Chapter 580 Almost Banned From the Game?

Zhang Xuanyu, Le Renkuang and the others came close and poured their Sea Swallowing Seashells all over the ground.

Le Renkuang said with his face shivering, “Had we known that it was so easy to make money in the arena, we wouldn’t have needed to sell accessories!”

Zhang Xuanyu cursed, “What do you know? You only have one chance to fight in the Wind Thunder Arena.
Did you not see the new rule that it released when we left? Selling the accessories is more profitable in the long run.
Besides, it’s true that we didn’t know we could make money in the arena…”

Xiao Zhan asked curiously, “How much money did you make? Why are there so many Sea Swallowing Seashells?” Zhang Xuanyu, however, replied, “Oh! I just split the money with the girls.
We made two hundred million in total, and I gave forty million to them.
Cutting the cost, we have a profit of one hundred and sixty million.”

Xiao Zhan’s eyes cramped.
Had those boys invested so much money? However, that many pearls wasn’t exactly a large number for Xiao Zhan.
In his opinion, if he made up his mind to make that much money… Well, it probably wouldn’t be too easy.
Xiao Zhan asked again, “Where is Xia Xiaochan?” Han Fei said with a smile, “She’s collecting money for me.”

“Huh? You cooperated with other people?”

Luo Xiaobai was the first to realize what was going in.
A loss of merely a hundred million probably wasn’t worth the Hidden Fisher of the Wind Thunder Arena taking action himself.
She wondered what Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan did.

Zhang Xuanyu, however, complained that they teamed up to make money when they claimed to be on a date.

Luo Xiaobai wasn’t interested in money.
She simply looked at the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, Little Gold, and the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile.

She couldn’t help but ask, “Is the octopus your third?”

As Luo Xiaobai asked the question, Le Renkuang and Zhang Xuanyu both looked at Han Fei.

Han Fei said, “Why don’t we talk about it after we’re home?” “Okay! Let’s wait until we’re back in the Blue Sea Town then.”

Xiao Zhan’s eyes flashed.
It was possible for someone to have a third contractual spiritual beast, but usually not for an advanced Dangling Fisher.
Han Fei would probably receive a lot of attention for his third contractual spiritual beast.

About an hour later, Xia Xiaochan returned, her clothes covered in dust.

She saw Han Fei and the others playing Fish Dragon Cards, each with a pile of Sea Swallowing Seashells next to them, the moment she came in.

Yes, they were not gambling with one or two mid-quality pearls as stakes anymore, but with Sea Swallowing Seashells that were full of mid-quality pearls.
Han Fei stated, “Three plus two, three blue turtles and two small white fish.”

Le Renkuang scoffed.
“Mine is bigger…”

Zhang Xuanyu chuckled.
“Mine is even bigger than yours…”


Seeing that, Xia Xiaochan instantly grumbled.
“Great! You’re gambling while I’m busy collecting money?”

Luo Xiaobai rose.
“Xiaochan, you can take my seat.”

Xia Xiaochan said angrily, “No, I won’t.
I’ve brought the money back.”

Han Fei asked, “How much is it?”

Hualala… A hill of Sea Swallowing Seashells were dropped to the ground.
Xiao Zhan’s eyelids were cramping as he saw it.
He wondered how much money that was.

Xia Xiaochan simply said, “It’s 1.8 billion in total.”


Xiao Zhan lost balance and his butt hit the floor.
Le Renkuang was completely dumbfounded, and Zhang Xuanyu dropped all the cards in his hand.

Han Fei took a deep breath.
“Did you give Jiang Tong money?”

Xia Xiaochan nodded.
“That guy was surprisingly capable.
He found a lot of people to bet for him and won plenty of money after the three games.
However, the guy won more than four hundred million by nothing but talking.
That was too easy for him, wasn’t it?”

Han Fei grinned and said, “Ha? I didn’t know that he was so capable.
But it doesn’t matter.
Talkers usually make money very easily.
Although he got four hundred million, I don’t think he could keep all of it in the end.
However, we’ve truly made a fortune.
We’re rich again with the two billion income.”


The girls from the Blue Sea Town suddenly rose and all went shopping in the Tree Core City in groups.
After only an hour, all the merchants in the Tree Core City began to smile in the happiest way when they saw the Blue Sea Town’s school uniform.

As for the boys from the Blue Sea Town, their head was drooping as they regretted not coming along with the girls!

At this moment, Xiang Zuozuo was showing off before Li Hanyi and the others.
“I won a million just from one bet.”

Zhong Yue looked away.
“Take your money away from me.
I don’t want to see it.” Lin Shengmu, “Stop talking.
I’d like a moment by myself.”

Gloomily, Li Hanyi snorted.
“One million is nothing.
It’s hardly enough to buy a high-quality spiritual weapon.”

Xiang Zuozuo looked greedy.
“But I made the money very easily! It took me no more than half an hour at most.”

Everyone: “…”

Jiang Tong had truly made a great fortune.
He had never ceased to smile since he left the arena, although he was deeply reluctant to give Xia Xiaochan the money.

Still, his own income was not small.
He had shared a lot of it with his superiors and associates and invested it in his businesses.
He spent sixty hundred million in total.

He couldn’t even have dreamed of having so much money earlier.

At first, he had thought to give a thousand mid-quality pearls to each helper, but since he had made too much money, he felt too embarrassed to give away so little money, so he offered more to them.

Jiang Tong would rather be robbed by Han Fei every day if he could make more than three hundred million after each robbery.

Of course, some people weren’t as happy as them.
The people from the Fiery Dragon Town were all grim.
Although the misunderstanding was cleared up in the end, their faces had still been heavily smacked by the Blue Sea Town.

However, what could they do about Han Fei who was so strong? They couldn’t beat him! Someone said, “Sir, we need to ask the president and the mayor to defend us!”

“Sir, you can’t possibly drop this.
Han Fei made money in our name, so we are entitled to a share of his income.”

Xue Nan scoffed.
“All of you, shut up and wait for the president and the mayor to come back.”

Luo Xiaobai and the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile were staring at each other.
Just now, the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile had used its petrifying ability to turn a wooden desk into stone, which made her rather curious.

Han Fei and the others were playing cards, with hills of Sea Swallowing Seashells before them.

The hill before Zhang Xuanyu was the highest of all, as he was truly unbelievably lucky.


While they were playing and bickering, someone kicked the door open.
Old Bai barged in furiously and yelled at them.
“I was just in a meeting.
You were causing trouble the moment I left? Did you wreck the Wind Thunder Arena? Is it true? Huh, wait, where did you get this little crocodile?”

As he talked, Old Bai snatched the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile, and the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile spewed out a destructive gale.

That was because the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile was panicked and awed by the newcomer.

“Huh? A legendary creature?”

Old Bai crumbled the destructive gale and grabbed the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile’s neck, before he observed it carefully.

“Hey! What’s your species? You’re rather strong…”


The whole tree house trembled because of the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile’s tail swinging.
However, Old Bai slapped back at it so painfully that it began to question the point of its existence.
Frightened, the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile used its petrifying ability, only to find that the ability did not work on this old man at all.

“How is it possible?”

Old Bai frowned.
“This little crocodile is rather ferocious.
It has a high spiritual power, soul power and physical strength.
You’re about to make a breakthrough, aren’t you?”

The Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile was astounded.
It had thought that it had been hiding well!

Old Bai slightly nodded.
“Not bad.
Not a bad quality at all.
You will have a force of millions of kilograms after the breakthrough, and you’ll be as strong as an advanced Hidden Fisher in terms of physical strength.
Where did you catch it?”

Xiao Zhan scoffed.
“Han Fei won it from the arena.”

Old Bai: “???”

A moment later, Old Bai simply cursed out aloud, “That explains a lot.
Here I wondered why so many people demanded that the Thug Academy be banned from the match.
Especially you, Han Fei… The mayor of the Thug Academy specifically asked to ban you from the match.”

Han Fei was astonished.

“Are you really surprised? You have to thank me for speaking for you and assuring them that you will not use secret techniques and contractual spiritual beasts.
They finally agreed that you could join the match.
Didn’t I ask you to keep a low profile? What do you think low profile means?”

Han Fei mumbled, “When did you ask us to keep a low profile? Also, a high profile is fine now that we’re rich, isn’t it?” Old Bai rolled his eyes.
“All you know is money.
What can all these mid-quality pearls do for you? You really think the exchange rate for mid-quality pearls is high in the Unknown Place?”

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