Chapter 635: Going On the Wrong Path Since Day One

After Cao Qiu’s repeated swearing, Han Fei was finally convinced that even the major families of the Thousand Star City couldn’t do whatever they wanted in the Unknown Place.

Han Fei wasn’t sure about that back in the level-three fishery, or he would have annihilated all of them back in the Steps into the Sea.

Thinking about that, Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “How strong are they now?”

Cao Qiu glanced at Han Fei.
“You have to work harder.
In no more than one month after they returned to the Thousand Star City, they mostly became Hanging Fishers.
My brother even became an intermediate Hanging Fisher even though he was holding himself back.”

Han Fei was lost for words.
“Wait a moment.
Isn’t Cao Tian a body temperer? How did he level up so fast?”

Cao Qiu glanced at Han Fei.
“Body temperers can level up fast too! My family is wealthy and has all kinds of materials for training.
It would be more bizarre if his breakthroughs weren’t fast.”

Han Fei was quite gloomy. No, I have to make a breakthrough one of these days.
If I don’t, my opponents from my past will become advanced and even peak-level Hanging Fishers, and I’ll be crushed by them sooner or later even if I’m invincible in my level.

Cao Qiu prodded Han Fei with his elbow.
“Hey! What do we do? This is the first time I’ve been a leader.
I’m slightly anxious.”

Han Fei said angrily, “Hah! You need to lead them on reconnaissance missions into the sea and fight ahead of everybody.
Are you sure you can do that?”


Cao Qiu’s face was instantly stiffened.
He asked in shock, “I’m the deputy commander of the Eighth Battalion.
Do I have to go scouting myself?”

Han Fei sneered.
“How else do you think you can win their support? Even if you have the poison king, you have to show its power to everybody first.”

Cao Qiu instantly became frustrated.
“I can’t! I used half of my poison king when I got too excited.
I only have about twenty catties left as well as some poisonous smoke.
It will be used up in a couple of days!”

Han Fei poked Cao Qiu and said, “So, our first step should be to make money.”

Cao Qiu was stunned.
“Why? I have plenty of money.
I took fifty million high-quality pearls with me when I left home.
If my sister hadn’t forbidden me, I would’ve taken several billion.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei didn’t know what to say.
After all the trouble he went through, including the dragon boat robberies and the casino operations, he only earned fifteen million high-quality pearls.
After giving a million to each of his old teammates, he only had ten million left.

That was just a tiny proportion compared to the allowance of a major family.

Han Fei licked his lips.
“I wish I could rob a major family someday.”

“What did you say?”

Han Fei was back to himself.
“Oh, I mean you’re too stupid not to use your money.
At this moment, you should buy anti-poison fruits and then thousands of kinds of poisons.
Then, you can create a poison god and awe everybody.”

Cao Qiu thought for a moment.
“That makes sense, so should we go shopping tomorrow?”

Han Fei shook his head.
“You can go shopping first, but the best anti-poison fruits cannot be purchased with money.
I’ve already checked it out.
There are the best anti-poison fruits in the Logistics Division.
But they’re too expensive.
Do you know how much each of them costs?”

Cao Qiu asked innocently, “How much?”

Han Fei extended eight fingers.
“I’ve already checked it out.
The best anti-poison fruit is worth eight hundred million points, and high-quality pearls aren’t a currency in the Logistics Division.
How many points do you have?”

Stunned, Cao Qiu looked at his badge.
I got them just now.”

Han Fei quickly checked his own badge, only to see 176,542 points on it, 50,000 more than he had in the morning.

Han Fei was rendered speechless.
“Why are your points so even?”

Cao Qiu shrugged.
“I’ve never fought before! So I don’t have any point income.”

Han Fei only wanted to cover his head. Yang Dao, why did you send such a worthless fighter to be another deputy commander? Wouldn’t it have been great if I were the commander alone?

Han Fei heaved a sigh.
“Forget it.
You can buy anti-poison fruits and poisons tomorrow! It will be great if you can develop a batch of poison god.
Then, I’ll take you, and you’ll take the poison king.
Let’s beat the s*it out of those sea demons.”

Cao Qiu was amused.
“I’m okay with that… However, what will you do tomorrow? Didn’t we say that we were going to discuss a plan for the next six months?”

Han Fei chuckled.
“What plan? We can only wing it tomorrow morning.
You can’t lead squads, and I can’t lead all of them on my own.
What can I do? I can only refine ultra-quality spiritual weapons for them to improve their abilities in fighting and survival, right?”

Cao Qiu seemed impressed.
“I just overheard that you’re making ultra-quality spiritual weapons for them and you accept installments.
That will be a huge encouragement.”

Han Fei snorted and said to himself, You haven’t the faintest idea how profitable the business is!

On the second day, everybody was gathered, even though they were all deeply suspicious about whether or not Han Fei and Cao Qiu could be good leaders.

However, Han Fei and Cao Qiu had been named deputy commanders, and both of them had four stars.
Their status was higher than regular soldiers, so their instructions must be obeyed.

At this moment, Han Fei stood before everybody solemnly.
“Last night, Deputy Commander Cao and I thought hard for the whole night.
We devised dozens of plans and then disapproved them…”

Cao Qiu tilted his head and looked at Han Fei. Did we? Didn’t we go to have hotpot after only a brief chit chat?

Han Fei said solemnly, “After much deliberation, we realized that no plans could ever include all possible variables.
So, I want to ask you a few questions.
Please answer them promptly.”

“Can any of you tell me why you are at the Skeleton Shore? What’s the purpose of your duty here?”

Han Fei looked around and said, “You Lingyun, you’ll take this one.”

You Lingyun stood straight and replied, “We’re at the Skeleton Shore because we were sent here.
Our duty here is to defend against the sea demons.”

Han Fei instantly remarked with heartfelt anger, “Wrong! You Lingyun’s answer is a typical wrong answer.
That’s the opposite of the correct answer.
Remember that.”

You Lingyun was lost for words.
How could it be the opposite of the correct answer? She couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

Han Fei said, “Let me ask you again, why are you on the Scattered Stars Island?”

You Lingyun replied without thinking, “I was sent here when I grew strong enough.”

Han Fei looked at the others.
“Is your answer the same?”

“That’s right!”

“Weren’t we all sent here by someone else?”

“There’s nothing wrong with that answer!”

Everybody was confused, wondering if anything that You Lingyun said was incorrect.

Han Fei said regretfully, “Where are your brains? Who has the power to send you anywhere? Your life belongs to you.
Why do you let anyone else take control of it?”


Everybody was shocked to hear that.

Someone said, “But we’re working on the Scattered Stars Island to protect the safety of the 36 towns and the billions of people in the Thousand Star City!”

Han Fei sneered.
“Can you really protect their safety? You’re just blindly following orders.
You’ve already forgotten the purpose of cultivation.
You’re cultivating to become top experts and to live an eternal life! You weren’t born to be soldiers; you can pursue the path of a cultivator too.
Can ordinary people come to the Scattered Stars Island? You’re all great talents, and so many people are proud of you.
Why have you lost all your ambitions?”

You Lingyun interrupted, “Who says that we have? We’re slaying these enemies to win points as well as to grow up.
This is another trial for us.”

Someone said, “That’s right! We’ve been growing strong the whole time!”

Someone laughed.
“Captain Han, we used to be front line soldiers in the past, and we became senior scouts for our distinguished performance.”

Han Fei sneered.
“You think this is fast and distinguished?”

Immediately, Han Fei extended his hand and stabbed thirty Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers into the ground.

He extended his hand again and hung the Blood-Drinking Knife on his waist.
He held the Water Dividing Seal in his left hand, the brick in his right hand, and put on an ultra-quality battle suit.

Han Fei pointed at the glamorous equipment on him.
“You call that distinguished? This is what ‘distinguished’ should look like.”

After that, Han Fei glanced at Cao Qiu and dropped a hint at him.

Immediately, Cao Qiu picked up the hint and put on an ultra-quality battle armor that even covered up his head.
Then, he stabbed a shield to the ground and held an ultra-quality saber that emitted a green glow.

“Look, this is what ‘distinguished’ means.”

Instantly, everybody of the Eighth Battalion was dazzled by all the ultra quality spiritual equipment.

Cao Qiu was astounded.
He didn’t know that Han Fei’s equipment was almost as good as his.

Han Fei was shocked too.
This man was no longer wearing a battle suit but battle armor?

Someone said, “Commander Han, you’re just being pretentious.
How can ordinary people like us get so many spiritual weapons with sealed souls?”

Someone smiled bitterly.
“Commander Han, you’re just showing off.”

Han Fei sneered again.
“You think my family gave me my equipment? I was born and raised in a poor village.
You think my family can afford my equipment?”

Someone wasn’t convinced.
“Didn’t you say you have seniors?”

“True, I have seniors, but why would a senior help you for free?”

Han Fei collected the ultra-quality spiritual weapons and said, “Let me tell you, when I had low-quality spiritual weapons, I would try to get mid-quality spiritual weapons, and when I had mid-quality ones, I tried to get high-quality ones.
When I had high-quality ones, I would fight for ultra-quality ones.
Now, I’m seeking divine weapons…”

“How did I get such weapons? By exploring treasure troves, killing enemies, and robbing… Well… I mean robbing my enemies.”

Han Fei said solemnly, “I’ve earned all my equipment by myself.
You have a three-star refiner right here.
Don’t you think you should each get an ultra-quality spiritual weapon? After you have the first ultra-quality spiritual weapon, you should try to get a second.
When you have weapons, you should get clothes, shoes, helmets, etc.
You can get anything as long as you make sure that you’re alive.
How do you make sure you’re alive? By getting even more ultra-quality equipment to protect you, right?”

At first, what Han Fei said sounded fair and reasonable.

But 15 minutes later, everybody of the Eighth Battalion was waiting in a line before him.

Han Fei was writing in a notebook.
“Well, Liu Yang from the 7th squad orders one ultra-quality green dagger.”

“Zhang Yang from the 9th squad orders an ultra-quality turtle shield.”

“Xu Ying from the 10th squad orders an ultra-quality battle suit.”

Cao Qiu had already been dumbfounded.

Wasn’t Han Fei giving a provocative speech just now? Why was everybody placing orders on credit all of a sudden?

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