were shocked by the arrow Han Fei shot just now, they had no idea he was so strong!

Mu Jia’er’s eyes widened and she exclaimed, “Can he control 99 knives at the same time?”

Guan Qingyan’s eyelids twitched.
“What strong spiritual power! He is an extraordinary spirit gatherer indeed.”

It was not just the people in the Heaven-Human Strait who were surprised.

On the sea, some people exclaimed, “When did this kid seal spirits for his weapons? 99 knives, even more than Guan Qingyan and Mu Jia’er?”

Someone was stunned.
“Is he using the Million Knife Art? That combat skill requires extremely high spiritual power and as many weapons as possible.
Does he have enough spiritual power to control so many weapons at the same time?”

Someone pondered for a while and couldn’t help but curiously say, “As we know, the one who has practiced the Million Knife Art best can control more than 1,000 knives at the same time, right?”

“Yes, 1200, to be precise… That person equals an entire army.” Someone nodded.

The disciples of the Death Door Sect did buy some time for the people.
Although it was only two seconds, when the crazily sprinting army was blocked by the Death Doors, their speed advantage was almost gone.
It was like a rushing cavalry being tripped over by horse-straps and thus losing the advantage of speed.

Han Fei immediately rushed up.

However, Han Fei didn’t use secret methods, so after the armies of the two sides met, the advantage the 99 Wandering Dragon Daggers brought him was gone.

Like a wandering dragon followed by countless shining beams of knife light, Han Fei flew into the army of sea monsters and swept through the enemies.

As soon as the two sides met, more than 30 were killed or injured.

As Luo Xiaobai issued the order, all the armorists moved and a flood of weapons poured out.


As if two turbid currents converged, violent scuffles broke out between the two parties.

Blood, like a gorgeous flower, bloomed in the deep sea.

All kinds of fancy combat skills were activated and the spirit gatherers didn’t even have enough time to replenish the people with spiritual energy.

The six Half-Mermaid were instantly attacked by the over 40 hiding hunters as soon as they showed up.
In just one round of assassination, five were killed and the remaining one was badly injured.


Suddenly, the remaining Half-Mermaid blew itself up.
The horrifying power directly killed the two hunters around it.

The other three hunters around escaped in time but were still seriously injured.

BAM! BAM! BAM! As the half-mermaid blew itself up, the Inferior Man-Fish began to blow up too.

Luo Xiaobai’s face changed drastically.
“Manipulators, take spirit gatherers away from the battlefield.
Activate all the secret methods you’ve got.
Don’t make useless sacrifices!” she shouted.

However, it was too late.

Just because of this mistake, nearly 30 people died in the sea monsters’ self-detonation.

Han Fei immediately activated the Majestic Mystic Spell, which doubled the lethality of his attacks.
However, he still hadn’t used his full strength.

In Sun Mu’s Deity Slaying Array, a large number of Inferior Man-Fish were beheaded after the red light swept over.

As for Chu Xun, he had already been seriously injured and dragged away from the battlefield by a manipulator.

The ones with the least damage were the manipulators, armorists, and hunters.
Soul warriors and spirit gatherers had suffered heavy casualties.

The entire battlefield had been wrapped up by spiritual plants, and all the manipulators had tried their best.
They were the people in control of the overall situation.
Since the first sea monster blew itself up, many people realized that they made a big mistake.

Luo Xiaobai, pale-faced, summoned a huge amount of Fantasy God Grass, intending to control their minds to prevent the mermaids from blowing themselves up.

It did work, but Luo Xiaobai’s power alone was limited, and she couldn’t control such a big battlefield.

Fortunately, the people selected this time were not ordinary people.
Therefore, after the continuous self-detonation sounds, those who should leave the battlefield were already leaving the battlefield.

At the moment, more than a dozen Inferior Man-Fish rushed to Han Fei, trying to blow him up.

However, they had no idea how strong Han Fei’s physique was.
Therefore, many of them had blown themselves up, but Han Fei was still alive and attacking.

Seeing this, seven or eight Red Demons aimed at Han Fei and launched a suicide charge.
Not only Han Fei, but Luo Xiaobai, Sun Mu, Guan Qingyan, and several others also became the Red Demons’ targets.

In the eyes of these sea monsters, these people were the strongest ones on the humans’ side.
They should kill these people as soon as possible.

However, such people were the least likely to be killed.

Even Chu Xun, who had been seriously injured, still managed to fight to a tie with three Red Demons.

At this time, Han Fei suddenly shouted, “Leave the battlefield, all of you, leave the battlefield.
Something is happening on the cliff.
Find a safer place to stay.”

Upon hearing his words, many people were shocked.
The next second, they perceived a dense mass of insects emerging from the cliffs on both sides of the Heaven-Human Strait.
Centipedes, scorpions, Mess Swallowing Worms, polypods, Scare Shrimps…

And these bugs had caught many creatures, including humans and sea monsters.

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