th a radius of about 20 meters, emitting a faint brilliance at this moment.

The brilliance became more and more intense, and after about one hour, a bright moonlight essence fell from the sky and landed on the big array.

The faceless man said lightly, “The study of arrays is extensive and profound.
It’s a pity that none of you have learned it, tsk…” Han Fei smiled and said, “In fact, I…” Before Han Fei finished speaking, the faceless man said, “As a spiritual gatherer, you’ve only mastered the Spirit Gathering Array.
It’s really shameful.”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was speechless.
Fine, you’re the boss.
You have the final say, OK?!

The faceless man said lightly, “Enter the array in about a quarter of an hour by yourselves.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Are you going back now?”

The faceless man snorted.
“Go back? No! The enemy is coming.”

Han Fei and the others were shocked.
“How could it be possible? The level-three fishery is so big and the dragon boats are so slow.
How can they come so fast? Even last time, didn’t it take them half an hour to arrive?”

The faceless man said grimly, “The Floating Islands are arrays, so is the level-three fishery.
Under certain circumstances, any array can be activated as long as a certain price is paid.
You ignorant brats, remember, never underestimate any place, even ordinary fisheries.”

While talking, Han Fei saw brightly lit ships approaching in the dark.

Luo Xiaobai turned pale.
“There are so many of them.”

Le Renkuang shivered.
“Oh my God! Seven ships, there are seven ships.”

The Hexagon Starfish directly jumped onto Han Fei’s shoulders.
At such a time, he should stay with the strongest guy.
Just now, only three Hanging Fishers were already so hard to handle.

Now here came seven dragon boats! How were they going to handle them?

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched.
Gosh, how desperately does the owner of the dragon boats want to kill us? He sent seven dragon boats over at a time?! Are they crazy?

But the faceless man said, “This is no longer just your business.
The ghost ship and the dragon boats have been piling up grudges against each other for a long time.
You’re not so capable as to attract seven dragon boats.


A long distance away, a sound wave rolled in, and above the sky, a Hidden Fisher stepped over in the air, holding two lightsabers burning with red flames in his hands.

The Hidden Fisher was followed by seven Hanging Fishers, who stood on the fishing boats, some holding swords, some stepping on golden wheels, and some carrying scimitars, rushing at the ghost ship at the same time.

The faceless man laughed out loud.
“Boys, let’s entertain our guests.”


His roar reminded people of the fierce fighting on the battlefield and surging billows on the sea.

The whole ghost ship continuously made a weird sound like a drum beating, and bursts of red and black mystic light rose up like lasers, covering the entire ghost ship.
Han Fei exclaimed, “The killing array of the ghost ship!”

Two huge red axes suddenly appeared in the hands of the faceless man, and he leaped into the sky and chuckled creepily.
“Nine Nether Killing Array.”

At the same time as the array rose, Han Fei saw one after another faceless man appearing from both sides, landing on the top floor.
Among them, several faceless men slid directly into the air, and jointly pounced on those Hanging Fishers.
“Hanging fishers?”

Han Fei discovered that these people turned out to be Hanging Fishers too, but judging from their spiritual energy, these people seemed to be only junior or intermediate Hanging Fishers.

Then Han Fei saw tens of thousands of fishing boats flying towards the ghost ship in the sky.

Those people seem to be teams of peak-level Dangling Fishers.


Le Renkuang swallowed.
“We seem to have made serious trouble!”

Han Fei was also stupefied on the spot.
“But was the trouble really caused by us? Should we go up to help them?”

Luo Xiaobai frowned.
“But we can’t help them much.
I think it’s more like an explosion of their long-standing grudges.”

Then they heard the Hidden Fisher say, “Faceless, this time I’d like to see how you block us!”

“Heh heh! I just need to hack you to death.”

The next minute, an axe phantom hung upside down in the sky, and the fierce flames extended thousands of meters long.

The two flame swords of the Hidden Fisher almost burned through half of the sky, as if igniting the entire sky, and the blazing fire almost blinded everyone.

Zhang Xuanyu and the others couldn’t help covering their eyes, except for Han Fei, who had adapted to this hotness after he was burned in the Abyssal Chasm.


Han Fei’s eyes turned crimson, only to see the faceless man smashing the Hidden Fisher from the sky to the sea with one axe.
Under the two of them, the sea was separated by a long ravine, which was hundreds of meters deep.

“Fu… ck…”

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