Chapter 483 Target: Abyssal Chasm!

In the end, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan got separated.

Now, Han Fei didn’t want to conceal his whereabouts at all.
Therefore, he deliberately let others see him when he was escaping.
Compared to Xia Xiaochan, he was the one who stayed at the Steps into the Sea the longest and even walked to the end of the Steps into the Sea.

If anyone wanted to unearth the secrets about the Steps into the Sea, the first person to look for was definitely not Xia Xiaochan, but Han Fei.

In fact, Han Fei was not worried about Xia Xiaochan’s safety.
In terms of the ability to escape and hide, Xia Xiaochan was almost unparalleled now.
In addition to the Thousand Faces Technique, she also had the Metamorphosis Water, which could transform her into anything.
Xia Xiaochan could turn the Metamorphosis Water into a big fish and wrap herself in it, and then no one would be able to find her.
Of course, Han Fei also intentionally separated from Xia Xiaochan.

There were some things he could share with Xia Xiaochan, but he also wanted to keep some secrets of his own.
After entering the Steps into the Sea, Han Fei was even more eager to find the treasure left by Ren Tianfei.

Although Han Fei’s physique was greatly enhanced after he got the Art of Invincibility, he was almost sure that Ren Tianfei must have left something about body refining.
After all, one’s greatest achievement was one’s own creation and Ren Tianfei certainly wouldn’t want to see the skills he created buried with him.

If Han Fei could find it in the level-three fishery, coupled with the Art of Invincibility, God knew how strong he would become!

In addition to this reason, there was another reason why Han Fei didn’t want to take Xia Xiaochan with him.
That was because the goddamned Abyssal Chasm was too dangerous! He could tell how dangerous that place was from the book that Yang Ruoyun gave him.

For hundreds of years, countless teams had come to explore it every year.
At first, these people were lured to go with great profit, but then people found that no one came back, so in the end, no one was willing to go there.

The level-three fishery once dispatched a whole dragon boat with nearly 200,000 people on it to explore the Abyssal Chasm.
As a result, the dragon boat disappeared and no one had ever seen it in the level-three fishery again.

Since then, all dragon boats in the level-three fishery would keep a distance of 50,000 kilometers from the Abyssal Chasm and no longer advance towards it.

Of course, the book he got from Yang Ruoyun also recorded that some people had returned from the Abyssal Chasm.
However, most of them were either crazy or became morons.

These people had one thing in common, that was, they had all become extremely skinny…

In addition to this, the book also recorded a lot of stories and anecdotes about the Abyssal Chasm.

For example, someone once chased a golden fish near the Abyssal Chasm and strayed into it.
As a result, when he came out, he had become a middle-aged man, and a moron.

Also, someone once explored the Abyssal Chasm.
Not long after entering it, he came out from the other side of the sea, which was hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from the entrance.

There were also people who intended to fly above the Abyssal Chasm.
As a result, when they flew out, the people on the ship had all become skeletons.

There were so many weird records like this, too many to count.

When Han Fei finished reading the book, he couldn’t help but take a deep breath.
“Is this like the f*cking Bermuda Triangle or something?”

Han Fei felt this book was as interesting as “Hundred Thousand Whys”.
It reminded him of the most terrifying forbidden places in the world he read about in his previous life.
Wasn’t the Bermuda Triangle as weird as this? No matter what, airplanes, cruise ships, and boats would all disappear in it…

In fact, in his previous life, Han Fei had studied Bermuda, and once wanted to explore it.
At first, people just thought that the sea area there was rather chaotic, prone to storms, and there were turbulences on the seafloor.
And some people said that there were large waves, tsunamis, and so on there.

In the end, as what happened there was really unexplainable, people began to associate those unknown things with theology, claiming that there was an illusory eye in Bermuda that could make the people on board lost.

But no matter how technology was developed, even the most advanced instruments would fail there and even airplanes would disappear when flying across it.

Then people began to put forward the magnetic field hypothesis, which was unanimously approved by everyone.
But there were also weird phenomena that could not be explained.
For example, when a plane flies over Bermuda, decades pass in the outside world… Was this also because of magnetic fields?

But Han Fei knew that these were all rumors, and there were also scientific teams who specifically refuted them.
But if it was true or false, Han Fei had no idea.

Now, this Abyssal Chasm seemed to be even more mysterious than Bermuda.
In Bermuda, some people could still come out.
It was even a tourist attraction, and weird things would only happen there occasionally.

But very few people who entered this Abyssal Chasm could escape!

Han Fei just want to curse, “F*ck! Zhang Xuanyu, you idiot! Why the f*ck did you run to this damned place?”

Han Fei’s other purpose was to find Zhang Xuanyu, which was more important than obtaining Ren Tianfei’s treasure.
After all, Zhang Xuanyu had been in there for long, so he’d better be quick.

Then, Han Fei continued to curse, “Ren Tianfei, you old b*stard, you just want me to die faster, don’t you? The level-three fishery spans hundreds of thousands of kilometers: why the hell did you choose to hide the treasure in the Abyssal Chasm?”

Three days had passed.

The news that Han Fei drove his fishing boat into the Abyssal Chasm spread throughout the dragon boat and everyone who heard this was dumbfounded.

Someone exclaimed, “He has already run away, and no one can catch up with him! Why is he running into the Abyssal Chasm? Does he want to die?”

Someone shook their head in disbelief.
“He must be mad.
Is this the difference between ordinary people and geniuses? Are geniuses all daredevils?”

Someone sneered.
“Can geniuses do whatever they want? It’s the Abyssal Chasm! I can imagine how he will die miserably there…”

Xia Xiaochan appeared near the Flowstone Pit of the level-three fishery.
In front of her, there was a small team of people who were trembling and dared not speak.

“Is the guy trying to save Zhang Xuanyu? But how can he find him in such a big place?”

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Tell me, has a fat guy appeared around the Flowstone Pit recently?”

“Huh? Girl, that was a long time ago.”

“Cut the crap! What I want is information.
If there is no news for me, I will throw you into the sea to feed the fish.”

Someone gasped with shock.
“Girl, we really don’t know!”

Suddenly, someone hurriedly said, “Girl, you can go to the ghost ship to buy information! Everyone knows in the level-three fishery, the ghost ship’s intelligence is the most accurate.
We are just here to try our luck!”

Xia Xiaochan paused and murmured, “Ghost ship, evil shield… Fine, you go to find Zhang Xuanyu, and I will go to find Kuangkuang and Xiao Bai…”

Cao Qiu and Two Swords were drifting near the Ten Thousand Smoke Valley in the level-three fishery.
Holding up a piece of paper, Cao Qiu exclaimed, “Oh! Han Fei went to the Abyssal Chasm.
Oh my god! How dare he go there?! Two Swords, shall we go to the Abyssal Chasm


Wang Zitian shook his head.
“No, I believe you were told you could go anywhere in the level-three fishery but the Abyssal Chasm before you came out.” Cao Qiu wailed, “But, there must be a big secret in that place!”

Wang Zitian sneered.
“But you have to be alive to know that secret.
If you want to go, I won’t stop you, but don’t expect anyone to go there to find you.”

Cao Qiu stared at him helplessly.
“Fine, forget it.
I will ask Han Fei what it is like inside when he comes back.”

Wang Zitian smiled.
“So, you have long known that the Black and White Ghosts are Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan?”

Cao Qiu looked up at the sky.
“No, I didn’t know! I just think they are very strong.” Wang Zitian snorted.
“Then you’d better pray he can come back alive!”

Tang Ge was clutching a piece of information at the moment, sitting in a room on the fourth floor of a dragon boat, staring blankly.
Outside the ship, the spirit gathering formation had already been activated, but Tang Ge did not feel stronger in the slightest.
Mu Ling walked over carrying some snacks.
“Don’t worry! He is not a fool.
Since he is going to the Abyssal Chasm without hesitation, there must be a reason.”

Tang Ge looked serious.
“But he didn’t take Xia Xiaochan with him.
He went alone.”

Mu Ling was taken aback for a moment.
Until now, the two of them had not seen Xia Xiaochan’s real face! Mu Ling couldn’t help but saying softly, “Have you found it?”

Tang Ge looked up and asked in confusion, “What?”

Mu Ling smiled slightly.
“Your brother is not a simple person! With the Sea Token with him, he still dared to run around in the level-three fishery.
He went to the Sea Grasslands and the Big Red Trunk, before the tree disappeared; he went to the Undersea City and the Undersea City collapsed into ruin; he went to the Steps into the Sea, and now the steps into the Sea are shaking dozens of times a day… No one can offer a sacrifice there any longer…”

Tang Ge couldn’t help but grin and nod proudly.
“He deserves to be my brother.”

Mu Ling cracked a smile but her heart was full of worry.
“Your brother is nothing but a troublemaker! Wherever he goes, bad things happen… If he stays with you a little longer, you might be in big trouble too! I don’t want to see it happen!”

When many people in the level-three fishery were surprised by Han Fei’s actions, Han Fei didn’t feel anything himself.

At this moment, he had already rushed to the edge of the 50,000 kilometer-deep Abyssal Chasm.
To be precise, it should be about 30,000 kilometers deep.

Dozens of kilometers away from Han Fei, three huge hurricanes were spinning on the sea and the sea was rough.
The Wind God Boat was looming in the sea, and from time to time, there were fish jumping out of the water, and then whipped to death by Nine Tails lying on the boat.

Han Fei’s eyelids trembled.
“Abyssal Chasm, here I am!”

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