Chapter 48: I’m Robbed

That’s why cheating feels great.
Han Fei couldn’t be more delighted.
He had collected ten blade fish within a quarter.
Even Tang Ge’s score couldn’t be much higher than his.

It was a pity that his experiment was too short just now.
Most of the fish had dispersed.
He probably had to cheat again soon.

When Han Fei was about to cast the hook, he saw a boat coming over quickly.

“Huh? Who’s coming? Why is he coming to my place instead of fishing? How can I cheat if he is watching me?”

Han Fei stopped his action and looked at the boat gloomily.

When the boat was near, Han Fei recognized the young man on the boat to be the young master of the Tigers.
Was it possible that his father asked him to offer some points to Han Fei as compensation?

Han Fei did not stop Li Hu from approaching.
He said with a smile, “Fine, I’ll forgive you for what you did.
Don’t give me more than two hundred points, or I will be too eye-catching.”

Li Hu: “???”

Li Hu saw blade fish swimming below the boat and plenty more in Han Fei’s unclosed fish cabin.
He immediately squinted.

He said, “I’ll give you an opportunity.
Offer your fish to me, and I will allow you to follow me.”

“Huh?” Han Fei was confused, “Wait, you’re asking me to offer my fish to you?”

Li Hu said, “That’s right.”

Han Fei asked, “I wouldn’t get to follow you unless I offer my fish to you?”

Li Hu replied impatiently, “No.”

Han Fei was lost for words.
Was the guy out of his mind? He was going to rob Han Fei when his father failed to?

Han Fei asked, “Was your head hit by an iron-head fish when you were little?”

Li Hu was dazed at first, but he soon realized what he meant.
He sniffed, “You’re quite bold.”

Han Fei said, “Get lost.
I’ll blow your head if you are still here after I count to three!”

Li Hu’s face was full of brutality.
He did not expect to be refused.

Li Hu said coldly, “Do you know why the casualty rate of every Fishing Trial can be fifty percent?”

Han Fei said, “I couldn’t care less.
Get your ass out of here.”

Li Hu roared, “You’re asking to be killed!”

Li Hu drew two sabers and slashed Han Fei.
He was so angry about Han Fei’s attitude that he had to kill the guy today.

Han Fei blocked the attack with the purple bamboo rod.
He did not expect Li Hu to attack.
Was the man crazy?

However, the sabers were slashed again heavily.
Han Fei discovered in a stun that the guy was a level-eight fisher.
But it couldn’t change the inevitable.

“You’re asking for this.”

Spiritual energy surged out of Han Fei’s body as he bashed the sabers with the purple bamboo rod.

Li Hu did not know that Han Fei was so strong.
After only one collision, he felt that his arms were numb and his hands were cracking.

Han Fei cursed, “Who gives you the courage to hold two sabers when other people all use rods? You think you are capable?”

The purple bamboo rod swept as Han Fei shouted.
Scared, Li Hu jumped back.
However, to his surprise, there was a cold edge when the rod swept at him.
While he wondered why a rod had an edge, his clothes were shredded at his abdomen, revealing the armor down below.

“Huh? You have more clothes down below? No wonder you looked weird just now.
But I’m still going to blow up your head!”

Li Hu said, “Very good.
You have pissed me off.

“Why didn’t you invite me to this spectacular event?”

When Han Fei was about to attack again, someone called a hundred meters away.

Han Fei and Li Hu looked back.
It was none other than Wang Baiyu, the third young master of the Wang family.

Wang Baiyu was also quite surprised.
After identifying Li Hu and Han Fei, he couldn’t believe that Han Fei could fight Li Hu neck-and-neck.
The guy was quite extraordinary!

Coldly, Li Hu retreated his sabers and jumped back to his boat, before he left in a hurry.

Standing at the head of his boat, Li Hu declared, “Boy, whoever you are, pray to the Sea God, or you will die a miserable death!”

Han Fei said, “Idiot, I’ll send you to the Sea God if you dare to come again.”

Wang Baiyu was stunned.
Why did he not know such a brutal man who dared to challenge Li Hu before?

He said, “Han Fei? What a coincidence.
Why did you fight against Li Hu?”

Han Fei still owed Wang Baiyu a favor.
He shrugged and said, “That idiot came and asked me to offer my fish to him.
What a great fool.”

Wang Baiyu: “…”

Wang Baiyu asked, “You didn’t know?”

Han Fei said, “What are you talking about?”

Wang Baiyu said, “The casualty rate! Why do you think the casualty rate of the Fishing Trial is so high?”

Han Fei said, “Isn’t it because of the risks in fishing?”

Wang Baiyu looked at Han Fei in amusement and said, “How is it possible? Even though there are risks, how can the casualty rate be as high as fifty percent? The real trial won’t start until the last four hours.”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Huh? Why is that?”

Wang Baiyu said with a smile, “In fact, only less than ten percent are killed or injured in fishing.
Most of the casualties are due to competitions amongst the trial-takers.”

Han Fei asked, “Huh? Can trial-takers kill each other?”

Wang Baiyu said, “It’s only allowed in the Fishing Trial.
In the first eight hours, everybody is too busy fishing to ask for trouble.
In the first four hours, only the result of the first place and the tenth place will be announced.
Starting from the fifth hour, the result of the hundredth place will be announced.
In the seventh hour, the result of the 1000th place will be released.
Then, those whose score is not high enough will start fighting and looting.”

Han Fei said, “Why did I not know that? Why do the school and the parents agree with such a rule?”

Wang Baiyu explained, “It’s because we are cultivators.
The ocean can be cruel.
You think dangers only lurk in the water? No, your companions or other people who are planning to rob you can be as dangerous.
It’s unusual in the general fishery because few things are worth fighting over.”

Taking a deep breath, Han Fei said, “Therefore, if I’m strong enough, I need only to rob instead of fishing?”

Wang Baiyu said, “Theoretically, yes.”


“Hey! I shouldn’t have done that…”

Wang Baiyu asked, “What are you talking about?”

Han Fei said, “I shouldn’t have let Li Hu go.
I could’ve robbed him of all his points!”

Wang Baiyu: “???”

Then, Han Fei glimpsed at Wang Baiyu’s cabin which seemed full.
The man must have plenty of points.

Wang Baiyu said: “…Brother Han.”

Han Fei said, “Right! It’s alright.
I’m just looking at it.
Right, what brought you here, Brother Wang?”

Wang Baiyu smiled and said, “I was curious about the spiritual waves in this place and happened to see Brother Han and Li Hu fighting.”

Wang Baiyu observed Han Fei again.
He knew Li Hu’s reliance very well.
With his tiger-head fish and his strength as a level-eight fisherman, he was rather tricky even for Wang Baiyu.
Han Fei was bold enough to fight him.

Han Fei was thinking about something else.
Even fishers could sense the spiritual waves? Did it mean that he could not cheat? What could he do if he could not cheat? Robbing? That was not a bad idea.
It would be simple and effective.

Thinking about that, Han Fei said, “Spiritual waves? I don’t know anything about that.
It’s probably because I encountered a shoal of fish.
But most of the fish have already dispersed.
I don’t know where they are now.
They may be still around… Okay, enough talking.
I’ve got some robbing to do.”

Wang Baiyu: “…”


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