even a little bit of the knife intent, the power will be different.”

Han Fei’s eyes flickered.
He didn’t think about it before because there were too many daggers and it was not a simple matter to blend knife intent into them.
But since Old Bai said that, he should give it a try.

Old Bai suddenly asked, “Han Fei, do you have any experience in deducing techniques?”

When Han Fei heard Old Bai’s question, his heart suddenly trembled.
Has Old Bai found out about his secret?

Han Fei chuckled.
“Well! Yes, but just a little bit.
When I am practicing these combat skills, I always feel a little uncomfortable, and then I will modify them a little!”

Old Bai was dumbfounded.
“Modify them? And then they became suitable for you?”

“Yes! President, you know what, I have this sixth sense, the sixth…”


Han Fei was slapped away again and Old Bai just said coldly, “I’ll give you a day to think about what I just said.
Come to me at this time tomorrow.”

Han Fei was thrown to the entrance of the cave by Old Bai.
He was speechless, so he was not even allowed to live in the treehouse?!

Han Fei simply sat in the cave.
He hadn’t noticed before, but it seemed that every combat skill of his was actually imperfect.
It was just that they were too high-leveled or too powerful, so he had an illusion that he had cultivated all combat skills to the extreme.

Han Fei wanted to deduce the Million Knife Art.
Among all his combat skills, only the Million Knife Art was still demon-level high-quality.

He didn’t upgrade it because this combat skill required too many weapons and was extremely demanding on his spiritual power.

Once it was deduced, it might demand better weapons and higher spiritual power and then Han Fei might not necessarily be able to meet its requirements.

“Forget it, let me wait for some time.” At this time, Han Fei began to think about the knife intent and knife emotion.

What is knife intent?

Old Bai said that knife intent and knife emotion are the same things.
Are they really the same? Intent, emotion… Umm, they do seem similar.

However, the Knife Sutra read that the way of the knife was the way of man.

In fact, this was the same case for all weapons.
It applied not only to knives, but also to swords.
The way of the sword is the way of man.
Different people had different experiences, so they had different ways.

A hundred people used a hundred knives, but the knife intent varied greatly.
If one could truly comprehend his own exclusive realm, then this was actually not a realm, but a way, commonly known as the way of the knife.

Han Fei sighed.
He had only a day.
What could he do in a single day?

After sitting for an hour, Han Fei didn’t figure out anything.
So he slipped out of the cave and ran into the library.

Le Renkuang was flipping through books, a whole pile of books.

Han Fei was shocked.
“Kuangkuang, can you finish reading so many books?”

“I don’t have to read them all! I just need to find the best ones.
The others are just for reference.
Anyway, they all have something in common.”

Han Fei’s heart shuddered.
“Wait a moment.
Let me read together with you.”

After a while, Han Fei found nearly 20 books about knife skills, sat beside Le Renkuang, and began to read them.

Le Renkuang asked with a dazed expression, “Are you going to read so many books? I also have some knife technique books here.
Do you want to have a look?”

“Go away! I’m reading a book.”

It only took an hour for Han Fei to flip through all the books.

He had discovered that everyone had a different concept of how to use a knife.
Some people thought that a knife was a killing tool.
It must be sharp and full of killing intent.

Some people said that a knife was an overbearing weapon.
If you wanted to win, you’d gotta risk your life.

Some people said that a knife was just a tool.
A knife in different states is different knives, which could be domineering, sharp, or gentle.

Bah, gentle? I use the knife to fight.
If a knife is gentle, how can I still fight with it?

Then Han Fei found a combat skill, which was written by a girl.
She said that the emotional knife was the most fatal.
When it was domineering, it was invincible; when it was sad, it was repressive; when it was cheerful, it was fearless.
Emotions were ever-changing, so was the knife intent.

Huh! This is interesting.

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