Chapter 668 Why Am I So Perfect?

Han Fei directly grabbed Xia Xiaochan and threw her to Luo Xiaobai.
“Keep an eye on


“Han Fei!” Xia Xiaochan shouted in anger.

Han Fei turned around and grinned.
“It’s alright.
It’s just four Half-Mermaids.
Don’t worry.”

The crowd was speechless.
Just four half-mermaids? Which of them looked easy to deal with?

Zheng Chaojie looked at Han Fei.
“Don’t mess around.”

However, he didn’t stop Han Fei, which surprised many people.
This time, he didn’t want to expose all the best talents, so he was a bit conservative when picking the contestants.

He knew something other people didn’t know, so he knew that Xia Xiaochan was actually very strong

But he didn’t expect Han Fei to be so protective of Xia Xiaochan.

Han Fei sneered.
“You have my word, I’ll crush them.”

Among the crowd, Mu Jia’er covered her mouth and exclaimed, “This liar must be crazy! He is gonna fight four alone?”

The corner of Guan Qingyan’s mouth twitched.
He analyzed rationally, “Only when Xia Xiaochan stays on the field will he have a chance of winning!”

Chu Xun, still seriously injured, said, “Can this guy really handle it?”

Lu Wuwei responded, “Damn, this guy is not an ordinary person.
There must be a reason for him to do so.”

Gong Yuehan had a mixture of feelings.
In fact, after she came to the Scattered Stars Island, her performance was not that good.
But just now in the Heaven-Human Strait, she led a team of people and performed quite well.

However, Han Fei performed best in the level-three fishery, and in the Heaven-Human Strait, Luo Xiaobai was the most outstanding one.
Therefore, no one found out how excellent she was.

Now after seeing how strong these Half-Mermaids were, Han Fei still dared to fight four of them alone? She didn’t know whether he would win or not, but she did know she didn’t dare do it.

Han Fei thought for a while, and instead of using the Million Knife Art, he summoned the Blood-Drinking Knife and hung it around his waist.

On the field, Han Fei asked with a smile, “Who’s first?”

Han Fei was looking at the petite female Half-Mermaid.

At first, he thought that the male mermaid who was just defeated was the strongest.
But now, reminded by Sun Mu, Han Fei discovered that the petite one might be the strongest instead.

Therefore, he tried to provoke the female Half-Mermaid, intending to solve her first.

Then the following battles would be much easier.

Unfortunately, the female Half-Mermaid just glanced at Han Fei and didn’t make a move.

What came out was another male Half-Mermaid.
Seeing him not holding a golden harpoon, Han Fei was relieved.

Han Fei smiled and said, “Nice, if you all used golden harpoons, I would just admit defeat.
It’s a pity your harpoon is not golden.”

The Half-Mermaid glanced at Han Fei.
“I can still kill you.”

The Half-Mermaid held its harpoon high.
In the sky, a beam of sunshine shot down and set this mermaid on fire.
Even its hair was burning.
Han Fei’s eyes lit up.
“Wow! Did you just bring the heavenly fire into your body? How did you do that? Can you teach me that?”

“Teach you? Sure!”

As soon as the Half-Mermaid said so, another beam of sunshine shot down, but this time, it didn’t fall on the mermaid, but on Han Fei.

No matter how fast Han Fei was, he couldn’t be faster than the sun.

So, in an instant, a blazing flame ignited on his body.
His battle suit turned crimson and he looked as if he just walked out of flames.

Han Fei’s first thought was to enter the water.
But the next second, he let out a sigh of relief.
These were just flames with a relatively high temperature.
He had been baptized by Ren Tianfei’s magma in the Abyssal Chasm, so he didn’t take such flames seriously at all.

Behind him, only Mu Jia’er yelled stupidly, “Liar, come on, hide in the water.”

However, Han Fei stretched out lazily and said, “Umm! Nice, quite warm.
Is this all you’ve got? Now it’s my turn!”

The Half-Mermaid’s face changed slightly, and even the petite Half-Mermaid wrinkled its nose.
This guy is too arrogant.

“Fiery Dragon Array.”

A large array of flames appeared under Han Fei’s feet.
With the soaring flames burning, Han Fei was bathed in the seemingly boundless flames.

Le Renkuang shouted out loud, “Hey, come on, beat it! I can’t wait anymore.”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “Feifei, I know you look very cool, but we really can’t wait to see you knock these fish out!”

In the flames, a voice came out.
“Really? OK, let me get started!”

As soon as he said so, the Half-Mermaid’s harpoon was suddenly ablaze with crimson light and murderous aura.
The red light burst out like a sunset and dyed the sea red.

The harpoon turned red all over, rolling up magma-like liquid.

However, before the Half-Mermaid got fully prepared, a blade light suddenly appeared half a meter away from it.


This Half-Mermaid was startled by the sudden appearance of the knife light.

Its first reaction was to block it with a harpoon.
As long as he blocked this blow, it was time for him to counterattack.

However, when the knife light touched its harpoon, he was suddenly seized by an unexplainable fear as if a huge mouth in the

completely helpless.


The harpoon broke.

A line of blood appeared on the Half-Mermaid’s head, extending to its thigh.

The fire-playing Half-Mermaid died.

“He’s so f*cking strong!”

Many people were shocked and someone murmured, “He killed that half-mermaid with a single blow!”

Someone swallowed.
“Oh my sea god, we should have let him fight first.”

Mu Jia’er jumped up in surprise.
“Wow! Is the liar so strong?”

Guan Qingyan’s eyes flickered.
“I knew he was strong, but I didn’t expect that he would be this strong.” Gong Yuehan let out a sigh of relief.
“This guy, seriously, always makes people nervous.”

Behind Zheng Chaojie, someone exclaimed, “Has this kid mastered the Air Breaking Strike? How is it possible? He is just a junior Hanging Fisher!”

“That’s the Air Breaking Strike indeed, but have you noticed it? There is an inexplicable ‘intent’ in Han Fei’s blow.” Someone said, “It’s not like a knife intent…” “Yes, knife intent is very special.
However, a blow from this kid doesn’t have anything special!”

Zheng Chaojie slowly said, “If I’m not mistaken, this is… The Art of Invincibility!”

“Art of Invincibility?”.
The Hidden Fishers all stared wide-eyed.
“What? Old Zheng, are you sure?”.
“Old Zheng, have you ever seen anyone using the Art of Invincibility?”

“Is the Art of Invincibility like this?”

Zheng Chaojie frowned.
“I can’t be sure.
However, even if this is not the Art of Invincibility, it’s very similar to the Art of Invincibility people have described to me.” The flame array was still burning, from which Han Fei walked out.
At that moment, he was like a god of war born from flames, dazzling, domineering, and overwhelmingly powerful.

“What the hell! Why did a fish play with fire?”

Han Fei stroked the tip of his hair gently to shake off the spotted flames on it.
“Who’s the next?”

The petite Half-Mermaid seemed to want to come out but was stopped.
Han Fei saw it and didn’t care.

When a tall female Half-Mermaid walked out, Han Fei put his hand on his waist.
“Take it.” The Half-Mermaid’s body flickered with white light, and when it had just fused with its companion spirit, Han Fei’s momentum suddenly exploded as if it had risen several times in an instant.
After that, a knife light reached the mermaid’s eyes.


The second Half-Mermaid was killed even before it had a chance to launch an attack!


On the opposite side, the eyes of the Half-Mermaid leader suddenly burst out a strange gleam.
“Humph.” The petite Half-Mermaid couldn’t sit still anymore and tried again to come out but was stopped once again.

On the human side, someone was asking, “Who the hell can tell me who this buddy is? I need such a friend.”

A disciple from the seven major sects gave a wry smile.
Is this guy a monster? How is he this strong already?

Even Sun Mu was speechless.
How the hell could he kill these two Half-Mermaids so easily? The Hidden Fishers including Zheng Chaojie were also dumbstruck.

After a long time, someone said, “Did he use a secret method?”

“A secret method of instantaneous burst? But isn’t the time too short?”

Zheng Chaojie frowned.
“No, although it seemed easy for Han Fei, his consumption couldn’t be small,” he said.

Luo Xiaobai and the other three were very clear on what happened.
Just now, Han Fei activated the Majestic Mystic Spell and then forcibly dispersed its effect.
If it weren’t for Han Fei’s horribly strong physique, he might have suffered.

Xia Xiaochan frowned.
“Why did he use that?”

Luo Xiaobai said softly, “Let’s see.”

Han Fei was looking at the petite Half-Mermaid with a smile.
“Are you coming out?” he asked.
“Why do you watch your companions seeking death? Come out and let’s finish the fight as soon as possible, OK?”

The petite Half-Mermaid looked at the leader.


The leading Half-Mermaid refused, giving her no chance at all.

Han Fei frowned slightly.
He was building up force, and for that purpose, he killed the two Half-Mermaids as soon as he could.

The two blows consumed 50% of the energy in his body.

But they also made his spirit reach its peak.
If he made another blow, it would continue to rise.

But when he saw the third Half-Mermaid coming out, he knew that his plan to kill the four half-mermaids at one go failed.

“Alas! Why am I so perfect? Come up, let me kill you.” Han Fei grinned.

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