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A soul warrior was a battle-oriented profession.
Compared to the other four major professions, a soul warrior had the strongest combat power.
Countless people scrambled to become a soul warrior because they usually had the best weapons and most skills.

A manipulator, which was difficult to become, who owned spiritual plants instead of ordinary spiritual beasts.
They could control spiritual plants and even mimic creatures with spiritual energy, with which they acquire combat power.

A hunter, with strong mental power and explosive power.
It was also difficult to be a hunter.
They were kings of assassination and usually only practiced the strongest and most deadly combat skills.
Hunters’ enemies could hardly survive the first round of a fight with them.

Being an armorist required lots of equipment.
They needed a variety of weapons for both attacking and defending.
If they were in a team, they would be responsible for the equipment supply.
Most importantly, armorists were physically the strongest, best in defense, and usually the richest in the five major professions.
Each armorist was a master of physical training.


When Han Fei read this part, he took a deep breath.
Are these the five major professions? Each of them look awesome!

Han Fei remembered the armorist of the Wang Family and Wang Baiyu, who he met during the Fishing Trial.
They both had a box with them.
Was that box used for containing weapons? Yes, when he fought him that day, he saw two cold flashes as two swords came out.
In the Heavenly Water Village where everyone used sticks, if you used a sword, it showed that you were very different and very strong.

It was a pity that what was written on Fang Ze’s jade slip was merely a general introduction that didn’t analyze the pros and cons of each profession specifically, nor did it make clear which profession was the best.
Perhaps it was because it was hard to choose the best one.

Han Fei continued to read and the following was about the cultivation methods of a spirit gatherer.

If you wanted to become a spirit gatherer, you must have a high degree of control over spiritual energy.
You must be able to freely mobilize and use spiritual energy in your own body; only then can you mobilize spiritual energy outside.

Of course, this didn’t mean that a spirit gatherer could endlessly absorb spiritual energy from the world.
If the spiritual energy in the world was all yours, you could even become a sea god! A spirit gatherer must pay a price every time he practiced Spirit Concentration Art.
It required the spirit gatherer’s physical energy and mental energy and would consume his spiritual energy.
Of course, as a spirit gatherer could absorb spiritual energy from the world, no one would take their consumed spiritual energy seriously.

That was to say, a spirit gatherer was not omnipotent as they had their limits.
If the overall consumption was too large, they had to rest.
And at this time, they were most vulnerable and could be easily killed by others.

Of course, what a spirit gatherer was capable of was not only Spirit Concentration Art, but also many other skills, such as gathering cloud rain, summoning gusts of wind, and some powerful spirit gatherers could even summon thunderbolts from the Ninth Heaven.
However, Han Fei, a weak newbie who hadn’t yet started, didn’t have much to worry about.
For now, he could only learn the simplest spirit gathering skills.

Following the instructions on the jade slip, everyone could feel the spiritual points in their own bodies which could be controlled.
And the first thing Han Fei was going to do was split these spiritual points and prevent them from jumbling together in his body, which could also improve the efficiency of spiritual energy used.

Reading the jade slip, Han Fei began to practice.

Spiritual energy balls were not difficult to find.
They gathered in his Dantian but in Han Fei’s eyes, they were intertwined.
He tried to mobilize them but as soon as he tried, dozens of spiritual points danced simultaneously, so he pulled these dozens of spiritual points all over his body with his thoughts.

To the old man, in Han Fei’s body, a cloud of gas ran from his forehead to his chest; then to his arms and finally ending in the legs.

“Are you an idiot? Can’t you just make them stop and carefully pull one point out? The rest of the spiritual energy will go back by itself.”

Although Han Fei had closed his eyes, he could still hear.
Hearing the old man’s words, he was amazed. What? The spiritual energy can go back by itself?

So Han Fei quickly made the spiritual energy stop.
Sure enough, as soon as it stopped, they tried to run back.
At this time, Han Fei fixed onto one spiritual point and the spiritual energy ball immediately shrank in half.
Then Han Fei carefully repeated this process over and over again.
As sweat trickled down his forehead, he finally managed to separate a spiritual energy ball containing four or five spiritual points.

In the end, however, maybe the traction force wasn’t enough.
As soon as he wasn’t concentrated enough, the four or five spiritual points started running back and Han Fei’s mind quickly chased behind them.

As a result, when his mind finally caught up to them, they were already in his Dantian and the four or five spiritual points formed a mass like raindrops falling into the sea.

Little did he know, the old man was watching him while drinking outside, nodding from time to time.


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