Chapter 539 Sad Old Bai

About 3 hours after Ruan You’s death, a figure fell from the sky and roared, shocking the entire dragon boat.

But at this moment, the dragon boat had almost been ruined.
Without the Hanging Fisher, the guards on the dragon boat simply couldn’t stop the robberies and killings of hundreds of thousands of people.

The shop owners in the trading market closed their shops right away and joined in the looting frenzy.
When the Hidden Fisher arrived, there was a mess on the dragon boat, and almost everything that could be snatched had been snatched.
The people on the dragon boat had also reduced from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands.
Among them, half were the staff of the dragon boat.
Standing next to Ruan You’s body, the Hidden Fisher frowned and fiddled with his body a little with his foot.
“Humph, the smell of the evil shield.”

At this moment, Han Fei and the others had already gone into a small secret realm in the level-three fishery that had been dug.

They were collapsing on the ground, and Han Fei kept casting his Divine Healing Technique on everyone.
Zhang Xuanyu grinned.
“Is this the strength of a Hanging Fisher? Isn’t it too strong? Five against one, and we used all our secret skills, but we still had to rely on the ancient jade to kill him?”

Le Renkuang lay on the ground screaming.
“No, I feel that my viscera are displaced and seriously damaged.
I’m afraid I won’t be able to fight again in ten days.” Xia Xiaochan kicked Le Renkuang.
“It shows that you are not fat enough.
If you get fatter, you’ll be able to bounce his attack back.” Le Renkuang rolls his eyes.
How fat do I have to be to bounce back the attack of a Hanging Fisher?

Master Hexagon was also lying on the ground like an exhausted dog.
What a disgrace! The Six-Gate Array was shattered so easily!

Han Fei looked at Luo Xiaobai.
“Did the treasure house have a problem?”

Luo Xiaobai nodded.
“Serial killing arrays were set up inside and outside the treasure house, and my two ultra-quality spiritual weapons were both destroyed.” “Oh my god!” Han Fei took a deep breath.
Two ultra-quality spiritual weapons were destroyed.
Luo Xiaobai must have taken great risks to escape.
Han Fei hurriedly said, “It’s okay.
I’ll make you some more ultra-quality spiritual weapons.
Let me show you something good.”


Everyone looked at Han Fei.
The latter took out a jasper-colored shell, but when he took a closer look, it turned out that under the color of jasper, there was also a milky white layer.

Xia Xiaochan took it over and looked at it.
“Huh! What is this… Ahhhh…”

Le Renkuang covered his ears.
“What’s the matter? What’s the matter? Let me see…” “Ohhhh…”

Zhang Xuanyu snatched it from Le Renkuang’s hand and then froze directly.
After a while, he started to laugh stupidly.

Luo Xiaobai frowned and took it over.
After scanning it, she opened her mouth slightly, and after two full minutes, she slowly said, “This, I am afraid it is the Sun-Moon Shell.” “Sun-Moon Shell? What is that?”

Everyone looked at Luo Xiaobai, who was much more knowledgeable than them indeed.

Luo Xiaobai said, “To describe it, we have to start with the unique talents and attributes of these shells.”

“As we all know, everyone now uses Sea Swallowing Seashells, which is the most common type of storage space.
Sea Swallowing Seashells are actually not uncommon, because Sea Swallowing Seashells have a limited lifespan.
After it dies, its internal space becomes a separate world.
After being collected, they become the Sea Swallowing Seashell we use now.”

Luo Xiaobai continued, “But besides Sea Swallowing Seashells, there is another kind of shell called the Sun-Moon Shell.
It is said that this kind of shell often floats on the surface of the water and absorbs the brilliance of the sun and moon, just like humans cultivating.
As time goes by, their shells become firmer and their lifespan is extremely long.
They may live for five hundred years or even thousands of years.
After they die, their shells will also form a separate space, which is much larger than that of a Sea Swallowing Seashell.”

It was the first time that Han Fei and the others had heard of a Sun-Moon Shell, and they were amazed.

Han Fei exclaimed, “The Sun-Moon Shell has a radius of one thousand meters.
I was wondering where the treasures of the dragon boat were hidden.
It turns out that he took them with him.”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head slightly.
“No, the materials on the dragon boat shouldn’t be only as much as those in just a Sun-Moon Shell.
We just didn’t find the rest.”

Xia Xiaochan also said, “We didn’t gain much on the black market.
I only grabbed less than 50 Sea Swallowing Seashells, but they were quite full.” Han Fei added, “This time we made a fortune.
But how are we going to use the money?” Le Renkuang hurriedly said, “Sell them! The person on the ghost ship left us his contact information, right? Trade them for the Spirit Awakening Fluid.” Han Fei shook his head.
“You don’t even know how much money the Sun-Moon Shell is worth.
Even the Sea Swallowing Seashells that Xia Xiaochan had snatched will be able to be exchanged for hundreds of catties of the Spirit Awakening Fluid.
The Sun-Moon Shell is too valuable! It’s at least worth more than ten thousand catties.” Luo Xiaobai thought for a moment and said, “Guys, let’s heal our wounds first.
Han Fei, please refine some ultra-quality spiritual weapons and battle suits.
From now on, we will definitely be the public enemy of the level-three fishery.
Any dragon boat we encounter will chase us down.
Therefore, we must keep at our peak states at all times.” Han Fei nodded.
“No problem.
Don’t go out for a while.
Let’s take a break.”

In fact, Han Fei was seriously injured.
Ruan You’s Mystic Divine Spike was not weak, and even now, he still felt a strange force on his shoulder, destroying the vitality of his body, but fortunately, the regenerative ability of the Indestructible Body was also very powerful.
That was why he could still stand now.

The news about Han Fei and the other four had been known to everyone in the level-three fishery.

Especially it sounded almost impossible that the Thug Legend team killed a Hanging Fisher.
At the seven great sects in the Thousand Star City, everyone was stunned.
Fortunately, they didn’t fight Han Fei too violently before.
Otherwise, how could they be still alive?

The disciples of the Grand Void Academy couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.
Ji Wenxuan secretly said to Tian Yishan, “I don’t feel so bad now although we were deceived by Han Fei.
That guy is a genius who can even kill a Hanging Fisher.
We are lucky just being deceived by him.”

Tian Yishan couldn’t agree more and conveyed the thought to Chu Xun, who nodded slightly in agreement.
When Gong Yuehan first heard the news, she was really shocked.
Five Dangling Fishers killed a peak-level Hanging Fisher together?

Even though there might be some discrepancies between the facts and the rumor, the peak-level Hanging Fisher was indeed dead, and that dragon boat was now guarded by a Hidden Fisher.
That was an indisputable fact.
Gong Yuehan couldn’t help thinking about what Han Fei was like the first time she saw him.
He was literally a rascal! And he pretended to be unable to even beat a Basalt Conch and made a sneak attack on her.

“Senior Sister, Senior Sister…”

“Well! Yes?”

“Senior Sister, what are you thinking about?”

“Oh! No, nothing.”

“Senior Sister, are you thinking about that Han Fei? You are always out of state after you came out of the Steps into the Sea.
Do you…” “You darn girl.
If you continue to talk nonsense, I will beat you…”

When Tang Ge heard the news, his jaw almost dropped and then he planned to go to Han Fei.
It took Mu Ling a lot of effort to stop him.
Mu Ling said helplessly, “What can you do now? Since they can kill a Hanging Fisher and escape unscathed, how can they be easily found by you?” Tang Ge said with a stern face, “It’s too dangerous for them now.
These dragon boats will definitely send a large number of people to search for them.
Then they will face the wrath of other Hanging Fishers, and more than one.”

Mu Ling said, “Do you think Han Fei is stupid? No, he is smarter than you.
Do you think he would go rob a dragon boat unprepared? Even if you find him now, you won’t be able to help.
It is said that Han Fei can shatter an ultra-quality suit with a punch.
Can you do that?”


Tang Ge replied without hesitation.
At this time, the contents of the rumors suddenly came back to him.

Someone said that Han Fei turned into the Sea God and punched a big hole in the dragon boat.

Someone said that Han Fei had a super strong physique, so he could casually defeat a Hanging Fisher.

Someone said…

Anyway, there were all kinds of rumors.
Han Fei had been demonized and it was obviously impossible to know what really happened back then from other people.
Tang Ge couldn’t help sighing.
“He has chosen the most difficult path.”

As for the children of the big clans in the Thousand Star City Clan, after hearing the news, they were all stupefied.
Even Cao Tian got serious.

Cao Qiu said he was going to find Han Fei, but was stopped by Cao Jiaren.

Cao Jiaren said to Cao Qiu, “You two are already friends.
If he succeeds in the future, you are still friends.
But if he has millions of enemies in the future, then you’ll have to put an end to this relationship.
Next time, if you meet him outside the level-three fishery, I will not stop you from seeing him.”

When Sun Mu heard the news, he just said lightly, “Go back to the city.”

Yang Deyu had vowed to have a duel with Han Fei.
After hearing the news, however, he turned to lie on the fishing boat, basking in the sun and flipping a map.
Look for Han Fei? No way, he was not crazy!

And this was the same case outside the level-three fishery, where people were also shocked at the news.

For example, when Old Bai heard the news, he was very sad.
These five little b*stards are really troublemakers! I asked them to gain fighting experience, not loot a dragon boat!

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