Chapter 52: Kill the Inspector

“It’s not dead?”

Han Fei was shocked.
He knew how powerful his attack was.
Even a level-nine fisher might not have been able to resist.
Yet, the fish was not killed.

“You little bastard, I told you to stop!”

Han Fei failed to slay Li Hu in three attacks.
As a result, the inspector was only thirty meters away.

Han Fei turned cold.
He could not look back now.

When the inspector’s boat was closer, the inspector jumped over.

While the inspector was airborne, Han Fei sprang and launched Spiritual Energy Explosion again.

“How dare you!”

Of course, some inspectors were stronger than others.
Most of the inspectors who were not teachers in the school were only level-nine fishers.

As far as Han Fei could tell, this inspector couldn’t have been a fishing master, or he could have intervened from a hundred meters away.
It meant that he was a peak fisher at best.
Therefore, he intended to have a try.


“You’re crazy…”

He Xiaoyu was forced back by the blast of the attacks.


After the explosion, both of them fell into the ocean.

“Han Fei!”

He Xiaoyu’s face was pale, her mind blank.
Falling into the ocean was not a joke.
They were almost certain to die since no fishing masters were around.

The inspector was the most appalled of all.
Was the young man trying to die with him? Why had he launched Spiritual Energy Explosion four times?

It was a pity that there was no time for him to think.
The inspector filled his body with spiritual energy the moment he fell, but he saw a green wind coming at him after stabilized himself.


Shocked, the inspector was blown dozens of meters deeper and could not hold his breath anymore.
Who was this young man? Why was he so strong?

It was not the time to think.
The inspector hurried to swim upward.
He already saw blade fish and Snakebelts.
However, Han Fei grinned above him and bared his teeth.

It was the first time that Han Fei had used Wandering Dragon Art, but it was still much more useful than what he knew.
He was as casual as a fish in the water.

Not good.

Seeing that Han Fei was swimming toward him quickly, the inspector waved the rod to block him, but he was too slow, and his wrist was cut.

The inspector lost his weapon, blood dripping from his wrist.
Watching the Snakebelts that were approaching, Han Fei abandoned pursuit and waved his hand at the inspector.

On the surface, He Xiaoyu was still observing the water, and dozens of boats were arriving as fast as possible.

“Ha… Haha… Cough, cough… You can’t get away with this.”

“Shut up, or I ‘ll throw you into the ocean.”

“No, you can’t.
Even though I’m heavily wounded, you can’t kill me.
There’s no way that he can survive in the ocean.


Right after Li Hu made the remark, Han Fei broke out of the water and landed on the deck.

Li Hu was shocked.
“How… How can you still be alive?”

He Xiaoyu burst into tears of joy.
“Han Fei, you’re all right? I was so scared.
I thought you were dead…”

Grabbing the purple bamboo rod, Han Fei said calmly, “The inspector happened upon a Snakebelt after he fell into the water.
Tsk, tsk.
I saw the Snakebelt slithering into his mouth.
Well, well…”


He Xiaoyu almost threw up after she pictured that.

Li Hu’s face was even paler.
He pointed at Han Fei, shivering, “You… You dared to kill the inspector?”

Han Fei asked back, “Did you witness that the inspector was killed by me?”

Han Fei watched the ocean for a while, and the inspector did not return.
So, he came to Li Hu and said relaxedly, “I would kill you if it weren’t for your points.”

Han Fei struck again.
The tiger-head fish which was not killed charged at him again.


Han Fei had seen it coming.
He launched Spiritual Energy Explosion again and blew the tiger-head fish to the deck.


Han Fei smashed it so hard with the purple bamboo rod that even the deck collapsed.
Finally, the fish was half-dead.

Li Hu trembled as he watched.
That was a rare fish even in the level-one fishery! But right now, it was dying under Han Fei’s smashes.


Han Fei was about to smash more, when the tiger-head fish turned into a streak of brightness and condensed into the shape of a fish on Li Hu’s wrist.

Han Fei asked He Xiaoyu in astonishment, “This fish is so sturdy? I thought it was dead.”

He Xiaoyu explained, “That’s the power of commitment.
The tiger-head fish was dying, but it was recalled by Li Hu.
However, the partner will be hurt when their contracted beast is hurt.”

Han Fei looked at Li Hu.
He was indeed vomiting blood.

Han Fei was lost for words.
Such a big fish could be recalled into the body? Wouldn’t it be the same as my calabash? No wonder Li Jue, the leader of the Tigers, could dominate the level-one fishery.
It was almost impossible to die with such a fish!

“Thief, release our young master!”

“How dare you attack the young master of the Tigers? Are you asking to be killed?”

“You’re surrounded.
Let go of our young master if you don’t want to die!”

Looking at the dozens of boats all around, Han Fei grabbed Li Hu who was half dead and spoke to them, “Give me your points, or I will disable him.”

“You dare to steal the points of the Tigers?”


One of Li Hu’s hands were broken.
He screamed miserably.

Han Fei asked, “Did I not make myself clear, or are your ears not functioning well?”

Li Hu shouted, “What are you waiting for? Give it to him!”

Han Fei said, “Fill that boat, too.”

Han Fei pointed at He Xiaoyu’s boat and said to her, “We’re classmates anyway.
I got you covered.”

He Xiaoyu was astonished by Han Fei’s ruthlessness.

However, Han Fei was truly tough.
He had crushed Li Hu, a level-eight fisher, killed a fake inspector, and robbed a dozen boats simultaneously.
Was he the Han Fei she knew?

Han Fei demanded two boats that were absolutely filled up.

After the dozen of boats were looted, Han Fei finally patted Li Hu’s face and said, “Forfeit.”

Li Hu changed his face.
There was only an hour to go before the end of the trial.
Was Han Fei intentionally keeping him away from the awakening ritual?



Han Fei broke Li Hu’s leg and grinned.
“Do I need to repeat myself?”

Li Hu was most scared.
He realized that Han Fei was the opposite of what he was said to be, and that if he declined his terms, he would probably end up in the ocean.

Gritting his teeth, Li Hu said, “I’ll forfeit.”

The real inspector was shocked to see Li Hu’s miserable appearance.
Was this the brutal and domineering young master of the Tigers he knew?

Before he left, Li Hu glared at Han Fei.

Han Fei said, “What are you looking at? I’ll dig your eyes out if you glare any more.
Tell your father that I wasted ten Spirit Refilling Pills because of you.
Let him do what he sees fit.”

Li Hu fumed, but he held back his fury.
He failed to kill Han Fei.
If Han Fei asked Tang Ge to deal with the Tigers, he would truly be doomed.

After Li Hu was taken away, He Xiaoyu asked, ‘Why… Why didn’t you kill him?”

Han Fei said lazily, “His dad probably would go crazy if he died.”

On the other side, Tang Ge ran into Wang Baiyu.

Tang Ge said, “Give me your points, and I won’t kill you.”

Wang Baiyu sweated hard.
How could he have run into such a monster when the fishery was so big?

He said in a hurry, “Tang Ge, I’m Han Fei’s close friend… Right, he owes me a favor.”

Tang Ge frowned.
“Do tell me.
If I find out that you’re lying…”

Wang Baiyu said, “Han Fei was set up and floated on the ocean for five days.
It was me who found him and rescued him.”

“Say that again?”

Tang Ge burst into fury and pointed his long gold rod at Wang Baiyu.

Wang Baiyu said, “Everybody in the port knows.
I do not know who was behind that, but the port is investigating.
I think Han Fei knows what’s going on.”

Tang Ge put down his rod.
“So to speak, Han Fei does owe you a favor.
But if I let you go, he won’t owe you anything anymore.”

Wang Baiyu said, “Of course.”


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