to the regular fishery, but they were different from the creatures that lived in the regular fishery.
The regular fishery couldn’t be this harmonious, because the creatures at the regular fishery had little wisdom, but only instincts for hunting.

But here, they were in harmony together.
The picture was really beautiful.

Han Fei suddenly unleashed his aura.
As the ripples spread out, all the creatures within several hundred meters shrank behind.

The crabs and the lobsters went into their nests, the sea anemones stopped expanding, the clams all hid in their shells, and the fish swam away.

Han Fei thought quickly, Could it be that the men who ate the blue fish didn’t die but ended up in this place?

“That’s not right! That’s not right!”

Han Fei quickly said that to himself.
The whole thing couldn’t be so simple.
One could only see illusions after they had the blue fish.
How could illusions become reality?

He plucked a piece of seaweed and crumbled it in his hand.
Then, he picked up a clam and tapped it.
Everything felt so real.
“Damn it.
What is this place?”

Han Fei would never believe that this place was real because it was as beautiful as paradise.
He didn’t think that paradise could possibly exist in the Abyssal Chasm in the level-three fishery.

“Help me! Help me!”

The cry for help came into his ears again.
Han Fei immediately looked around, only to see nothing.

But he was pretty sure that the cry for help became a lot clearer.

Han Fei looked around.
“Who are you? Where are you?”

“Help me… Yeeeeee…” “Stop making noises.
Don’t ever let me find you.” Han Fei could not stand the noises right now.

He always felt that the noises could’ve only been made by creatures such as the Millennium Snapper.
He would never believe that anybody else lived here.

The problem was that Han Fei didn’t know how exactly Xiao Se transferred him to this place.

If he was capable of sending Han Fei to a random place easily, why would he have been stabbed through by Zhang Xuanyu?

Besides, if Xiao Se wanted to kill him, he shouldn’t have sent him to this beautiful place that had no threats at all.


Han Fei suddenly felt that his stomach was making noises.

“Really? I’m already getting hungry? I haven’t stopped eating!”

Han Fei immediately put one chip into his mouth.
Supposedly, one chip of the Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber was enough for him for half a day, but at this moment, the thing completely became like eating regular chips.
Han Fei wasn’t satisfied until he was slightly satisfied.
“Damn it.
This place has been absorbing energy this whole time?” “That’s not right! The absorption must’ve lasted for a long time.
How could Xiao Se have sent me to this place? Is Xiao Se not a human being but transformed by a monster?”

Han Fei swam amongst the coral.
There were so many things he didn’t understand.
Why was he so hungry while the regular sea creatures around him were absolutely fine?

Han Fei announced, “Xiao Se, I know you son of a bi*ch must be here.
Do you really think you can kill me in such a way?”

Han Fei grabbed a random clam, squished its shell with one hand, and took out the meat.
“This clam is a fat one! You want to exhaust and kill me through absorption? Then you should’ve killed all those sea creatures first, or I can always feed on them, can’t I?”



While Han Fei was making declarations against Xiao Se, he suddenly heard a cute girl’s voice.

Han Fei turned his head in a hurry, only to see a gold-and-white carp the size of a palm staring at him with big watery eyes.


Han Fei was at a loss for what was going on.
He hurriedly kept a distance from the creature.

Information popped up in his eyes.

Dragon Carp of Time Unknown



1,000 Points



Han Fei could not say a word as if someone had just stuffed a shrimp into his mouth.

A mysterious creature that contained a thousand points of spiritual energy meant that it was on the same level as Little White and Little Black.

The Dragon Carp of Time said to Han Fei timidly, “M-Mom?”

Han Fei was instantly dumbfounded.
“Who’s your… Well, daughter, I’m your dad!”

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