Hexagon Starfish rolled its eyes.
“They can’t catch me.
I run fast.”

Everyone: “…”

There were battlefields on all sides.
After seeing the battlefield in the Undersea City, these battlefields didn’t quite impress Han Fei.

However, in the Undersea City, he was far away from the battlefield, while now he was watching these thrilling scenes close up!

Just as Han Fei expected, the Hidden Fisher was no match for the faceless man at all.
Although it seemed that the flames were everywhere, the Hidden Fisher was actually dying and drenched in blood.

Outside the killing array, many people turned around and ran, thinking to themselves, Damn it, nothing is more important than my life.
I’m here just because they paid me a lot of money.

Almost in a twinkle, thousands of fishing boats were swept away by the killing array.
If they hadn’t run, they would only end up being killed here.

A Hanging Fisher suddenly rushed into the killing array, shouting, “The killing array also requires spiritual energy.
The ghost ship can’t last that long.” Then he called out a big turtle that shrank its head into its shell, ramming at the ghost ship.

Hey, brat, stop him!

In Han Fei’s mind, the voice of the faceless man sounded.

Upon hearing it, Han Fei rushed forward and threw out the Sacrificing Punch.


The turtle shell was punched away into the sky, spinning in the air and flying away.

However, to Han Fei’s surprise, unlike other Hanging Fishers, this Hanging Fisher armorist completely blocked the Sacrificing Punch.

Han Fei quickly poured several mouthfuls of Candle Dragon Blood into his mouth, panting.
“I can’t kill him!”

As soon as he said so, an axe beam fell from the sky, splitting the big turtle in half, and the Hanging Fisher could no longer fly to the sky because his legs were cut off.

Accompanied by a shrill scream, dozens of dazzling beams swept up.

Luo Xiaobai clicked her fingers, and spiritual plants grew out of the legs of the Hanging Fisher.


Han Fei asked in surprise, “What kind of combat skill is this?”

“This is not a combat skill.
It is just a basic ability of manipulators.” Han Fei secretly rolled his eyes.
You call it a “basic ability”? Are you kidding me? Beep, Beep, Beep!

At this time, the seven dragon boats were already approaching, and Han Fei could even see the heads of the people on those dragon boats.
When Han Fei saw a spiritual energy shock wave smashing towards the ghost ship, he was stunned.

He was indeed shocked.
How did the ghost ship manage to win under the siege of five dragon boats? Against this terrifying shock wave?

Fortunately, the shock was cut into pieces by the beams after it fell into the killing array.
After being dispersed, the spiritual energy shock wave was still strong, but would not be able to destroy the ghost ship.

Fortunately, the dragon boats had cannons, so did the ghost ship.
And the latter’s cannon was more powerful.
The ghost ship also fired and the spiritual energy shock wave thus produced was dozens of times bigger than the former one.

“Damn, it’s so powerful?”

Han Fei didn’t even know when the spiritual energy shock wave was emitted… At this moment, he was trying to perceive.

As a result, he found that there was no artillery at all but only arrays.
The spiritual energy shock wave was emitted from a large array, which gathered spiritual energy first, converged it, and fired it out.

This was as simple as spirit gatherer sending spiritual energy into other’s bodies, except that spirit gatherers would do it in a gentle way, but this killing array did it quite violently.
Now the ghost ship was firing “cannons” against the other seven ships.

For the first time, Han Fei knew that the arrays had this function.
He was too damn ignorant.

Thinking of the Spirit Gathering Scripture that Old Jiang had left for him, he decided that he must master arrays when he went back this time.

Arrays were too powerful.
Imagine what he could do if in combat with someone.

Suddenly, he could set up a killing array, which would bombard his enemy savagely.
Who could stand it?!

Luo Xiaobai suddenly said, “Not good, the power of the killing array has begun to weaken.”

Han Fei took a look.
Yes, it was true.
Although most of the thousands of fishing boats that rushed in were obliterated, a small part of them survived.

In the sky, the Hidden Fisher yelled, “Faceless, your ghost ship has done a lot of evil.
This time you are doomed.”

The faceless man scolded, “Shut the f*ck up! How do you have the face to say this? Disgusting shameless bastards! You are literally the most shameless people in the world! Since you say I’m evil, let me show you how evil I can be.
Go to hell…”

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