Chapter 689: Soul Splitting Technique

Han Fei discovered that although these ice sculptures had souls, they were too weak.

The weakest one’s strength was equivalent to that of a peak-level Dangling Fisher, and the strongest seemed to be only comparable to an advanced Hanging Fisher in strength.

But this still shocked Han Fei.
It must have been billions of years, but their souls still had such a strong combat power! How strong would they be if they were still alive?

Bears, big cats, rhinos, and ferocious dogs…

None of them could beat Han Fei.
When all the 12 iron-fenced arches had been opened, above his head, a crack suddenly appeared.

Han Fei didn’t hesitate and jumped directly through it.

At the moment when Han Fei jumped up, a cold light shot at the place between Han Fei’s eyebrows.

Han Fei’s face changed drastically, his head raised, and he stomped, drawing a Six Spirit Armor array, and at the same time put on an ultra-quality battle suit and activated a spiritual energy protective cover.


Both the Six Spirit Armor array and spiritual energy protective cover were shattered.

However, it bought some time for Han Fei.

Han Fei suddenly swung the Water Dividing Seal.

With a clang, a white figure flew past.

Only at this moment did Han Fei find that it turned out to be an iceman, a person entirely made of ice.

Just like the previous creatures, the iceman had two blobs of blue light in his eyes.
Holding two ice cones in his hand, he looked like a hunter, quite a strong one.

Just now, if it weren’t for Han Fei’s fast reaction, he would have been killed now.

As far as speed was concerned, this iceman was almost comparable to Xia Xiaochan.

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed.
“Hey! If your soul is still there, you should be able to understand what I say.
How about telling me which era you are from, how long this palace has existed, and whether this ocean was once land…” he said.


Before Han Fei could finish speaking, the hunter rushed at him again and the speed was even faster than before.

Because he was an iceman, in theory, he couldn’t use many combat skills.

This restrained him, causing him to lack combat skills despite his fast speed.


Immediately afterward, one ice cone after another slammed towards Han Fei from all directions.
This seemed to be the only combat skill the iceman could use.

Han Fei snorted and stood still, letting the ice cones fall on him.

The ice cones shattered at the moment they fell on Han Fei.
They couldn’t even penetrate Han Fei’s battle suit, not to mention hurt him.

Han Fei sneered.
“Why don’t we have a talk? Look at you, you have been trapped in this dark place for billions of years.
Don’t you even think about going out? When we get out of here, I can catch a Half-Mermaid for you and your soul can live in it.
What do you think?”

However, the ice hunter was not moved at all and pounced on Han Fei once again.
His footwork was quite peculiar, which even dazzled Han Fei.

Han Fei blocked his attacks with a pair of daggers.
“Hey! I don’t imagine you’ve had an easy life! Don’t make me kill you.”

Clang, Clang, Clang!

“How stubborn you are! Fine, go to hell!”


Hundreds of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers suddenly slammed out, cutting the ice hunter into pieces.

Han Fei kicked the broken ice on the ground and spat.
“Humph, is this what you wanted? Satisfied?”

After the hunter died, another crack opened in his head.

Han Fei sneered.
“F*ck, are you kidding me? Can’t you give me a break?”

This time, Han Fei made enough preparations, having Little Fatty attach to him, putting on an ultra-quality battle suit, and activating a spiritual energy protective cover.

Even if there were more powerful ice sculptures on the upper levels, he wouldn’t be afraid.

He jumped to the next level and was about to block the attack, only to find that nothing happened.

When he landed on a platform, he found that there was an ice chair not far away and a dead man in an ultra-quality battle suit was sitting on it!

This man sat cross-legged, was leaning backwards on the ice chair, with a hand supporting his chin.
Had it not been for his stiff, pale skin, Han Fei would have thought this person was still alive.

In front of this person, there was an ice table with a fish skin map and a jade slip on it.

Upon seeing this, Han Fei put away the Blood-Drinking Knife, walked straight over, and glanced at the man.

It was a young man in his 20’s.
In fact, Han Fei couldn’t tell his age because strong people could maintain youth easily.

For example, the mayor of the Heavenly Desolate City looked almost the same age as Han Fei, but he had actually already had 187 sons and daughters.

Han Fei casually touched the fish skin map on the table, and when he found that it was not damaged, he picked it up and looked at it.

“I don’t know who will see these words, but it’ll probably be many years later.
Am I right? Are you a human or a sea monster?

In the Age of Doom, stars fell, mountains crumbled and the sea flooded the land.
The vast land where we have been living for generations is about to be submerged.
Where can the billions of living beings be going?

Therefore, the strong made a huge ship, floating on the boundless sea, but we were nostalgic for our homeland and refused to leave.
The Master of the Snow God’s Temple fought seven battles with the sea clan but failed to reverse the human race’s fate.
Since then, there are only a few people left in the Snow God’s Temple.

We’ve decided to shut down the Snow God’s Temple and be buried with it under the sea.
It is our hope that human explorers can cross the vast sea and pass down human inheritance.

I don’t know who is reading this letter now.
No matter if you’re from the human race or the Sea Clan, you can take this Soul Splitting Technique since you’ve passed the examination.
This is the essence of the Snow God’s Temple.
Please use it properly!


Besides moonlight and snow, you are the third color of the world.
Master, wait for me.”

After reading this letter, Han Fei was lost in a reverie.

Vast land? Submerged by the sea?

Is this place called the Snow God’s Temple? No wonder there is ice and snow everywhere.
What a tragic story! Tsk…

Han Fei didn’t bother to think about the sea clan, the huge ship, or whatever else.

He was just thinking about one thing: if no one survived back then, where did the present human beings come from?

However, this indirectly confirmed a fact.
That was, once in this world, there was not only an ocean, but also vast and boundless land.

Later, something unknown happened, causing “stars to fall, mountains to crumble and the sea to flood the land,” as described in the letter.

But Han Fei didn’t care about this now.
When he saw the animal ice sculptures, he had already guessed it.

Now, his conjecture had just been confirmed.

What Han Fei cared about was this Soul Splitting Technique.

What kind of combat skill was this? Was it because of this technique that those ice sculptures could fight?

Han Fei immediately picked up the jade slip and scanned it with his spiritual power.

A change happened right at this moment.

When Han Fei’s perception scanned this jade slip, something happened suddenly.

A terrifying phantom, following his spiritual power, went straight into his mind.


Han Fei was horrified. Fake… This Soul Splitting Technique is fake!

In the next second, he felt his soul shake and a voice rang in his mind, How many years it has been! Someone finally has come here! Master, when I possess this person, I’m going to find you.

Han Fei roared, “Get out!”

Haha! It’s too late.
How can you resist our Snow God’s Temple’s Soul Splitting Technique… Ouch… How is it possible?! What the hell is this?

In Han Fei’s mind, the Demon Purification Pot suddenly rotated, and its two green vines pulled out a phantom from nowhere.
In that phantom, a human face was changing and roaring.

Impossible, impossible… How can you have such a strange treasure? Let me out… Please…

At this moment, Han Fei, like a bystander, was watching this scene.

It wasn’t until the soul of this person was dragged into the Demon Purification Pot that Han Fei recovered from the horror.

“Oh my sea god!”

“Damn, I was so scared! If it weren’t for Master Calabash, I would have been killed!”

Han Fei was horrified. What an old fox! So this letter was nothing but bullsh*t… Be buried with the Snow God’s Temple under the sea?! The third color of the world?! F*ck you! You b*stard!

Infuriated, Han Fei took a breath and kicked the dead man to the ground.
He kicked so hard that the ice table was kicked to the wall.

“Son of a b*tch, I was almost swindled by you…”

Han Fei drew a long breath but then suddenly frowned.
“Oh, no, Tang Ge…”

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