Yuehan looked at the long sword in her hand and let out a long sigh.
“Alas! I don’t think I could take the arrow!”

On the field.

Han Fei withdrew the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers and set up a spirit gathering array underfoot.
The surrounding spiritual energy was gathering, but couldn’t keep up with his consumption.
He was thinking about how to explain the source of his spiritual energy.

With a flash between Han Fei’s eyebrows, Little Black and Little White appeared.

Little White spat out a mouthful of pure spiritual energy, which was swallowed by Han Fei.

The purity and richness of that spiritual energy stunned the people around.

“Spirit Swallowing Fish?”

“Spirit Swallowing Fish can help store spiritual energy.”

“Wow! Not bad.
This Spirit Swallowing Fish doesn’t seem to have any combat power.
No wonder Han Fei has never used his spiritual beast.”

Someone guessed, “Maybe that’s why he chose to be a body refiner.
It’s because his spiritual beast is not a combat type.”

Someone couldn’t help exclaim, “It’s amazing! The spiritual energy he consumed just now was all made up in one mouthful.”

In fact, Han Fei was just acting.
While swallowing the spiritual energy, he pressed a hand on the Blood-Drinking Knife, made a small cut in his palm, and stuffed some Candle Dragon Blood into that hole.

Because the scene of the Spirit Swallowing Fish spitting out spiritual energy was very eye-catching, no one would notice the movement of his hand.
Han Fei took the chance to replenish some energy.

But if he replenished too much, it would definitely be discovered.
Therefore, he only replenished his energy by 10%.

But 10% was enough.
In this battle, if he couldn’t use external forces, he could only cheat to win.

The petite Half-Mermaid finally came out.
When it appeared on the field, everyone on the human side, including Han Fei, was shocked.

Just now, it stood still, looking just like a Half-Mermaid.
But now when it moved, some changes occurred in its body.

This was not a Half-Mermaid, but a human! She actually had legs.

“Damn it, it’s an illusion.
What we see must be the illusion this Half-Mermaid created!”

“No, it’s not an illusion.
It must be an array.”

“No, it looks like a powerful secret method.”

As soon as the female Half-Mermaid walked out, with a swish, a golden battle suit appeared on its body.

As its beautiful hand stretched out, a golden harpoon appeared in its hand, on which there were patterns flickering.
This harpoon seemed a bit more advanced than the previous golden harpoon.

Han Fei: “…”

Zhang Xuanyu suddenly cursed, “Hey, how can you be so shameless? A Divine Weapon-level battle suit? A Divine Weapon? Son of a bitch, you’re cheating.”

Zheng Chaojie also shouted, “Don’t go too far.
This is a true Divine Weapon.
If you use it, I’ll lend my Divine Weapon to Han Fei.”

The leading Half-Mermaid responded sharply, “It is our Princess, so it’s a matter of course for it to own a Divine Weapon.
That battle suit and weapon belong to it.”

“So you’re going to defy the rules?”

“If he has a Divine Weapon, he can use it too, but unfortunately, he doesn’t.”

Han Fei was a bit confused. A true Divine Weapon? Was the previous golden harpoon a fake Divine Weapon?

But they didn’t seem quite different, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

But he still echoed Zheng Chaojie’s words, sneering, “In this case, I can use whatever I’ve got, right?”

The Half-Mermaid leader looked at Han Fei.
“How do you prove something is yours?”

Han Fei’s face turned black.
“Do you mean that your Princess can use whatever she wants while I can’t use anything?”

Behind Han Fei, Zheng Chaojie had already stepped into the air, holding the Divine Weapon in his hand, full of murderous intent.
“Do you really think we human beings dare not go to full-scale war with you? We have fought before, haven’t we? Do you want war again?”

The Half-Mermaid leader held its head high and glanced at Zheng Chaojie coldly.
“We can allow him to restore to his peak state before the fight.
We don’t mind starting a war if you don’t shut up!”

With that, the Half-Mermaid glanced at Han Fei.

Han Fei immediately shivered.
He felt an overwhelming murderous intent.

Han Fei immediately broke into a cold sweat. This b*stard wants to kill me! Han Fei’s brain was racing.

Han Fei thought to himself, The Half-Mermaid leader is deliberately provoking Zheng Chaojie.
It wants to have a conflict with Zheng Chaojie and take advantage of the chaos to kill me before it buries the hatchet.

At that time, I’ll be killed, and the Scattered Stars Island can only swallow a bitter pill.

He didn’t believe that the Scattered Stars Island would really start a full-scale war against the sea monsters just to avenge him.

Zheng Chaojie sneered and was about to refute when Han Fei suddenly said, “OK, remember your words, let me restore to my peak state.”

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