Chapter 671: A Master of Arrays

Han Fei was thinking of a serious topic: what will happen if you are too good?

This time, he should have won.
The moment he blasted out the Sacrificing Punch, he won.

Although that blow was blocked by the Half-Mermaid leader so that he could not kill Yuji, Han Fei knew she could not survive it.

However, this had all passed.
Han Fei was distressed now! The strength he showed this time attracted the attention of many people, which was not a good thing.

Although Old Bai said he should keep low-key, he never did.

Han Fei didn’t heal his injuries.
Although he was wounded, he didn’t want to treat his injuries under the public gaze.

Xia Xiaochan and Zhang Xuanyu were supporting Han Fei, and some spirit gatherers took the initiative to come up to heal Han Fei.

One Healing Technique after another fell on Han Fei, turning him into a luminous ball.

Han Fei was speechless… “Everyone, don’t waste spiritual energy.
What if something happens later…”

A spirit gatherer said, “It’s okay.
There’re many of us here.
Let’s heal you first.”

Han Fei: “…”

Several Hidden Fishers shouted, “Everyone, get on your fishing boats.
Let’s go back.”

Han Fei saw a seemingly boundless rain of fire spilling on the Half-Mermaids.
Zheng Chaojie was chasing three Half-Mermaids, slashing at them wildly.

Han Fei and the others flew back more than 500 kilometers, and Zheng Chaojie’s figure suddenly appeared on the fishing boat where Han Fei was.

There was blood dripping on one of his arms, but he was expressionless.

He looked at Han Fei, which sent a chill down Han Fei’s spine.

Han Fei said in fear, “Master Adjudicator, can you please stop looking at me like that?”

Zheng Chaojie retracted his gaze, took out a piece of Ancient Jade, and threw it to Han Fei.
“Although this isn’t as good as the one you had, it’s enough to protect you.”

Han Fei was taken aback and quickly put away the jade, saying with a smile, “Master Adjudicator, I feel I was seriously injured.
Can I take a few days off when I go back?”

Zheng Chaojie looked at Han Fei up and down.
“Have you suffered any long term effects?”

Han Fei knew what he was asking.
He was asking about the consequences of the Majestic Mystic Spell and the Sacrificing Punch.

“In a few months, I’m afraid I won’t be able to restore myself to peak combat power.”

Zheng Chaojie frowned.
“So serious? Your meridians are only slightly damaged.
Your internal organs should be fine.
What is the problem?”

Han Fei’s eyes flickered.
“My power, I shouldn’t have exerted such strong power in the short term.
I consumed too much energy and have a physical overdraft.”

The human body was complicated.
Han Fei didn’t think Zheng Chaojie could see what problem he had.

Otherwise, demonization wouldn’t be so difficult.
If one could master the mysteries of the human body, wouldn’t demonization be a breeze?

Zheng Chaojie nodded.
“OK! Take a good rest.
I’ll give you one month off.”

Han Fei asked hurriedly, “Master, I… I lost a lot of weapons in this battle.
Can you…”

Zheng Chaojie paused.
“Resources are precious, but I can give you 500,000 points of credit.
You are a refiner, so you can refine some weapons for yourself, right?”

Just 500,000 points?! Han Fei complained in his heart, but on the surface, he could only agree with a smile.

Seven days later.

In the refining room of the Refining Hall.

Beside Han Fei, a full 200 ultra-quality spiritual weapons were suspended.
From time to time, some fell to the ground.

“It still doesn’t work! My spiritual power is improving too slowly.
Should I work out a way to deduce the fifth layer of the Void Fishing Art?”

But he soon gave up this idea.
On the Scattered Stars Island, it was impossible.

There would be a loud noise! On the Scattered Stars Island, it was impossible to hide it from others.

And it couldn’t be on the sea either.
The waters beyond the Scattered Stars Island were too dangerous.

If he deduced it on the sea, God knew who would be attracted by the noise and come to attack him!

Seven days passed.

In front of Han Fei stood a brawny man more than 6’6 feet tall, who looked a bit like Xiao Zhan, but more handsome than Xiao Zhan and was dressed in bright red armor, yes, armor.

It was not a battle suit, but full-body armor, covering him from the head to the soles of his feet.
Covered by the bright red armor, this “man” exuded a calm aura.

Its fists were wrapped in two exquisite gloves, on which there inlaid circles of fine chains.

As Han Fei issued an order in his heart, the armor fell off, revealing a white giant, which was so beautifully carved by Han Fei that looked just like an ordinary person except for his strangely pale skin.

According to Mu Jia’er’s idea, Han Fei refined this humanoid spiritual weapon.

Such a thing almost hollowed out Han Fei’s stash.

A fish bone more than 20 meters tall, plus some ordinary ultra-quality materials, constituted the body of this iron tower-like giant.

A section of the Big Red Trunk, two chains obtained from the Undersea City, plus some ultra-quality auxiliary materials, turned into the armor and the gloves.

Now in Forge the Universe, except for the Big Red Trunk, there was only one book left, a Red Flame Origin Crystal, and an Ancient Cold Crystal.

Apart from those, there was nothing of value.

Of course, in order to refine this humanoid ultra-quality spiritual weapon, in addition to the materials, Han Fei consumed 20 million points of spiritual energy.

Moreover, neither the spiritual weapons he had newly refined or the iron tower-like giant had had a spirit sealed in yet.

Han Fei was not going to seal a spirit in the giant.

In the past few days, he and Guan Qingyan were studying the technique of overlaying arrays.
He planned to engrave interlocking arrays on the armor and the giant.

In the end, he would infuse the armor and the giant together to see if this ultra-quality giant could be refined into a Divine Weapon?

This idea alone excited Han Fei.

If he succeeded, wouldn’t he have a clone in the future?

Suddenly, Guan Qingyan’s voice came from Han Fei’s waist tag.

Guan Qingyan asked, “Brother Han, are you there?”

“I’m in the refining room.
What’s up?”

“Brother Han, I learned from Uncle Beihuo that there is a master of arrays on the Scattered Stars Island.
I’m going to visit him.
Would you like to come with me?”

Han Fei was surprised.
“A master of arrays?”

“It’s said that his array skills are unparalleled in the world.”


Han Fei shouted, “Are you fooled by Uncle Beihuo? Isn’t your family a refiner family? Even your family has no one called ‘unparalleled in the world’.
How come there’s suddenly an unparalleled master of arrays?”

Guan Qingyan was silent for a moment.
“Uncle Beihuo never lies to me.”

Han Fei scoffed.
“Wait a moment.
I’m coming out.”

As soon as Han Fei left the Refining Hall, a staff member from the Refining Hall greeted him.
“Hello, Master Han.”

Han Fei nodded.
“Hi, hello!”

Although Han Fei was still a four-star ranking refiner, he had been in the Refining Hall every day for the past half month, so more people knew him.

However, Han Fei still felt poor.

The 500,000 points of credit awarded to him and those he earned on the Skeleton Shore were all used to buy materials.
Cultivation simply consumed too many materials!

Now, all he had was less than 100,000 points of credit.

Outside the Refining Hall.

Guan Qingyan and Mu Jia’er were standing there.
Upon seeing Han Fei, Mu Jia’er asked, “Liar, have you recovered from your wounds?”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Are you coming too?”

Mu Jia’er’s pouted.
“What’s wrong with me going? There’s a master of arrays.
Of course, I am going.”

Han Fei curled his lips and looked at Guan Qingyan.
“Is this person really a master of arrays?”

Guan Qingyan nodded.
“From what I’ve been told…”

Han Fei asked, “Have you gotten started with spirit gathering techniques?”

Guan Qingyan nodded.
“I’ve learned the Pupil Spell but haven’t acquired the spirit gathering technique.
Brother Han, how is your array research?”

Han Fei said helplessly, “I can only overlay spirit gathering arrays, but still can’t draw an interlocking array yet.”

“That’s normal.
Arrays are even more difficult to learn than cultivation.
Brother Han, your achievements with arrays are already good.
I think you will make a big name in the array field in ten years.”

Han Fei laughed.
“Phew! Old Guan, I’m so flattered!”


Han Fei shook his head.
Where is the array master you said from? Where is he? Is he really as great as you say?”

“Uncle Beihuo said that he is great.
He lives in the Twisted Jungle.
It’s said that he has hidden his residence with arrays.”

Han Fei was puzzled.
“Twisted Jungle, isn’t it said it’s dangerous?”

“In fact, it’s okay.
If you don’t go deep, it shouldn’t be that dangerous.”

The three of them got on the fishing boat and flew to the Twisted Jungle.

On the fishing boat, Mu Jia’er suddenly asked, “Liar, have the people from the Scattered Stars First Unit contacted you recently?”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Who? Scattered Stars First Unit? Why do they want to contact me?”

“Uncle Beihuo said that you might be transferred to the Scattered Stars First Unit.”

Han Fei’s face turned green immediately.
“What?! I’m not available.
I am seriously injured and studying refining techniques.
Yes, I’m not going to fight more, never.”

Mu Jia’er nodded in agreement.
“Yes, refining is way more interesting than fighting.”

This was the first time Han Fei had come to the Twisted Jungle.
As soon as they flew above the Twisted Jungle, they saw as many as dozens of species of birds flying around.

Guan Qingyan said, “Let’s land first.
These big birds have territorial awareness.
We’ll be attacked if we fly through the sky.”

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