rent from those major sects.
They might give their children a lot of treasures and amulets to protect them, but they would also have them receive plenty of training and exercises.
Of course, after careful consideration, Han Fei felt that no one else would be a problem except for Ye Baiyu, who might be a big problem for him.
Maybe he was still not strong enough, but if this guy launched a sneak attack, he would definitely cause serious trouble to his team.

Han Fei immediately looked at Zhang Wen who he didn’t know and asked him, “Are you going to participate too?”

A faint smile appeared on Zhang Wen’s face and he said politely, “It might be a bit of an exaggeration to say that the big clans in the Thousand Star City are as intimate as one family, but since I have participated in the battle, I cannot stay out of the matter, right?” At this time, Li Heiye suddenly said to Han Fei in a low voice, “Han Fei, let’s face it.
You will not be able to avoid this battle.
However, although you have swindled my brother and me, we are broad-minded and easy-going people.
As long as you hand in the Sea Token, we will immediately quit.” Hearing his words, Han Fei sneered.
These people were definitely not so easy to deal with.
Even if he handed in the Sea Token as Li Heiye said, would they really quit? It might be possible.
After all, they needed to preserve their strength to keep the Sea Token.
But it was not for sure.
What if these people decided to solve him first and then go compete for the Sea Token?

Thinking of the fake Sea Token in Forge the Universe, Han Fei began to ponder carefully.
He could give them the fake Sea Token, but definitely not now.

Just at this moment, Cao Qiu said to him through a voice transmission, Hey, when you use the Poison King Smoke, remember to tell me in advance so that I can fly higher.

Hearing his words, Han Fei frowned.
The Poison King Smoke was a good thing, but unfortunately, it could not be used at this time, or else, it would be easily found out by others.
On the side of Cao Qiu.
Cao Jiaren smiled gently and said to Cao Qiu softly, “Qiuqiu, these friends you have made are really strong, but I’m afraid that it will not be easy for them to escape from here today.
At this time, they must stay together with each other, so I guess they will not use Flash Stones.
Now I don’t think they still have a way to escape.” Cao Qiu held his head high and said stubbornly, “Han Fei can solve several people alone.” Cao Jiaren shook her head slightly and said disapprovingly, “Even if he can solve three people alone, he still won’t escape!”

Cao Tian still looked simple and honest.
At this moment, he, like a passerby who had nothing to do with this matter, said with a smile, “The problem lies with Chen Aochen and Ye Baiyu.
If they don’t join the battle, Sun Mu and his friends would not be able to stop Han Fei and his partners.”

At this moment, Han Fei jumped on the fishing boat.
As soon as he stomped on the ground, a Spirit Gathering Array appeared under his feet.
Then he pointed a finger at Luo Xiaobai and the other three and spiritual energy was pouring into their bodies from his fingertip.
In the previous battle, everyone had consumed a lot of spiritual energy.
The reason why he did not supplement Luo Xiaobai and the other three with spiritual energy immediately because once he did this, it meant that the battle had begun.
These children of the big clans would not care whether you had just had a fight or not or whether you were in your peak state or not.
As long as they could win, they would not give a damn to any moral rules.

Han Fei hurriedly sent a message to the other four through a voice transmission, Let’s solve that Zhang Wen first.
We don’t even know him but he looks for trouble for no reason.
Let’s teach him a good lesson! Xia Xiaochan, keep an eye on that Ye Baiyu.
His speed is extremely fast, and among the five of us, maybe only you can match him in speed.
Just when Han Fei was still infusing his teammates with spiritual energy, Sun Mu and the other people on his side had launched their attacks, and almost at the same time, both Chen Aochen and Ye Baiyu also skimmed over quickly.
Especially Ye Baiyu, this guy’s speed was almost horribly fast.
He was just like a beam of light and reached in front of them in a flash with a swish.
“Let’s get started.”

Luo Xiaobai and the other three respectively took out a spiritual fruit and stuffed it directly into their mouths.

Spirit gatherers were quick to infuse spiritual energy to their teammates, which was even faster than having their teammates directly swallow spiritual fruits.
At this moment, however, Han Fei would not simply serve as a spirit gatherer.

At that moment, a huge flower bud appeared, directly enveloping Han Fei and the others in and then submerging directly into the sea.

Seeing this scene, Yang Deyu shouted with a loud voice, “Humph! Do you think we can’t perceive your whereabouts with our spiritual perception?”

However, after he tried perceiving where they were, Yang Deyu was stunned and muttered, “Huh! Where are they?”

Several other people on his side were also astonished when they tried to find out their whereabouts.
How can it be?! Did they just disappear under their noses?

All of a sudden, Ye Baiyu shouted, “Something is wrong! Be careful of the Hexagon Starfish.”

Being reminded by him, everyone immediately perceived again, only to find that the Hexagon Starfish was sneaking to Li Heiye, Li Baizhou, and Zhang Wen’s direction.


A golden fist mark shot out of the sea water, and the target was precisely Zhang Wen.
“Nine-Layered Waves in the Furious Sea.”

“Armor Art.”

“Supreme Stab!”

In an instant, the place where Zhang Wen was directly exploded, and all the attacks were targeted at him.

Especially Xia Xiaochan, who was so fast that almost appeared beside Zhang Wen in the blink of an eye.

However, Zhang Wen was also extremely quick to respond to the attacks.
In an instant, he had a high-quality battle suit wrapping his body and directly activated his spiritual energy protective cover, and at the same time, three big luminous pearl balls appeared on his side.


One of the three pearl balls blocked the Supreme Stab, but that ball was also pierced through by Xia Xiaochan.

Immediately afterward, the golden fist mark and the Nine-Layered Waves in the Furious Sea were coming at him.
Zhang Wen’s face changed drastically, and he immediately used his protective amulet.

He was not an idiot disciple of the six major sects and would not hesitate to use any treasure he had as long as it could protect him.
Han Fei and the others were obviously targeting him.
If he did not fight back with all his strength at this moment, he could be one hundred percent sure that they would beat the hell out of him in an instant.

The others quickly rushed over, Yang Deyu was yelling loudly holding his double axe, Mo Feiyan wielded a snake-shaped sword in ethereal postures, and Sun Mu directly used the Immortals Slaying Formation.

Chen Aochen slightly stretched out his fists, and before he arrived, his fist marks had arrived first.

However, at the moment when Chen Aochen punched out, a huge blade light broke through the water and directly shattered his double fist marks.
And then the giant blade danced again and slashed at Yang Deyu head-on.


Yang Deyu and Chen Aochen immediately shouted in anger, “Tang Ge, what is this?” Tang Ge held his head high, glancing sideways at the two people coldly and saying word by word, “You two rub me the wrong way.
Let’s have a fight!” Yang Deyu: “…”

Chen Aochen: “…”

Everyone was surprised by Tang Ge’s sudden attack and then began to doubt him.
Could it really be because Han Fei had once saved Mu Ling on the Steps into the Sea?

To be honest, with Mu Ling’s identity, others might rob her, but it was impossible for anyone to have the idea to kill her.

Besides, even if Mu Ling owed Han Fei a favor, it should not be paid back by Tang Ge, should it? Now Tang Ge suddenly attacked Sun Mu and the other children of the big clans, making it clear that he would not hesitate to do anything to protect Han Fei even at the expense of offending the other big clans.
Was the reason really that simple? On Zhang Wen’s side, seeing that Han Fei and his teammates suddenly began to attack Zhang Wen together, Li Heiye and Li Baizhou simply dodged.
This led to Zhang Wen being mobbed.
At this moment, he received a punch from Han Fei, and the second pearl ball outside his body was also broken.

Immediately afterward, Le Renkuang shattered his third pearl ball with his Armor Art.

And then Zhang Xuanyu slammed the Nine-Layered Waves in the Furious Sea right in the face of Zhang Wen.

Zhang Wen was horrified and a big six-winged fish suddenly appeared.
But before he had time to run away, he found that his lower body had been caught in circles of vines.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

Nine waves hit him in a row, each stronger than the last.

After activating the Majestic Mystic Spell, Zhang Xuanyu was definitely not weak.
Every blow of the Nine-Layered Waves in the Furious Sea precisely hit Zhang Wen’s protective amulet, making a loud noise.

Receiving nine blows in a row, Zhang Wen was jolted to swallow three mouthfuls of blood, and his protective amulet was knocked away.

Li Heiye and Li Baizhou who were closest to Zhang Wen finally came back from the shock and rushed at Han Fei and the other four.
However, at this time, two Zhang Xuanyu clones suddenly appeared in the sea, blocking their way.
Ye Baiyu, who had already approached them, was brandishing his sword and hacked out hundreds of times in the blink of an eye.
But all of a sudden, there were hundreds of black cracks appearing in the air.
Xia Xiaochan activated the Shadowless Blade, and in the next second, she had landed by Ye Baiyu’s side and her daggers left several shadows as she pierced through the air.
Unfortunately, Ye Baiyu’s speed was too fast.
Even if Xia Xiaochan used Flash, Ye Baiyu moved his body sideways and dodged her stabs, and the dagger only touched Ye Baiyu’s clothes.

Han Fei had already thrown out dozens of punches at the protective cover on Zhang Wen’s body that was produced by his protective amulet, which had almost been shattered by him.
All this happened within a minute but he failed to kill Zhang Wen in this minute.
At this time, Le Renkuang made a move.
He gave up attacking Zhang Wen and the swords and knives in his armor box all flew out and swirled to fly at Sun Mu and Mo Feiyan.
“Immortals Slaying Sword Qi.” “Water Dragon Roar.” A purple wisp of Sword Qi appeared and fell on Le Renkuang in the blink of an eye.
“Puff, Puff, Puff…” A few sword marks appeared on Le Renkuang’s body, but there were no penetrating injuries on his body.
This surprised Sun Mu slightly.
Could it be that Le Renkuang was also a body refiner?

The eyes of Le Renkuang had turned bloodshot, and his body was fuming with a surging murderous aura.
“Violent War Body!”

“Sky Swallowing Technique!” The big mouth appeared again and the double dragons that had just jumped out of the sea water to play with the pearls were swallowed in one bite, leaving no trace at all.

Mo Feiyan was shocked and asked in astonishment, “Damn it, what kind of strange technique is this?”

Not only Mo Feiyan’s Water Dragon Roar, but also the Immortals Slaying Sword Qi was swallowed, which surprised both Sun Mu and Mo Feiyan.
Just now, when they were watching the battle from the outside, they thought that this fatty was just an insignificant member of Han Fei’s team.
Although the Sky Swallowing Technique sucked a lot of people in before, it couldn’t really suck them in, so they just took it as a gimmick.
But at this moment, when they personally experienced the strong sucking ability of this big mouth, they immediately realized how terribly wrong they were.
It was no wonder that many people seemed to be unable to resist at all when they were sucked in.
Now they felt as if their bodies were being sealed and they almost exhausted all the spiritual energy in their bodies but were only able to back away several meters.

In the protective cover produced by his amulet, Zhang Wen was almost punched dizzy.
Why the hell am I being beaten by these people together? Even if you guys give me the slightest chance to fight back, I can at best beat one of you, okay?

Han Fei spared no efforts at all at this moment.
Yes, perhaps your protective amulet is very powerful indeed, but my Sacrificing Punch is not weak either.


Being horrified by Han Fei’s frantic punches, Zhang Wen suddenly burst into a loud roar.
“Li Heiye, Li Baizh | two b*star

now! Hurry up!”



Being punched hard without rest, the protective

put to break at a when Han Fei began to use the Sacrificing Punch, it could no longer hold out.
It flickered and was shattered with a punch by Han Fei.

But at that moment, a dark red rune array suddenly appeared.

The Sacrificing Punch bombarded the runes, but was unable to penetrate them, but blasted Zhang Wen into the seabed.

Without waiting for the arrival of Li Heiye and Li Baizhou, Zhang Wen, who had withstood Han Fei’s Sacrificing Punch with his body, disappeared from everyone’s perception in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this scene, Cao Tian just said lightly, “Being bombed into the mud, Zhang Wen was almost disabled and even the Immortal Seal had been punched out of his body.
But under the protection of the Immortal Seal, he is still alive and can’t be reborn.
Even after a few months, I am afraid that he will remain in this disabled state…”

“Young Master.”

In the distance, the guardians of the children of the big clans who were not so fast were rushing in this direction and were completely stunned.

How f*cking long had it been? In less than two minutes, this guy had even punched the Immortal Seal out of their Young Master’s body?! The disciples of the seven major sects who were watching around were also dumbfounded at what they saw.
On the side of the Jade Fairy Palace.
A girl who was standing beside Gong Yuehan tugged at her hem and said, “Senior Sister, it’s Zhang Wen! Even he was defeated in less than two minutes, and active amulet was broken.
But d know what that rune array is?”

Gong Yuehan narrowed her eyes slightly and answered calmly, “It’s called the Immortal Seal, and it is a means of the big clans from the Thousand Star City.
They implant it into the bodies of their outstanding children to keep them safe.” Although Gong Yuehan looked calm on the surface, she was very upset in her heart.
This guy is too fierce! I have never seen a person who fights as fiercely as him..
The other disciples of the seven major sects were also stupefied at the sight.

“Han Fei and his teammates are too strong, aren’t they?”

“Exactly! With their talents, I think they will absolutely be among the most outstanding ones in any major sect.”

“Thug Academy, what kind of academy is that?”

At this time, however, the situation in the arena suddenly changed.
Cao Qiu shouted in the sky, “Luo Xiaobai, watch out.” Ye Baiyu found that Xia Xiaochan was very difficult to deal with.
She turned into a shadow from time to time and in the next second, she flashed away.
How the hell could he handle such an opponent? Although she couldn’t hit him, he couldn’t hit her either!

So Ye Baiyu simply gave up on Xia Xiaochan and turned to attack Luo Xiaobai who he thought much easier to deal with.

Luo Xiaobai was qualified support, or else Zhang Xuanyu, who was fighting Li Heiye and Li Baizhou, would have been defeated.
Zhang Xuanyu had just made the breakthrough and become an advanced Dangling Fisher, and he did not have the abnormally strong physique of Han Fei.
Although his combat power was great, he was unable to solve Li Heiye and Li Baizhou at the same time.
The reason why he could still block the attacks of the twin brothers was that Luo Xiaobai’s vines had helped him a lot.

Luo Xiaobai, who had become a peak-level Dangling Fisher, had easily created a jungle-like area on the surface of the sea with her power.
This area was five hundred meters wide and hundreds of meters high and was almost enclosed by vines.
Besides, new vines would continue to grow on the old ones, locking the twin brothers in it and giving them no chance to escape out of it.

At this moment, Luo Xiaobai saw Ye Baiyu rushing at her like a flash of light.
Luo Xiaobai casually stretched out a finger and pointed in the air, and in the next second, colorful petals suddenly bloomed in the air.
In an instant, all kinds of pollen had completely enveloped Luo Xiaobai and Ye Baiyu.


Outside the arena, Cao Jiaren was taken aback for a moment, and she looked at Cao Tian who was standing beside her, and asked him, “Is Luo Xiaobai from that family?” Cao Tian smiled and said, “I guess so.
There should be no one else who knows how to use the Grand Spirit Summoning Art except the people of that family.”

In the team of the Heavenly Sword Sect, a gleam flickered across Mu Ling’s eyes and she muttered, “The Grand Spirit Summoning Art?”

Mu Ling was a little surprised.
How could a person from that family be with Han Fei and the other three? Didn’t Tang Ge say that Han Fei was born in a village? But in the midst of the colorful pollen, from time to time a few thick vines flashed past.
After a few minutes, no sound was heard again.
After Han Fei solved Zhang Wen, Nine Tails’ figure flashed at Han Fei’s feet, drilling towards the bottom of the sea.
And after receiving the message Luo Xiaobai had sent to him, he ran straight to where Sun Mu and Mo Feiyan were.
When Sun Mu found that he was going to be beaten by Le Renkuang, he immediately crushed a Flash Stone and escaped from the Sky Swallowing Technique of Le Renkuang.
Mo Feiyan was certainly not stupid either.
Seeing that Sun Mu had flashed away, she naturally also flashed away as fast as she could.

Even their young masters had run away and the servants of Sun Mu and Mo Feiyan dared not to rush up at all.

Li Heiye and Li Baizhou looked at each other and also withdrew from the battle.
They really could not defeat three Zhang Xuanyu clones at the same time who had almost the same strength and also seemed to be using a certain secret method.
“Five minutes!”

Cao Jiaren said lightly.
Cao Qiu was already dumbfounded at this exciting battle and he shouted out loud, “Wow! Wonderful! These people are too lame! I can’t believe they were solved in less than five minute!”

Then Cao Qiu shouted excitedly at Han Fei, “Han Fei, don’t let them go.
Kill them… Hey! Sister, don’t pull my ears.” Cao Jiaren said helplessly, “Stop yelling, okay? You can kill them when you have the ability to kill them on your own.
This is your own business.
You have to do your own business by yourself.” Cao Qiu snorted and said nothing, but he was still very excited.

And Han Fei just sneered when he heard what Cao Qiu shouted at him.
And then he snapped his fingers, and a figure was dragged out of the water.
Nine Tails dragged Zhang Wen who was still groaning miserably and threw him in front of Han Fei, waiting for Han Fei’s praise.
“You b*stard, let go of our Young Master!” The servants of Zhang Wen all roared angrily at Han Fei at the moment.
They knew that they could not beat Han Fei, so they could only try to overawe him with the power of the Zhang Family.
Han Fei lightly landed on the surface of the sea and trampled on Zhang Wen’s face, asking coldly, “What? What did you just say? I didn’t hear it clearly.
Say it again?”

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