Chapter 500 Retribution for Cheating a Kid

Han Fei didn’t want to recognize her as his daughter.
However, the Time Dragon Carp was at the same level as Little Black and Little White.
Besides, maybe the chaos of this Abyssal Chasm was caused by this little thing, which showed how powerful it was! So he didn’t mind recognizing her as his daughter!

The Time Dragon Carp blinked her big eyes and asked stupidly, “Dad? Do I have a dad?”

Han Fei chuckled.
“Before you were young and ignorant, but now you have a father!”

Suddenly, Han Fei frowned and threw the Embroidery Needle at the void.
“Come out.”

In the clear water, a figure appeared.
It was Xiao Se.
He yelled, “Han Fei, you are courting death.”

Just now, when Xiao Se heard Han Fei let the Time Dragon Carp call him Dad, he was almost frightened out of his wits!

Are you kidding me? You don’t even know what the creature in front of you is and you dare to make her call you ‘Dad’?

Xiao Se nervously shouted at the Time Dragon Carp, “Little Master, don’t believe him.
He is a liar!”

Han Fei blinked.
Little Master?

Do I have a f*cking hearing problem? You, a human, are calling a fish ‘Master’?

The Time Dragon Carp blinked and her expression was exactly like a human’s.
She looked at Han Fei aggrievedly, “You lied to me.”

When she said this, Han Fei felt that the energy in his body was rapidly depleting.

Han Fei didn’t care about it, and immediately said with a serious face, “My baby girl, how can I lie to you? I’m really your father! Look how handsome and attractive your father is! Look at the two of us, we look exactly the same…”

Xiao Se’s eyes almost popped out.
How can you be so shameless? You two look exactly the same?! Are you blind or am I blind?

Xiao Se yelled, “Little Master, he, just like the people before him, is just food.”

Han Fei’s heart shivered.
Food? So the people who jumped into the sea and those who were brought here by Xiao Si were all eaten by this Time Dragon Carp? The Time Dragon Carp blinked her big eyes.
“Is he really not my father? But he is different from those others!”

“Little Master, you can feel the energy in him, he…”


Han Fei suddenly roared.
“Little Time, didn’t your mother tell you not to eat people? Tell me, have you eaten people?”


The Embroidery Needle in his hand was replaced with the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow, and three arrows were shot out, darting at Xiao Se.

Han Fei attacked and shouted, “You b*stard, how dare you lie to my baby girl? Who gave you the courage? Today, I must kill you.”

The Time Dragon Carp was taken aback by Han Fei’s actions and timidly drew back.
And Xiao Se, still injured, was not an opponent of Han Fei at all and couldn’t resist Han Fei’s attack.

Swish, Swish, Swish!

Han Fei shot out one spiritual arrow after another, which were flying all over the sky.
Although Xiao Se had a magical evasion technique, he couldn’t handle so many arrows at the same time.


In the frontal battle, Xiao Se couldn’t even hold on for three minutes.
In the face of absolute strength, no fancy tricks would help.

Xiao Se was continuously attacked by Han Fei, and his injuries that had not yet fully recovered were shot through by Han Fei again.

At this moment, Xiao Se kept vomiting blood.
However, he still shouted to the Time Dragon Carp, “Little Master, I’ve never lied to you! I am your guardian.
You should trust me! Hurry up and suck him dry.
Hurry up.” Han Fei frowned.
This Time Dragon Carp was only at level 1! Although Little Black was also very powerful when he was at level 1, he wasn’t as powerful as this carp! He was already a Dangling Fisher now and his strength was comparable to that of a Hanging Fisher.
How could he be killed by a small fish of level 1?

Even if this was a divine beast, it would be impossible.
Han Fei didn’t believe it.

However, looking at this young and innocent Time Dragon Carp, Han Fei immediately threw out hundreds of pieces of crisps to her and said, “My baby girl, this so-called guardian is fake.
Does he give you any delicious food? This is what I saved for you.
Have a taste.”


The Time Dragon Carp jumped up like an elf and then hundreds of her clones appeared in the water.
The next moment, the crispy slices had all entered her mouth.

“Yummy! Yummy!”

Xiao Se shouted at Han Fei, “Asshole, you are courting death! You have no idea what you are doing!”

Han Fei went up and kicked Xiao Se in the stomach.
“I’m afraid you don’t know what you’re doing! Why do you pretend to be my daughter’s guardian?”

The Time Dragon Carp ate all the crisps and then appeared beside Han Fei with a swoosh.
“Don’t hit him.
Brother Xiao Se has a contract with me.”

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed.
Damn it, a contract? What contract? I’ve only heard that fish are mankind’s contractual spiritual beasts.
Can humans also become fish’s contractual servants?

However, Han Fei’s eyes rolled.
Anyway, the Time Dragon Carp is still small and doesn’t know anything.
She should be gullible…

So Han Fei scolded, “Who told you to sign a contract with him? Have you asked your mom about it? Did your mom agree to it? Did I agree?”

The Time Dragon Carp had never met a person like Han Fei.
Being reprimanded by Han Fei, she quickly stepped back a few meters, her head tilted and her eyelids drooped, and she almost burst into tears.

Han Fei went on, “Although as your father, I came a little late and couldn’t watch you grow up, it’s because I was tied up.
Now you see, I’m here, right?”

With that said, Han Fei threw out other hundreds of crisps at the carp.
Let me gain this little thing’s trust first… As for Xiao Se, I’ll get rid of him later.
Now I still have many questions to ask him.

However, just when Han Fei felt that he was certain to win, Xiao Se suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood, which showed a strange pattern in the sea.

Xiao Se shouted grimly, “Little Master, ask for help…”

Han Fei: “???!”

Han Fei immediately kicked Xiao Se in the stomach again.
“Shut up, I am the master.
Don’t fool my daughter.”


Han Fei was about to continue kicking him.
However, in the next second, a sea wave suddenly hit his body, which seemed to weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Han Fei was directly thrown into a coral bush, smashing it to pieces.
“F*ck, what is that?”

Han Fei hadn’t gotten up yet and he felt the mud under his feet shake as if an invisible force blasted under his feet.
At this time, another sea wave hit him.


This time, Han Fei tried to get up, only to find that the seawater seemed to weigh tens of millions of pounds, which made him unable to move.

“Who is it?”

In the seawater, a huge water phantom emerged, with dragon’s horns on top of her head, and her face exuded a bright golden light.
Although it was just a phantom, it sent a chill down Han Fei’s spine.

The little Time Dragon Carp rushed towards the huge phantom, wanting to rub her body against the big fish.

However, her small body passed through the water phantom.

The big fish looked helpless and comforted her, “Baby, this man is a liar.”

The little Time Dragon Carp was taken aback.
“Isn’t he my father? He gave me a lot of delicious food.”


Han Fei only felt that the weight on his body had suddenly doubled.
Damn it! How could I know that this fish did have a mother? Isn’t your mother here? Why did you still keep crying, ‘I want my mom, I want my mom’?

If I had known your mother was there, I wouldn’t have lied to you!


“Majestic Mystic Spell.”

The pressure on his body was really too heavy, so he had to use the Majestic Mystic Spell.
As soon as his strength was increased five times, Han Fei was immediately able to withstand this huge pressure.

However, his whole body turned red and he struggled to stand up with difficulty.


This big fish was a little surprised.
This person seemed a little different.

Han Fei felt another wave of water coming.
With a muffled roar in his throat, his fists trembled, and as he raised his hand, a dazzling fist light burst out of the water.


Han Fei was sent flying, but the water wave was also smashed by Han Fei’s punch.

Han Fei glared at the big fish.
“What do you want?! Nine Tails, Little Gold, attach.”


Clang Clang Clang!

When the nine-star chain danced wildly in the air and two wings popped up on his back, his strength rose further.
Plus with the effect of the Majestic Mystic Spell, Han Fei was almost in his peak state.

Xiao Se was dumbfounded.
Is this person so strong?

Han Fei let out a low growl.
“You feed on people! Shouldn’t I teach you a lesson? Take my punch!”


Han Fei threw a punch with almost all his might.
The huge fist mark, printed in the sea, burst out with brilliant golden light.

Han Fei could perceive that this phantom seemed to be just a wisp of thoughts.
He had no choice but to fight.
He certainly wouldn’t await his doom! In the face of this powerful existence, he couldn’t flinch.

Therefore, Han Fei must strike with this punch regardless of whether he can resist the phantom or not.

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