Chapter 514 Chaotic Situation

On the surface of the ocean…

He Kaiyang sat on the boat obediently.
He had no idea how Han Fei tracked him down.

However, Han Fei had defeated him easily with nothing but one punch.

That made He Kaiyang extremely frustrated.
He knew that Han Fei was not ordinary, but he was quite devastated to be crushed by an advanced Dangling Fisher so easily.

At this moment, before Han Fei said anything else, He Kaiyang had opened his mouth, “I know what you want to ask.”


Han Fei’s eyes glittered.
“Then why don’t you tell me about it? I’ll let you go if I’m satisfied.”

He Kaiyang knew that it was impossible for him to get away from Han Fei, so he could only tell him everything in great detail.
“You want to know where your partners are, don’t you?”

Han Fei was briefly stunned.
“You know my teammates?”

He Kaiyang smiled bitterly.
“After you came out of the Steps into the Sea, all the information on your partners was publicized.
Someone might have bought it from the Specter and disseminated it.”

Han Fei was instantly enraged.
Did anyone do that on purpose? Damn it.
I will definitely kill them after I find out who.

He Kaiyang said, “Now, few people in the level-three fishery don’t know the Thug Academy.
The rest of your gang should be near the Sea Grassland at this moment.”

“The Sea Grassland?”

Han Fei was shocked.
“Are you saying that they’re all there?” He Kaiyang nodded.
“Yes, all of them! After the turmoil you caused at the Steps into the Sea, someone went there to look for you and ran into the guys who intended to kill you.
The person killed dozens of peak-level Dangling Fishers in a row before he fled with heavy wounds.”

Han Fei’s eyes turned cold.
“Who was it? Was it a man or a woman?”

He was certain that it couldn’t have been Xia Xiaochan or Zhang Xuanyu.

Xia Xiaochan knew what she was doing.
He had merely sent her out for her safety.

This person was even less likely to be Zhang Xuanyu, who had spent so long in the Abyssal Chasm that he didn’t know what happened outside at all.

So, it could’ve only been Le Renkuang or Luo Xiaobai.
They must’ve found a lot of treasures which enabled them to kill dozens of peak-level Dangling Fishers in a row!

Without wasting any time, He Kaiyang simply looked at Han Fei and said, “It was Le Renkuang.”

“Le Renkuang?”

Han Fei slightly nodded.
“Then what happened?”

He Kaiyang said that Le Renkuang fled with heavy wounds.
Then why did he end up in the Sea Grassland with the others?

He Kaiyang shrugged.
“I don’t know what exactly happened after that.
However, half a month ago, some guys on the Wanted List had a huge battle in the Sea Grassland.
Nobody knew how it happened, but a person named Luo Xiaobai fought Mo Qianshang, the top of the Wanted List, in the Sea Grassland.
Then, the battle went on for days.
The rest of your team was all gathered there.
It’s still going on.”

“It’s still going on?” Han Fei found that hard to believe.
What kind of battle could be fought for more than half a month?

As if he knew what Han Fei was thinking, He Kaiyang said, “The havoc in the Sea Grassland isn’t completely over, and that place is suitable for hiding and long-term battles.
It’s not strange at all that they’ve fought for such a long time.”

Han Fei considered for a moment and said, “The result of the battle is still unclear?”

He Kaiyang shook his head.
“I don’t know! But when I learned the news, many experts on the Wanted List were already there.
Not just the people on the Wanted List, the dragon boat and the Specter met each other and had a skirmish too.”


Han Fei interrupted him, “Hold on a second.
Are you saying that the dragon boat and the Specter had a fight?”

He Kaiyang nodded.
“That’s right! Also, the Specter had fought against two dragon boats at the same time.
Some Hanging Fishers were even suspected to be involved in the battle.
But nobody was hurt or killed.
It was just a brief affair.”

Han Fei was slightly puzzled.
It didn’t sound right! Didn’t they say that the dragon boats and the Specter hadn’t fought for thirty years? It was believed that the dragon boats were traumatized from previous battles.

Why did the dragon boats become tough this time?

Taking a deep breath, Han Fei asked, “Anything else?”

After a brief silence, He Kaiyang said, “There’s a place that I don’t like going to.
Something might’ve happened there because of you.” “Because of me?”

He Kaiyang nodded.
“The Steps into the Sea has turned into a perilous place now.”

Han Fei: “???”

“Half a month after you left, the Steps into the Sea became steady again.
But a month ago, the Steps into the Sea suddenly fell into mayhem.
Tremendous creatures appeared out of nowhere and fought human beings.
A marvelous weapon even appeared in the meantime… You know what marvelous weapons are, right? A lot of people died, but none has claimed the marvelous weapon yet.
Few people dare to go there anymore.”

Han Fei was lost for words.
Am I related to the whole thing? I’m not the person who dropped the marvelous weapon… But Han Fei was quite curious too.
Where was the marvelous weapon from? He had taken all the good stuff, and he never saw any marvelous weapons on the altar.
Why had a marvelous weapon appeared out of nowhere?

Han Fei couldn’t figure out the answer, so he simply stopped thinking.
He should focus his attention on the Steps into the Sea instead of the Sea Grassland now.

Intrigued, Han Fei looked at He Kaiyang.
“Do you have the Wanted List?”

He Kaiyang nodded and gave a leaflet to Han Fei, but he said, “I bought this Wanted List half a month ago.
I don’t know if it’s still useful for you.”

He Kaiyang nodded and suddenly looked at He Kaiyang.
“Your Sea Swallowing Seashell.”

He Kaiyang’s face stiffened.
Eventually, like a balloon that had lost all its air, he gave the Sea Swallowing Seashell to Han Fei in frustration.
But he was relieved that Han Fei did not mean to kill him, which was great.
He could always get more Sea Swallowing Seashells as long as he was alive.

Han Fei did not waste any of his time but set off to the Sea Grassland directly.

On his way, he found that Le Renkuang was indeed on the Wanted List with a high rank.

The 21st place on the Wanted List:

Name: Le Renkuang

Gender: Male

Profession: Armorist

Spiritual Beast: Spiritual Clam

Contractual Spiritual Beasts: Thousand Blade Turtle, Unknown Creature (which is capable of swallowing an assortment of items)

Specialties: Battle Frenzy, Sword and Saber Specialization, Bloodthirsty Broadsword, Knife Burial Technique

Bounty: Three million

Other rewards: Three hundred kilograms of spiritual spring, one high-quality demon-level art, one high-quality spiritual weapon, and three hundred spiritual fruits.
Remark: This man is extremely dangerous.
A full-strength blow from the Bloodthirsty Broadsword is as strong as an attack from a Hanging Fisher.

Note: This man is one of the five members from the Thug Academy.
He’s very tough.
Kill him the moment you see him.
He is believed to have acquired a legendary contractual spiritual beast.

Han Fei was slightly surprised, as Le Renkuang seemed to have been quite lucky.
He got a new contractual spiritual beast which was a legendary one?

Han Fei believed it the moment he read the information.
He knew that the fatty seemed greedy about everything but was actually only interested in the good stuff.
The man had always wanted a stronger contractual spiritual beast.

As for Luo Xiaobai, Han Fei didn’t find her name on the Wanted List.

After all, Luo Xiaobai didn’t appear until half a month ago.
At that time, He Kaiyang had already set sail for adventure, so his list did not include her name.

The boat that Han Fei was sailing was one of the best boats he had left.
It could go 33,000 kilometers in a day, only half as slowly as his Wind God Boat.

Now that the whole team had been gathered, Han Fei believed that few people in the whole level-three fishery could beat them in a team fight.

Back when they were in the Fiery Mountain, Le Renkuang, Zhang Xuanyu, and Xia Xiaochan were already able to beat Li Hanyi’s team of five.
Now that they had all found treasures in the level-three fishery and grown much stronger, Han Fei wasn’t too worried about them.

Five days passed.
Han Fei finally arrived at the edge of the Sea Grassland.
However, when he was fifty thousand kilometers away from the place, he had changed his look into a random person’s.

That was because he found a dragon boat in this place.

He boarded the dragon boat.
Thanks to the Thousand Faces Technique, nobody noticed anything wrong.

His primary target was not to make deals, but to look for someone.

There were a hundred dragon boats in the level-three fishery, and he needed to find two of them, one of which being the dragon boat he boarded at the beginning.
However, after wandering in the market, he found that this wasn’t the boat, so he left immediately.
The whole trip took less than half an hour.

At this moment, Han Fei saw another dragon boat ten thousand kilometers away from the Sea Grassland.

Something must be wrong with the Sea Grassland, or why would so many dragon boats be gathered here?

On the information trade center on the dragon boat…

A staff member asked, “May I know what you would like to buy?”.

“I want a Wanted List, and information on Mo Qianshang.”

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