The guy who was almost killed by Han Fei gritted his teeth and had no choice but to obey the order.
Otherwise, he felt that Han Fei might really kill him.

From that arrow, he could tell that Han Fei was very strong.
An arrow of spiritual energy forced him to explode his weapon.
Who knew what else Han Fei could do?

When Han Fei had stabilized the situation, Luo Xiaobai immediately directed the crowd to gather up and ordered, “Armorists, release a torrent of weapons.
And all spirit gatherers, perform healing techniques.
Once will be enough.
In addition, the soul warriors who have learned bow skills stand behind the armorists…”

Immediately, 37 soul warriors came forward.
Now that they chose to be soul warriors, they were certainly not cowards.

These soul warriors all drew their bows and shot their arrows into the distance.

Among the less than 300 soul warriors, 37 of them had learned bow skills, although over 40 soul warriors had been killed in the battle.

At this moment, someone asked Luo Xiaobai, “Why doesn’t the guy next to you come?”

Someone looked at Han Fei as if warning him not to treat others like cannon fodder.

“If you are going to set a trap ahead with me, you don’t have to go to the front.” Han Fei sneered.

“Are you going to do it alone?”

Many people were dumbfounded.
Is he out of his mind? There are at least more than 500 sea monsters over there.
And he’s going to set a trap alone?!

“Xiaobai, I’ll leave this to you.
They are moving.
Come on… Zhang Xuanyu, follow me.” Han Fei suddenly frowned.

Zhang Xuanyu looked dazed.
He didn’t expect Han Fei to pick him.

But then he grinned.
Sure enough, Han Fei was his buddy.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have chosen to die with him.

Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu left the team with a swoosh and rushed forward at their fastest speed.

“The other party has already taken action.” Luo Xiaobai frowned.
“All hunters, listen, I mean all… All hunters.
Stay invisible and hide in the sky.
No matter what happens below, don’t do anything.
Just target the six Half-Mermaids and make sure to kill them as soon as possible.”

“Manipulators…” she went on.

In front, Zhang Xuanyu said, “Feifei, what are we going to do? Are we going to kill all 500 sea monsters? Although this is brave, I don’t think we can survive!”

“Are you an idiot? I don’t want to die, OK? Stop 1,000 meters ahead.”

Han Fei immediately threw out dozens of catties of Poison God and then said to Zhang Xuanyu, “Come on, use the Nine-Layered Waves in the Furious Sea.
Spread the poison as far as possible.”



Zhang Xuanyu’s face turned green.
Of course, he knew what poison this was.
Wasn’t this the extremely terrifying Poison King? He didn’t know that Poison King had been upgraded to Poison God.
Han Fei certainly wouldn’t tell him now.
“The other party will arrive at most in three minutes.
Be quick!” Han Fei said.

Zhang Xuanyu yelled and threw out a strike at the water with his rod.
The water rippled… One layer… Two layers… Three layers… When the water began to ripple, Zhang Xuanyu and Han Fei had turned around and ran back because they had already felt the vibration of the water.

Zhang Xuanyu said as he ran, “It’s really f*cking exciting this time.
This is a trial, right? This is definitely a trial…”

“If this is only a trial, why were so many people killed? They can’t die in vain.
There must be a reason.”

“No matter what that reason it is, I just want to quickly become a six-star killer when I go back.
Then I can regain my freedom and go to sea freely,” Zhang Xuanyu said.

Han Fei squinted.
“For some reason, I have a feeling that we are not ordinary soldiers on the island.”



His face suddenly changed.
“Run! Damn it, they are speeding up.” “What?!” Zhang Xuanyu didn’t know what to say.

After a few minutes, Han Fei saw the thousands of meters of sea area covered with vines.
“Can the vines stop them?” Zhang Xuanyu asked.

“Of course not.
But better than nothing.
These sea monsters are all poisonous now!”

On Luo Xiaobai’s side.

Lu Wuwei from the Death Door Sect led four other disciples to guard in front.
However, they didn’t look horrified.
Although their Three Death Doors couldn’t block so many sea monsters, it could buy some time at least.

Behind them, Chu Xun from the Grand Void Academy and Sun Mu were the second echelon.
Both of them were good at large-scale attacks.
Chu Xun’s Six Styles of Grand Void was very powerful.

Needless to say, Sun Mu’s Deity Slaying Array was even more powerful.
BAM! BAM! When Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu suddenly showed up, everyone was shocked.
Luo Xiaobai immediately shouted, “Go to the back, Zhang Xuanyu! Han Fei, join the second echelon.
Use your Million Knife Art.”

Han Fei landed next to Sun Mu and glanced at him coldly.
“I really hope you are killed.”

Sun Mu snorted.
“I’m not going to give up on the Sea Token.”

“Haha! It just so happens that I am also going to kill you.”

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