Chapter 582 I Still Have a Long Way to go

He Xiaoyu and the other distinguished grand fishing masters couldn’t stay in the central tree.
They could only live in the regular trees around.

In fact, those regular trees weren’t poorly decorated inside.
The only thing special about the central tree was that it highlighted the identity of the residents in it, who were all Dangling Fishers.

Those who lived on the top of the tree were the experts of the experts, such as Han Fei and his team.

At this moment, He Xiaoyu was sitting on the windowsill with her legs crossed and her hand holding her chin.

She recalled how magnificent Han Fei was during the battle.
The man had been growing so fast that she couldn’t catch up with him at all no matter how hard she tried.

Her heart was a complicated mess.

He Xiaoyu knew that Han Fei and his team would be leaving for the Unknown Place in half a year, and that she wasn’t even qualified to go to those places.

Not just the Unknown Place, she wasn’t even qualified to go to the level-three fishery.

Just a few months earlier, He Xiaoyu had applied to go to the level-three fishery, but her teacher declined her ruthlessly and forbade her from going there.

On the same day, Xiang Zuozuo and her crew returned in ragged clothes.

Later, Lin Shengmu, Zhong Yue, Su Yebai and the others came back too.

Zhong Yue was improved by two levels, and Xiang Zuozuo, one.
He Xiaoyu was jealous of their fast progress and asked others if she could go.
But everybody she asked simply told her to drop the idea.
She remembered how Xiang Zuozuo spoke to her gravely, “You must never go to the level-three fishery until you become a Dangling Fisher.
Even if you have become a Dangling Fisher, you must be extra careful there.
Your life is the only thing that matters there.
The other stuff, such as your Sea Swallowing Seashell and your boat, are just trivial…”

At that time, He Xiaoyu asked about Han Fei’s status in the level-three fishery.

Xiang Zuozuo didn’t want to tell her at first, but eventually, she confessed that Han Fei was hunted by countless people in the level-three fishery, and that she didn’t even dare to say that she knew Han Fei there.

Ever since then, He Xiaoyu had realized that the level-three fishery was even harder than she thought.

“He Xiaoyu, do you want any of this?” Suddenly, He Xiaoyu heard a familiar voice.

She lowered her head, only to see that Han Fei and his team were having fish balls.
Han Fei was holding a few skewers and looking up at


He Xiaoyu was briefly stunned.
“Ah! Okay… W-Wait a moment.”

He Xiaoyu quickly moved back into the room.
Han Fei had a bite of the fish ball and looked at Xia Xiaochan.
“You’re very generous.”

Xia Xiaochan rolled her eyes.
She wasn’t bothered at all!

Hearing Han Fei’s cry, Xia Wushuang, Xiang Nan and Wang Baiyu craned their heads too.

They were the only four who had come to this match.
Chen Qing and the other stars in the past had already lost their sharpness after such a long time due to their gifts and training progress.

Among them, He Xiaoyu wasn’t exactly a Heavenly Talent even with a Cardinal Fish.
However, He Xiaoyu had been training crazily since a few years earlier.
She also managed to become a hunter and distinguished herself.

Wang Baiyu, on the other hand, had been on the path of an armorist.
He had good talents because all the seniors in his family were armorists.
But he failed to walk further down on the path of a spirit gatherer.
The Heavenly Talent in the village in the past was no longer shining Xia Wushuang was quite talented in the first place, and it was understandable that he distinguished himself.
But it was an enigma how Xiang Nan rose.

He Xiaoyu quickly ran downstairs, and Xia Wushuang and the others followed.

Xia Wushuang was quite regretful to see Han Fei.
He opened his arms and mumbled, “It was really outrageous of you! Had I known that Octopus Weirdo was you, I would’ve bet all my belongings on you.”

Han Fei was briefly stunned.
“You were there


Xia Wushuang nodded.
“Of course.
We were scouting for good seats for tomorrow’s match, but you started fighting right after we arrived!” Wang Baiyu added, “We didn’t recognize you.” Xiang Nan glanced at Han Fei.
“I had no chance to recognize you after not seeing each other for a year.” Han Fei punched him.
“Aren’t you a naughty kid? Let’s go and have some barbecue!”

Xiang Nan said with a smile, “Let’s go! I can’t beat you in a fight, but you think I can’t defeat you in a barbecue contest?”

Han Fei paused for a moment.
“I’m sure you’re great when it comes to food…” Xiang Nan looked puzzled.”???” Why does that sound so weird to me?

On the trip here, Han Fei had already seen He Xiaoyu and the others, but he was the last to be taken into the teleportation array by Old Bai.
Then, he came straight to the Wind Thunder Town and Tree Core City, before he left for his own dormitory.
So, he never talked to them.

Now that he had some spare time, he wouldn’t refuse to reunite with his old friends.
He certainly couldn’t pretend that he didn’t know them now that he had gotten stronger.

They soon found a restaurant.

Le Renkuang promptly reserved a table with the boss and paid the fee for eight generously.
They all sat down around a tree stump.

Han Fei and Le Renkuang fluently took out a grill as well as all sorts of seasonings.
All the other customers in the restaurant were astounded.

Han Fei quickly brushed oil on the food.
“Don’t just watch! Roast them!”

He Xiaoyu accepted a skewer and looked at the weird meat on it.
“What is this meat?”

Han Fei said, “The Man-Eating Fish that I got from the level-three fishery.”


Xia Wushuang was shocked.
“Isn’t that food a little bit too hardcore? Man-Eating Fish?”

Zhang Xuanyu asked, “The Man-Eating Fish can only have other sea creatures when they can’t eat human beings.
But when did you catch them, Fei?”

Han Fei said, “I have more than thirty kinds of creatures in my Sea Swallowing Seashells.
I caught all of them by the way.”

Everyone: “…”

Xia Xiaochan took out a bunch of razor clams too.
“Can I cook them?”

Han Fei glanced at them.
“Cook them the same way as you do the regular clams with garlic.
They’ll taste great.”

Noticing that the others’ hands were still empty, Le Renkuang took out a pile of sea spiritual sunflower seeds.
“They’re more advanced than sea sunflower seeds.
I got them back in the seaweed wall.”

Luo Xiaobai muttered, “When did you?”

“When we were taking a break.”

Luo Xiaobai was even more unbelievable.
She simply took out a dozen spiritual fruits from her Sea Grassland and said, “Have a taste of the specialties from the Sea Grassland.”

He Xiaoyu and the others were shocked.
“What kind of trip did you take in the level-three fishery?” Xiang Nan looked at the plateful of spiritual fruits earnestly but gave it up.
“Forget it! Let’s have meat first.
I fear that I’ll have to start cultivating immediately after I have the spiritual fruit.”

Luo Xiaobai explained, “It’s fine.
These spiritual fruits are not entirely made of energy.
They’ll nurture your veins and bones after you take them.
It will be fine if you take one or two of them.”

Wang Baiyu’s eyes grew wide.
“Thank you very much then.”

“You’re welcome.”

While Han Fei and the others prepared the food passionately, the other customers in the restaurant were stunned.
Are you serious? Are you showing off here? Why would anyone put spiritual fruits on a plate for food?

When the food sizzled and the fragrance of garlic and pepper spread out, the customers began to swallow.

Someone asked, “Youngsters over there, what are you having? It smells very delicious!”

Le Renkuang looked at him.
“Feel free to smell it as much as you want.”

The man: “…”

After the dinner, everybody returned.

On the way, Xia Xiaochan suddenly said, “He Xiaoyu, you’re taking the wrong path as a hunter.”


Xia Xiaochan thought for a moment and gave her a jade slip.
“You’re still using the gait of a soul warrior when you walk, which will expose you when you’re on a solo hunt.
Also, the pace of your breath isn’t right.
You will be discovered by someone tough immediately when you’re in stealth mode.
I have some tips for you.”

He Xiaoyu blushed.
“Thank you.”

Han Fei kicked Le Renkuang.

Le Renkuang: “???”

Han Fei dropped a hint with his eyes.

Le Renkuang immediately realized what he meant.
“Ohhhh! Wang Baiyu… Brother Wang, come on.
I think you have some problems as an armorist…”

Zhang Xuanyu quickly caught the hint.
“Brother Xia, Brother Xiang, there’s something that we can discuss…”

Seeing Han Fei’s action, He Xiaoyu was stunned for a moment.

Han Fei smiled.
“That’s nothing.
We help each other so that we can all make progress.”

A moment later… After their discussions, it was time for bed.

When He Xiaoyu came back to their trees, Xiang Nan suddenly said, “Han Fei, wait a moment.
Let’s have a word.”

Han Fei said to Xia Xiaochan and the others, “You can go back first.
I’ll join you later.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded.

Xia Xiaochan added, “Be back soon.”

“Got it!”

A moment later…

Han Fei and Xiang Nan walked several hundred meters away, shoulder to shoulder.

Xiang Nan frowned.
“Han Fei, what’s the meaning of this? You didn’t just drop by, did you? Were you here with them specifically to teach us?”

Han Fei smiled casually.
“You know that we can’t return from the Unknown Place anytime soon.
We’re all from the Heavenly Water Village.
This is the least I can do for you without ruining your foundation by forcing you to run before you can walk.”

Xiang Nan heaved a sigh.
“Do you know that Xiang Nan has been working hard since you made a name for yourself in the beginning?” Han Fei smiled and said, “I do.”

“No, you don’t! All her current achievements were because of you.”

Han Fei’s lips curled upward.
“Then let her drop the idea.
It’s nice to be a grand fishing master, or a Dangling Fisher, but don’t be too excellent.”

Xiang Nan said angrily, “She won’t be equal to you unless she becomes excellent!”

Staring at Xiang Nan in the eyes, Han Fei said solemnly, “She should be excellent, but not too excellent, which usually means death.
I don’t want her or any of you to die.”

Xiang Nan glared at him.
“Has it occurred to you that you might die too?”

Han Fei roared in a low voice, “I killed thousands of people directly and indirectly in the level-three fishery.
I can survive.”

Xiang Nan shivered, and so did He Xiaoyu on the other side of the three.
He Xiaoyu even subconsciously shed tears when she heard that.

Han Fei naturally knew that she was there.
He was exactly saying that to her.

He patted Xiang Nan’s shoulder.
“Live a good life… And take care of her.”

Xiang Nan was silent for a long time.
“What about you?” Han Fei thought for a moment and turned around.

Han Fei thought of the deal in the Undersea City, Sun Mu, Tang Ge, Old Jiang, and his father who allegedly had died out there a long time earlier…

“I still have a long, long way to go…” Han Fei left.

Xiang Nan stood for a long time and then walked away.
But then he saw He Xiaoyu wipe her tears after only several steps.

Xiang Nan opened his mouth.
“You… Did you hear that?”

He Xiaoyu turned back.
“He thinks that he’s the only one who’s capable? I… I’ll go back and continue my training.”

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