Chapter 511 The Seed

Han Fei was quite shocked himself.
What’s going on here? Am I Superman?

However, the two beams of light quickly disappeared from his eyes.
Han Fei could see nothing but redness in his eyes.
The weird scene did not fade away until a long time later.

His vitality was surging out nonstop and healing his wounds at a very high speed.

About an hour later, Han Fei rose up.
He looked at his data instead of looking for a way out.

Han Fei

39 (Advanced Dangling Fisher)

128,526 (6,499)


5,000 Meters

Level-Five, High-Quality

Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (level 30) Void Breaking Technique, Volume Four of Void Fishing (Demon-Level, Divine-Quality)

Han Fei was briefly stunned when he saw the data.
The upper limit of his spiritual energy reached a new height.
His spiritual power hadn’t been improved much, but it seemed to have surpassed the threshold.
Had it reached a new level too?


Han Fei was quite lost for words.
Was it a result of his cultivation in the past two months, or because of the flames where he was burned?

But in any case, he was almost burned alive, and he had to get back at Ren Tianfen at some point.

That was really a scary experience.
His veins might have been melted if he didn’t have any tricks.
In that case, he would’ve been crippled, if not killed.

“Damn you old jerk, you think everybody is just like you?”

Han Fei raised his head, only to see that the cave that he came from was long gone, and that many cracks had appeared on the crags because of the appalling temperature.
The biggest crack of them was where he punched the wall here.
There was a dark hole behind it that looked like a passage.
“Is this another trap set up by that old fart?”

Han Fei was very suspicious.
He had thought that he could go out easily after collecting the Candle Dragon Blood.
He never expected that any of this would happen.

Once bitten, twice shy.
Han Fei was very suspicious about Ren Tianfen right now.
That old b*stard was quite a troublemaker.

While Han Fei stared at the dark hole, he suddenly found that it became as bright as day, and he saw a zigzagging road that led to somewhere he didn’t know.


“Wait, something is wrong with my eyes!”

Han Fei took out a knife and used it as a mirror to examine his eyes.

But no matter how he examined them, he found that his eyes were normal!

“Have the Yin-Yang Divine Eyes been upgraded too? That can’t be right! I don’t have the Yin-Yang Divine Eyes unless I’m fused with Little White and Little Black.”

Unfortunately, there was nobody else here, so Han Fei couldn’t know if his eyes had changed at all.
From what he could hell, they were absolutely the same as before except that he saw things more clearly in the dark.

He had to take the road.

After all, it was the only passage left.

But Han Fei knew that the road wouldn’t be so simple.
Therefore, he immediately put on a battle suit and a spiritual energy protective cover.

Stepping into the darkness, or the trail that seemed dark but was actually quite bright, Han Fei immediately saw a whole lot of other things.

All kinds of illusions were happening.
He saw a batch of big green crabs coming at him.

“I knew nothing good would happen.” Han Fei grinned but didn’t take action, because he didn’t see any information in his eyes, which meant that everything before his eyes was fake.

However, when the first big green crab crashed him and pinched Han Fei’s elbow with its pincers, Han Fei’s face suddenly changed.

“That’s impossible!”

Han Fei was instantly shocked, as he sensed the pain and the collision.
Could this crab be


That was unlikely! This was just the most common big green crab that was everywhere in the regular fishery.
But why did it feel so real?

Han Fei lowered his head and looked back at the cave, only to find that everything was still there.
This did not seem to be an illusion.

“How could that be?”

Han Fei was dumbfounded, as it didn’t make any sense.
If this was a regular big green crab, he should’ve been able to read its information.


It was impossible for the big green crab to hurt Han Fei.
Han Fei casually punched out, and the hundreds of big green crabs behind him were shattered into pieces.

However, after they were shattered, Han Fei saw that the shattered big green crabs turned into glittering spots of light and disappeared from the way.

However, following them, tremendous little white fish and big yellow fish were surging.

“You’re all fake!”

Han Fei was quite positive of that.
He didn’t know why those regular creatures felt so real, but he was 100% sure that they were fake.

If they were real, they would’ve turned into broken shells and bodies.
How could they simply turn into spots of light and disappear?

Therefore, Han Fei planned to press on.
He was going to find out what was at the end of the road.

After Han Fei made the first step forward, he somehow felt a lot easier, as if something heavy in his heart had been removed.

“Huh? Something is wrong with this road?”

Han Fei wasn’t quite certain of that.
He merely felt comfortable after the first step, and he wanted to walk on.


Blowing up the big yellow fish, he moved on for another several steps.

After the several steps, the fish that came at him turned from big yellow fish to green turtles, Blade Fish and Snakebelts…

Han Fei moved on faster and faster.
He found that he was enjoying the feeling.
He felt that his heart was clear, and that he wanted to blow up all the obstacles before his eyes.

Yes, he wanted to clear all the obstacles.

Therefore, the swordfish, ball fish, spirit swallowing fish, purple tailed scorpions and other creatures from the level-one fishery were all shattered by Han Fei with one punch.

Then, the Strip Fish, the Piercing Bone Fish, the Dragon-Headed Fish, the prawns, the lightning crabs and other fish from the level-two fishery came up and were blown up by Han Fei too.

After that, there were the Anti-Heaven Blades, the Black-Moon Sickle Fish, the Mess Swallowing Worms and other things from the level-three fishery…

Han Fei moved faster and faster.
In the blink of an eye, he had crushed more than a hundred types of fish that appeared before his eyes.
At this moment, the Inferior Man-Fish showed up…

Han Fei found that it was difficult to continue the journey after the Inferior Man-Fish showed up.
The road became narrower and narrower, and he had to be very strong to make every step.


At this moment, Han Fei had an epiphany.
This was not a regular road but a replay of everything he had seen.
All the creatures he saw and knew were blocking his way.

After he killed an Inferior Man-Fish with the Art of Invincibility, Han Fei’s whole body was glowing

Because the road was narrower and narrower and the creatures were more and more ferocious, he had to tear the road apart.
With the Art of Invincibility and the Sacrificing Punch, two unparalleled skills, Han Fei only wanted to press on.

After he blew up a merman with the Sacrificing Punch, it was the end of the road.

Lying before Han Fei was absolutely darkness as if the road had been blocked.
It looked like the world in Forge the Universe that was beyond the existing space.
“Open up!”

Han Fei punched crazily and punched the darkness.
However, after thousands of powerful punches, he felt that he was extremely tired, but he only expanded a dozen steps in the dark.

Eventually, a weird eye emerged in the darkness.
Han Fei burst into fury for reasons he didn’t know and launched the Sacrificing Punch at the darkness again with bloodshot eyes.


Under an attractive force, Han Fei suddenly opened his eyes, he found that he was still inside the cave sitting cross-legged on the ground.

“Hu! Hu! Hu!”

Han Fei breathed heavily, but his body was suddenly stiffened!

It was because the crack on the wall caused by his punch was small and shallow.
It was only half a meter deep, and there wasn’t a road behind it at all.

“Huh! Where’s the road?”

Han Fei rose and ran to the crack, but he found that it was just a regular crack, and there was nothing behind it at all.

“Was it a dream?”

Han Fei didn’t come back to himself until a long time later.

He looked at his stats again in a hurry, but unfortunately, his stats didn’t change.

But he did feel something unusual about his abdomen.
When he looked into his body, he found that a seed the size of a grain was floating there.
“Huh? What’s this?”

Han Fei was quite shocked.
Why was there a seed in his abdomen? Where was it from?

He tried pulling the seed with his spiritual energy, but his spiritual energy simply bypassed the seed every time.

After several attempts, Han Fei realized that he couldn’t move the seed at this.
Since it did not seem to be a threat, he decided to let it go.

At this moment, Han Fei raised his head and found that the entrance he came from was still there.

“So, it was indeed just a dream.”

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