrated the strength of this armorist.

Han Fei suddenly changed direction and rushed straight at the manipulator.

The manipulator was slightly taken back and a large piece of gold thread swept out.
However, Han Fei was too fast.
Her golden thread could easily kill ordinary peak-level Dangling Fishers but they didn’t seem to work now.
A single slash from Han Fei cut off all the gold threads.

On the other side, the Armorist’s face changed slightly and he hurried to rescue her.

Just when he was holding the armor box and was about to arrive, Han Fei grinned and changed his direction again.
He stepped on the gold threads, passed through the black spurs and the gold threads, and slashed out.
If Xia Xiaochan were here, she wouldn’t be surprised because she knew how flexible Han Fei could be.
Han Fei could even resist four people alone, he was certainly very flexible.

If he was fighting head-on, like with Wang Zitian, he might not be able to fight so fancily.

But once in this chaotic and intertwined scene, Han Fei’s flexibility was fully demonstrated.

Han Fei needed to twist his body to avoid the gold threads, so the armorist asked the manipulator to let him in.

That was exactly what Han Fei wanted.
At the very moment the gold threads were released, he took the whetstone as a giant hidden weapon and threw it out, followed by the Embroidery Needle.

After the continuous attacks, this armorist was immediately knocked over and the hundreds of thousands of black spurs fell.


At the last moment, the manipulator pulled the armorist away with the gold threads and the two of them left the sealing formation.

Han Fei grinned.
“Now let’s see who will break the formation faster… You two break the outer formation and I break your formation.
Let’s get started!”

“Senior Brother, what should we do?”

The armorist coughed out a mouthful of blood, his face was pale, and one of his hands slumped softly.
“This guy is so strong! He must be a Heavenly Talent from some sect.
Why haven’t I seen him before?”

“Senior Brother, maybe he is from some big family.”

“That’s impossible.
How much training did he have to go through to get such elusive footwork? He fought even regardless of his life.
Do you think those young masters would fight in such a way?”

“Senior Brother, can you break the formation?”

As she said this, the manipulator looked at the six-gate formation.
With a wave of her finger, thousands of gold threads hit countless places in the six-gate formation, searching for its eye, but the formation gave no response at all.

But Han Fei just walked to a certain stone among the black rocks on the ground and hit it with a stick, and the stone cracked and the formation was broken.

The Hexagon Starfish climbed onto Han Fei’s calf.
“This formation is too simple.
This human is not good at laying out formations.”

Han Fei smiled and looked at the two people.
“Oops! I accidentally broke your formation.

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