He was truly not as good as Xia Xiaochan in terms of robbing! How exactly did she loot so many? Xia Xiaochan simply said, “There are too many items inside.
Let’s take out the good stuff and make offerings with the bad stuff.
Those Sea Swallowing Seashells should be enough.” Han Fei waved his hand and set up a pile of another five hundred Sea Swallowing Seashells.
He couldn’t help but rub his hands, as he truly liked opening them like presents.

Then, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan began their respective work.

At this moment, the Hexagon Starfish ran down from Han Fei’s shoulder.
Its six big eyes were all glittering as it stared at the Sea Swallowing Seashells.

Han Fei scoffed.
“Go away.
None of them are for you.
I need to calculate the value of these Sea Swallowing Seashells first.” The Hexagon Starfish offered, “I gave you a lot of help.
I cast the Six Gate Array more than once for you.”

Han Fei’s eyes glittered.
“That’s right.
You played your part too.
How about this.
I’ll toss the shiny stones to you when I see any, but you can’t hide them in your treasury until I evaluate their value first.”

The Hexagon Starfish rolled its six big eyes like spinning wheels and said quickly, “I won’t.
I won’t.” So, the delightful program of shell exploration began.

“This one contains three mid-quality spiritual weapons, six low-quality spiritual weapons, zero high-quality spiritual weapons, 110,000 mid-quality pearls, one battle suit, and three mediocre battle techniques…”

“This one is full of stones and wood.
There is one high-quality spiritual weapon, 260,000 mid-quality pearls, and five battle techniques…”

“Eleven mid-quality spiritual weapons… This one is rich… Three high-quality spiritual weapons.
Huh! Ultimate materials… 102 flash stones, and 1,020,000 mid-quality pearls… Sweet mother of god, this Sea Swallowing Seashell is full….”

In the first four hours, Han Fei had great fun rummaging through the shells, but he soon got bored and drowsy.
All sorts of stones were heaped before the Hexagon Starfish like a hill.

So, the Hexagon Starfish secretly tossed some of them into its treasury.
It thought that Han Fei didn’t see it, but Han Fei was too lazy to stop it, because there were too many spoils for him to count!

Eventually, Han Fei simply set the mid-quality spiritual weapons as the boundary.
All the treasures in the Sea Swallowing Seashells that were more valuable than spiritual weapons, as well as the special items such as Flash Stones, were kept to himself, and the rest were all sacrificed as offerings.

Two days later.

Han Fei listed the following items:

142 high-quality spiritual weapons, 68 high-quality battle suits.

1,308 mid-quality spiritual weapons, 201 mid-quality battle suits.

1,000 ultra-quality pearls, from an unknown rich guy’s Sea Swallowing Seashell.

300,000 high-quality pearls.

800,000,000 mid-quality pearls in total.
Han Fei didn’t know how to spend the money at all.
He thought that he should go to the Specter and buy all the spiritual fruits available.

12,008 flash stones in total.
Han Fei didn’t know what to do with those flash stones either.
He felt that they were enough for the rest of his life.

Apart from these items, there were 51 treasure maps, 386 ultra-quality materials, 2,908 high-quality materials, and altogether 928 battle techniques, 901 of which had been determined to be garbage by Han Fei.
Of the remaining 27 techniques, nine were demon-level high-quality techniques, and the rest were all ancillary techniques.

Han Fei also collected the spiritual fruits that could increase his health or mental power.
Then, he still had numerous items that were less valuable than mid-quality spiritual weapons.
It took him six hundred Sea Swallowing Seashells to pack them up.

That was not counting the items that the Hexagon Starfish stole, but Han Fei was too lazy to care about it.

If it were before, he would’ve skinned the Hexagon Starfish for stealing so many treasures.

But at this moment, it was no biggie.

At first, Han Fei was of a mind to calculate how much worth of money he and Xia Xiaochan had looted exactly, but he felt that his arithmetic was failing him, so he decided to drop it.
The items were too many for anyone to calculate!

In the end, Han Fei divided the items more valuable than mid-quality spiritual weapons into two piles, and each pile was packed in eighty Sea Swallowing Seashells.
Among the eighty Sea Swallowing Seashells, at least sixty were full of money, and the other twenty contained weapons, materials, Flash Stones, etc.

The rest of the Sea Swallowing Seashells were filled with boats.

Han Fei thought that if he still had as many Sea Swallowing Seashells when he left the Steps into the Sea, he would consider the real Million Knife Art.

Five days after Han Fei organized the Sea Swallowing Seashells, Xia Xiaochan woke up.

She immediately looked at Han Fei.
“Hey! How many Soul Crystals did you take exactly? Why has my perception range only been expanded to 1,900 meters after I absorbed more than a hundred of them? How did you make it to five thousand meters?”

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