Chapter 47: Cheating

Deeper than five meters was the domain of blade fish and green turtles.
There were even Snakebelts if he went even deeper.
However, Snakebelts liked warmth and had no interest in the bait.
It was barely possible to catch them.

Not bothering the cost, Han Fei transmitted his spiritual energy to the fishing line and the hook, getting full control of the responses near the hook.

Han Fei’s face suddenly changed.
He shook the pole and retreated it quickly.
There was a blade fish at the end of it.
He drew the purple bamboo rod and slashed at the blade fish.


The lousy fin knife of the fish stabbed into the boat, and the head of the fish was broken.
Han Fei kicked it into the fish cabin casually.

He had earned seven points.

Han Fei saw the inspectors four times in the next two hours.
He pretended to work hard every time they came and were relaxed after they left.

During the two hours, Han Fei caught thirteen blade fish and eight green turtles, which were 131 points in total.

Then, he heard a voice from the sky.

The village leader announced, “The first place of this Fishing Trial has 241 points, and the tenth has 142 points.
Please keep it up.”

Han Fei was stunned.
Are you kidding me? I’m already fishing very fast, and I have only 131 points.
Why do those people have so many points?

At the same time, in somewhere far away, Wang Baiyu bellowed,and a long hook appeared from a box next to him and darted into the water, stabbing into a blade fish.

The knife of the blade fish glittered, but Wang Baiyu did not bother to look at it.
He simply shouted, “Shield!”

A shield made of a turtle shell appeared out of nowhere and knocked the lousy fin knife away.

On the other side, Li Hu was rather gloomy.
“Who has obtained 242 points? Tang Ge? I wonder how many points Wang Baiyu has.
Probably close to two hundred, right?”

Sneering, Li Hu shouted, “Huya, kill it!”

A hideous fish almost three meters long broke out of the water and spewed a young iron-head fish out to the boat.

It was Li Hu’s secret that he had been keeping.
Everybody knew that his father had a tiger-head fish, but they did not know that he had one, too.

On Tang Ge’s side, he had seen a myriad of strange fish in the advanced fisheries, and Fang Ze had taught him the most practical tricks in fishing and attracting fish.

Tang Ge’s hands were moving sophisticatedly as if he were casting a strange skill.
As Tang Ge took action, a pillar of spiritual energy fell on the ocean, and fish jumped up, allowing Tang Ge to catch them easily.

If Wang Baiyu, Li Hu or a teacher were here, they would be stunned because it was exactly Spirit Concentration Art.
Fishing with such an art in a general fishery was like children playing with toys.

Apart from those Heavenly Talents, it was not so smooth for other people.

A student from the southern campus had only acquired forty points.
It was not a bad result, but he was so earnest that he sank the hook more than six meters deep.
Then, an enormous blade cut his head off so fast that even the inspectors had no time to react.

Six students of the northern campus were in a group.
They were smart enough to throw tremendous baits into the ocean, hoping to attract the fish.
However, three tentacle lobsters came to them.
Only three of them survived.

A girl from the eastern campus, who scolded Han Fei before, unfortunately caught a ball fish.
Even the teachers did not see it coming.
As a result, the girl’s body was riddled with holes by the needles on the fish.

The same thing was going on in many other places.
There was no time for the inspectors to take action.
After all, the students were not fishing at one location.

The odds of disability were even higher.
To acquire more points, most students chose blade fish, but half of them couldn’t avoid the knife from the fish because it was too fast.
At least thirty percent of them were crippled even though they had weapons.

Another two hours passed.

Han Fei was even more efficient than before.
He had killed a tentacle lobster and caught seventeen blade fish and six green turtles.
His total score was 289 points.

Han Fei swallowed.
Was he in the top ten places now? Nobody could’ve caught so many fish without enough spiritual energy.
He was certain that the fishers below level seven had to take Spirit Refilling Pills or rest for recovery now.

The village leader’s announcement came again.

“The first place of the Fishing Trial has 482 points, and the tenth place has 298 points.
Keep it up!”

Han Fei was shocked.
Are those people really students? By logic, they should be out of spiritual energy!

It never occurred to Han Fei that the top places were all the Heavenly Talents in the village who had Spirit Refilling Pills as well as their own tricks.

He Xiaoyu, for example, was not anxious at all.
She had already obtained 212 points.
Her father had given her three Spirit Refilling Pills before she came.
He did not know that Han Fei also gave He Xiaoyu three Spirit Refilling Pills for the notes on Spiritual Energy Explosion.

Han Fei’s face darkened.
“Fine, you’re forcing me to do this.
Do you have to compete with me for Spirit Concentration Art and the privilege of spirit awakening? Come on, let’s see what you’ve got!”

Making up his mind, Han Fei activated Void Fishing.
His hand was on fire in the blink of an eye.
Thankfully, he had a bucket of water next to him.
He immediately extended his hand into it.

Fang Ze’s eyes would’ve popped up if he had seen this.
How could anyone attract spiritual energy into their body in the middle of the day? Was he not scared that he would explode?

In the next moment, spiritual energy gathered in this place, and Han Fei saw a shoal of fish coming.

He immediately cast the hook.
Something bit the bait instantly, but it was not a blade fish but a green turtle.
Han Fei did not despise it.
Ignoring the spluttering stones, he hit the green turtle and knocked it out.

When spiritual energy gathered in Han Fei’s place, Fang Ze frowned, “Huh? Why did I sense the solar energy just now? Was it my illusion?”

Two inspectors nearby also sensed the anomaly.
They came in a hurry.

They were both shocked to see Han Fei leaping and twisting the head of a tentacle lobster.

Then, two seconds after Han Fei cast the hook again, a cold knife was shot out, only to be blocked by him casually.
The inspectors counted thirty knives on Han Fei’s boat!


One of the inspectors got on board and glanced at him.
“You’re from the eastern campus… Huh, you’ve caught nothing but blade fish, green turtles and tentacle lobsters?”

The other inspector had been here to calculate the score just now.
He shook his head and said to the first inspector, “Let’s go! He’s Han Fei, Tang Ge’s brother.”

The first inspect immediately understood it.
It was true that a genius’s brother tended to be another genius!

Ignoring the two teachers, Han Fei paused for a moment.

“It seems inappropriate to leave the knives all over the boat, which would expose my abilities.
Fine! I’d better clear them!”

Far away, Li Hu observed in a stun and said to the tiger-head fish, “Huh? Are fish gathering over there?”

The tiger-head fish squeaked, as if it could understand him.

Li Hu said, “Someone’s over there? So what? Let’s go and rob him.”

On the other hand, Wang Baiyu sensed something when he was about to launch his harpoon.
His armor had just moved.
He couldn’t help but look far away.
What was over there?


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