Chapter 496 Something Up With Xiao Se

The energy that a complete Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber contained was enough to fill up four to five peak-level Dangling Fishers.

None of the four hundred survivors were weak.
They were all no weaker than advanced Dangling Fishers in the past, or they couldn’t have survived in this place.

Almost two hundred of them were peak-level Dangling Fishers, so ten Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers were naturally enough for them.
They split up the food quickly, but they could only be restored to a beginner Dangling Fisher’s level of strength at best.

But Han Fei didn’t plan to give them any additional food, because these people could all be strong if they were fully recovered, and they could be out of control.

Liu Fenfang subtly approached Han Fei.
“Is it really alright to give the food to them just like this?”

Wang Baiwan also said, “Those people aren’t weak.
We’re outnumbered by them…”

Xiao Se looked at Han Fei gratefully.
He immediately joined the crowd and distributed the food in an organized fashion.

Zhang Xuanyu grinned and asked, “Han Fei, how many Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers do you have in total?” Han Fei chuckled.
“Hundreds, probably!”

After Han Fei said that, the top of the dragon boat fell silent.
Even the people who were fighting for the food were dumbfounded too.

Xiao Se almost fell over.
What the heck? Are your Sea Swallowing Seashells too loaded to contain anything else? Hundreds of Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers? Are you here for training or for a picnic?

Zhang Xuanyu said in delight, “Great! I knew that you wouldn’t disappoint me!”

Han Fei took out dozens of Sea Swallowing Seashells casually and gave them to Zhang Xuanyu.
“Here, these are for you!”

He said telepathically, They contain three hundred Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers, three hundred spiritual fruits that can improve your energy, twenty million mid-quality pearls, a boat that can go 65,000 kilometers in a day, a demon-level divine-quality disguise skill, an almost perfect technique named Majestic Mystic Spell, and almost a hundred high-quality spiritual weapons and battle suits… Okay, this is all the good stuff that I’ve looted in half of the level-three fishery.
I really envy you for having such a brother as myself… Right, the boat was borrowed from someone else.
You need to return it to me someday.

Yes, Han Fei had offered the second boat he forged to Zhang Xuanyu only a few days after it was created.

The reason was simple.
He couldn’t let Zhang Xuanyu enter the Abyssal Chasm with him.
Besides, Zhang Xuanyu had been trapped for such a long time that he hadn’t been to any places other than the Flowstone Pit in the level-three fishery.
He was probably the weakest in the team.

Han Fei felt that he needed to let Zhang Xuanyu look for more treasures, but Zhang Xuanyu probably couldn’t throw off the pursuers without the Thousand Faces Technique and the Wind God Boat.
So, Han Fei didn’t hesitate to give Zhang Xuanyu these things.

Those things were of little use to Han Fei at this moment anyway.

Also, he believed that his strength would be significantly improved after he found the treasures that Ren Tianfen left behind.
By then, he wouldn’t be scared even if he were to be faced with a Hanging Fisher.

Zhang Xuanyu’s face was frozen.
He cried under his breath, “F*ck! F*ck!” He felt that tens of thousands of Iron-Headed Fish just ran him over!



Zhang Xuanyu trembled and hurriedly hid the Sea Swallowing Seashells.
Then he asked telepathically in shock, Where did you find all of this? Damn.
This is really…

His hands were shaking, and he felt that his head was shutting down.

How many treasures had Han Fei found exactly? Almost a hundred high-quality spiritual weapons and battle suits? Three hundred spiritual fruits? Ten million mid-quality pearls? A boat that was faster than the Ghost Speed Divine Boat? Not to mention the awesome divine-quality disguise technique…

Zhang Xuanyu felt terrible, and his face turned red.
He couldn’t have felt more humiliated.
He was also from the Thug Academy, but why was he so unremarkable compared to Han Fei?

But Zhang Xuanyu soon realized what was going on.
He said seriously, “Asshole, why do I feel like you’re not just giving me stuff, but you really just want me to leave?”

Han Fei looked at Zhang Xuanyu with a vague smile.
“That’s exactly my intention.
Le Renkuang and Luo Xiaobai are still off the grid at this moment.
Xia Xiaochan is free, but many people are chasing her.
I’ll need you to take care of her outside.”

Zhang Xuanyu didn’t come back to himself until a long time later.
“Hey, wait.
Do you plan to press on by yourself?”

Han Fei said with a smile, “What other choices do I have? You want to come with me with your mediocre combat ability? You’ll only get killed!”

Zhang Xuanyu was silent again.
“Actually… I have other trump cards.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes.
“However great they are, you aren’t an advanced Dangling Fisher yet, and they won’t help.”

Zhang Xuanyu was rendered speechless.
He said a moment later, “That’s not right! The place is as dangerous for you as it is for me! We can take care of each other if we go together, but nobody will be there to help you if you go there alone.”

Han Fei chuckled.
“Okay, enough whining.
Just go out now that I’ve asked you to! Find a ghost boat that’s as big as a dragon boat if you have a chance.
The name of the boat is Evil Shield…”

Zhang Xuanyu’s face changed.
He didn’t insist any more after seeing how determined Han Fei was.

Han Fei suddenly changed his topic.
“Xiao Se, how many people above the first floor are still hopeful besides those people?”

Xiao Se shrugged with a bitter smile.
“I’m not sure.
Many of those people are half crazy and unconscious.
We can only search for and catch them one by one.
But I estimate that there are more than a thousand of them.”

Han Fei looked at Zhang Xuanyu with a smile, “Xuanyu, what do you think if we play the good guys this time?”

Zhang Xuanyu asked in confusion, “Why are we not good guys?”

Han Fei chuckled and thought to himself, you probably wouldn’t think that way when you see the latest Wanted List where Xia Xiaochan and I are listed as two cannibals!

Han Fei waved his fishing pole that had a Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber hanging on it.
“Catching them one by one would be too much a waste of time, but it would be much simpler to let them come to us.”

Everybody realized Han Fei’s intention.
Sun Ruoruo’s eyes were full of hope, Liu Fenfang took a long breath of relief, and Wang Baiwan told Han Fei that a lot of food would be wasted…

Xiao Se couldn’t help but frown after seeing that.

He didn’t know who Han Fei was exactly, but was this guy really so unconventional? He didn’t really want to rescue the people who already lost their mind.
Even if those people were rescued, could they really make it out of this place, and would they really be grateful?

Zhang Xuanyu, on the other hand, was observing Xiao Se while he pretended to watch the people who were crazily swallowing the Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber.
He saw Xiao Se’s every move.

Zhang Xuanyu said telepathically, Something is wrong with Xiao Se.

Han Fei was waving his fishing pole.
He had crushed a spiritual energy fruit on the Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber.
He trusted that anyone who had survived for a long time in this place must be very sensitive to energy.
He had no doubt that they would all swarm close as soon as he recalled the fishing hook.

Hearing Zhang Xuanyu’s telepathic voice, Han Fei replied, I know it isn’t easy to lead such a group of people.
This man definitely has something extraordinary! However, I haven’t discovered any ill intent yet, so you probably need to lead those guys out with him.

Zhang Xuanyu frowned.
Is it really possible to take them out? When we came in, we found that this sea is very weird.
You will be under the blast of invisible forces, or disappear in turbulent waters…

Han Fei said, Just follow the Spectral Ferryman.
It’s rather slow, but it won’t be a problem as long as you make it through that part.
After all, you’re going out with hundreds of other people, not just by yourselves.
Besides, this place isn’t the real Abyssal Chasm.
If you can’t get out of here, you might as well kill yourself.

Zhang Xuanyu grinned.
I’ll try… The dead sea where no boats can sail and this sea where energy is absorbed have killed countless people.
I don’t think there can be anything more dangerous than them around here.

The people on the top of the boat sat cross-legged and recovered themselves after acquiring energy.

After about half an hour, the whole boat was shaking.

Xiao Se roared, “Everybody, fall back…” Sun Ruoruo and the others all stood behind Han Fei, as he was the only one who could provide food at this moment.

Han Fei wasn’t petty at all.
He threw out more than twenty Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers without hesitation.


“H00000000…” Bam! Bam!

Zhang Xuanyu frowned, as the newcomers seemed to be fighting one another!

Han Fei nodded and took out a few more Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers.
He sliced them into a hundred pieces and tossed them into the mist.

It was not until this moment that the fighting noises in the mist finally lowered, replaced by the sound of people munching on food.
The mist didn’t fall completely quiet until an hour later.
Then, skinny men appeared from the mist.

The first man who showed up covered his head with one hand and looked at Han Fei and his partners warily.

Han Fei said, “Say something if you’ve restored your consciousness.”



Zhang Xuanyu and the others were finally relieved after hearing that from him.
The fifty Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers that Han Fei threw out finally woke them up a little bit.

Han Fei said telepathically, It’s up to you now!

Hearing that, Zhang Xuanyu smiled and stepped forward.
“Everybody, say something if you can understand me.
We will leave this sh*thole today in two hours…”

When Zhang Xuanyu made the announcement, Xiao Se slightly narrowed his eyes in the mist.

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