shed the branch in his hand and the grass man also did so and moved exactly the same as him.

Fortunately, he couldn’t simulate Han Fei’s power.
So, with only three slashes, the grass man was split into three pieces by Han Fei.

At this moment, in Ling Yuan’s armor box, the seven swords shot out, darting at Han Fei from all directions.

Han Fei put one hand behind his back and waved the branch with the other, still looking melancholy.
However, none of the seven swords could fall on Han Fei.
Han Fei frowned.
“That’s not right! My emotions are not passing on to the branch at all!”

Han Fei suddenly grinned and yelled, “Hey, Junior Brother and Junior Sister, use all your strength to attack me.
Otherwise, I won’t be merciful.”

Clang, Clang, Clang! Ling Yuan threw out two more slashes, and the hilts of the swords were connected, rotating like a wheel, darting straight towards Han Fei.

This was the most typical fighting style of tactics-type armorists.
Han Fei thrust the branch in his hand forward, which was shining with spiritual energy, and unstoppable knife intent instantly filled the branch.


The two swords flew across.
Ling Yuan was astonished.
Why was that simple stabbing so powerful?

“Seven swords in one.”


A powerful sword force stabbed at Han Fei, and at such a fast speed, the sword light suddenly emerged.
On the swords, there seemed to be lingering sword intent.
Han Fei screamed in excitement, “Great, take my blow!” The next moment, the seven swords exploded and Ling Yu was sent flying dozens of meters away, her eyes full of shock.

One hour later.

Ling Yuan lay on the ground.
“Stop, stop it, Senior Brother.”

Qu Jinnan sat on the ground.
“Senior Brother, why is your branch so powerful? It feels stronger than a magic-level weapon.”

Han Fei didn’t seem to hear what the two of them said.
Instead, he looked at the branch in his hands and murmured, “No, no, emotions don’t work.
I naturally blended my emotions in, domineering, indomitable, fierce, and confident… This is something that the two of them haven’t understood yet.
How could they resist this?”

Han Fei suddenly raised his head, tapped his fingers, and poured two spiritual energy threads into their bodies.

“Come on, now I’m gonna fight you with the strength of an intermediate great fishing master.”

At dinner.

Le Renkuang was preparing dinner, and Luo Xiaobai and Xia Xiaochan were helping beside him.

Then they saw Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan rushing to the kitchen like crazy and Qu Jinnan still shouting, “Senior Brother, it’s time for dinner.
Let’s have dinner first, OK?”

Ling Yuan followed, “Senior Brother, let’s take a break.
Don’t repeatedly use those movements!”

Han Fei chased the two of them.
“Don’t go! Now let me fight you with the strength of a junior great fishing master.
Trust me…” Xia Xiaochan wondered, “What happened to them? When did they get so intimate?”

Zhang Xuanyu shook his head.
“I don’t know! It seems that Han Fei made Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan carry stones.”

Le Renkuang was puzzled.
“Wasn’t Han Fei reading books with me in the library in the afternoon?”

The next day.

When Han Fei went to Old Bai, he was slapped away by Old Bai again.

“No, too disorganized.
You add too many things into your knife intent.
You have to understand what suits you best.
Think about how you feel when you fight with others.”

As a result, Qu Jinnan and Ling Yu became even more miserable.

The two were battered by Han Fei with a branch the whole day.

On the third day, when Han Fei went to Old Bai again, he laughed out loud.
“When I’m fighting people, I’ve only got one feeling– It feels so good…”

Then Han Fei was sent flying again.

Old Bai said, “Shut the f*ck up! Take it seriously.
Think of the road, what kind of road do you want to split with the knife in your hand?”

As a result, Han Fei caught up with Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan.

From time to time, weird sword light swept across, cutting out a path, and all the obstacles along the way were hit away by him.

Qu Jinnan almost burst into tears.
“Senior Brother, I am a manipulator! Not a soul warrior.
Can you ask Senior Brother Yu to fight you?”

Han Fei scoffed.
“Shut up.
I found that you don’t have many fighting methods.
You can’t go on like this.
Let me teach you.”

Ling Yuan begged, “Senior Brother, I found that you’ve already acquired the knife intent.
Although you have lowered your strength, you are still way stronger than us.
You’re bullying us.”

“Nonsense, the level-three fishery is very dangerous.
If you can’t even block this bit of knife intent, how can you go to the level-three fishery? Come, as long as you can take this attack… As you can see, I’m using a branch not a real knife…” Ling Yuan: “…”

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