Chapter 708: Break Into the Dark Hunter Legion

Han Fei was enraged at first when he heard that Xia Xiaochan went missing.

Xia Xiaochan told him that the Dark Hunter Legion wasn’t very dangerous, and they always went hunting as teams.

In that case, Xia Xiaochan must’ve had a lot of partners during the mission.

What infuriated him was that those people were still delivering assets after Xia Xiaochan went missing, and that they refused to reveal anything after Le Renkuang told them his identity.
That was outrageous!

When he closed his eyes, his first thought was to go to Jiang Qin or Old Jiang.

However, on second thought, Old Jiang was living here in seclusion, and he would draw a lot of attention if he came out.

At the same time, Jiang Qin was leading a Pioneer Group, and it was unlikely for her to help him search for Xia Xiaochan.

Therefore, Han Fei remembered Wang Dashuai, the senior brother whom he had only seen twice.

After flying several dozen kilometers, Han Fei suddenly turned around to the camp on the Skeleton Shore.

Le Renkuang asked, “Where are we going?”

“To fetch something…”

You Lingyun and the others hadn’t returned to the Skeleton Shore yet, when they saw a red flash darting right past them.

Their expression changed, and Leng Hui said, “It’s our captain.
Did he return to the camp?”

You Lingyun nodded.
“Let’s go and find out.”

Cao Qiu was sitting along on the Skeleton Shore.
All the grasses and trees around him had withered.
There wasn’t even an ant nearby.

He murmured before a huge pot.
“Well, I have to get something from him this time.
I’ll create an antidote first and then ask for at least eight hundred kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid… That’s right.
I’m going to charge him that!”



Cao Qiu trembled.
He had just sensed that something was coming when Han Fei appeared before him in the next second.

Cao Qiu was astounded.
“What’s wrong? Have you thought it through? Let me tell you, I’ve really paid a fortune this time… Why do you look so terrible?”

Without a word, Han Fei grabbed Cao Qiu’s waist tag and stuck his to it.
“I want all of your new Poison God.”

Cao Qiu shuddered.
“That’s impossible… What do you want with that?”

Cao Qiu saw that the two waist tags were glittering, and that 2,160,000 points were transferred to his waist tag.

Cao Qiu was shocked.
When had Han Fei become so generous? He transferred all his points to him? That’s uncanny, considering Han Fei’s meanness…

It was possible to buy more than four hundred kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid with 2,160,000 points.
Han Fei must have had a good reason to give so many points to him.

Cao Qiu wasn’t an idiot.
“What happened?”

Han Fei threw the waist tag back and then extended his hand.
A golden harpoon appeared and was stabbed into the ground.

Han Fei didn’t bother to answer him.
“A semi-divine weapon in exchange for a peak-level Hidden Fisher’s strike.”

Cao Qiu’s mouth bulged.
“Can you tell me what happened first?”

Cao Qiu knew that something was wrong, however innocent he was.

Han Fei was crazy! Even he only had one semi-divine weapon in his little treasury, yet Han Fei threw one at him so easily? It was definitely enough to exchange for the strike of a peak-level Hidden Fisher.

Without thinking, Cao Qiu took out a piece of ancient jade.
“Han Fei, let me tell you, don’t be reckless.
You’re not hoping to kill a Hidden Fisher, are you? It’s dangerous… Han…”


Han Fei had already gotten onto the boat and flew away in a streak of red light.

You Lingyun and the others finally arrived.
They were all curious to see the golden harpoon before Cao Qiu’s eyes.

Wu Xiaoxiao asked in a stun, “Deputy Commander Cao, was our captain here just now?”

Cao Qiu suddenly shivered.
“I was going to look for you.
What’s wrong with Han Fei? Why is he so angry today?”

You Lingyun said, “It seems that one of the captain’s former teammates went missing?”


Cao Qiu asked in shock, “Who was it? Xia Xiaochan?”

Cao Qiu was only familiar with Xia Xiaochan and didn’t know the others well, so his first thought was her.

Wu Xiaoxiao was surprised.
“Huh? Do you know her?”

Cao Qiu immediately slapped his thigh.
“We’re screwed.”

Those people might not know Han Fei very well, but he did!

Earlier, Han Fei ran all the way from the Sea Grassland to the Undersea City and killed a thousand people on the day while he searched for Xia Xiaochan.

This time, Xia Xiaochan had gone missing, and Han Fei looked so brutal just now that Cao Qiu had no doubt he would’ve been killed if he hadn’t offered the poison or the ancient jade.

Leng Hui, on the other hand, looked at the harpoon and asked, “Commander Cao, is this harpoon from the sea demons?”

“Oh! Yes, it’s a semi-divine weapon…”

Cao Qiu was thinking about Han Fei and accidentally spoke the truth.
Then, he covered his mouth and stored the golden harpoon.
“Stop asking.
Forget everything you’ve seen today.
You Lingyun, I now name you the captain of the 37th squad.
Get someone from the 66th squad so that your squad will be full.”

You Lingyun glared at him.
“Why? Commander Cao, our captain is only away for personal business…”

Cao Qiu rolled his eyes.
What did they know? Considering Han Fei’s behavior just now, something would definitely go wrong.
While he was close to Han Fei, he couldn’t cover up for him, and he could only do something to help with the situation.
Otherwise, the 37th squad would be interrogated if Han Fei caused any trouble…

Cao Qiu instantly said, “This is an order.
Also, don’t reveal anything that happened today.
If anyone asks, you’ll say that Han Fei resigned a long time ago and you established a new squad…”

At the Empyrean Waterfall.

There was a steep cliff at the edge of the Twisted Jungle that was more than 1,800 meters tall, so the waterfall from the cliff was particularly magnificent.

Because the water fell for too long in midair, and the place was quite windy, the bottom of the Empyrean Waterfall was always misty.

The Empyrean Waterfall was most famous for the lake at the bottom, which was connected to the depths of the Scattered Stars Island and said to be inhabited by monsters.
Some peak-level Hanging Fishers once explored the lake but never made it back.

Then, some Hidden Fishers explored it and never returned either.

In the end, a Law Enforcer entered it and returned with grave wounds.
He then forbade everybody from entering the lake without permission.

To prevent the creatures in the lake from sneaking out, a minor camp had been set up, and certain quirky guys lived here, such as the Door-Holding Man.

However, at this moment, Han Fei was in no mood to consider the secrets of the Empyrean Waterfall or appreciate the scenery.

Le Renkuang had been here once before, to ask Wang Dashuai to rescue Han Fei from the Scattered Stars Prison.

Therefore, Le Renkuang went straight to Wang Dashuai’s residence this time.

Wang Dashuai’s residence was quite enjoyable and had a small garden with a coverage of a thousand square meters.

“Hahaha! Junior brother, what brought you here?”

Before they knocked at the door yet, Wang Dashuai had emerged from the Twisted Jungle and ran towards him.
The earth was shaking under his stampede.

Han Fei didn’t look too well at this moment.
He took a deep breath and said, “Senior Brother, I need your help.”

Wang Dashuai was briefly stunned.
“You look rather grave.
What’s wrong? Was anyone mean to you? Let’s go.
I’m going to smash them.”

Han Fei said quickly, “Senior Brother, can you break into the Dark Hunter Legion?”

Wang Dashuai came to a halt and the smile on his face was gone.
He smacked his lips and said, “That’s rather serious! No problem, we can.”

Han Fei put on a smile.
“Senior Brother, we might have to beat someone.”

Wang Dashuai smiled and said, “That’s fine.
Beating up someone is nothing if we’re breaking in.
I’ve got you covered.”

The three of them turned around, and Han Fei suddenly said, “Le Renkuang, you go back!”

Le Renkuang instantly roared furiously, “You wish! This is your business as much as it’s mine!”

Han Fei nodded.
“Okay, let’s go there and break in.
We’ll see if they’ll talk.”

Han Fei sneered.
If the Dark Hunter Legion still refused to speak the truth, he would have to call Old Jiang or Jiang Qin.

Wang Dashuai chuckled and said, “Don’t worry, even the leader of the Dark Hunter Legion is just a peak-level Hidden Fisher, and he can’t be in the base.
The rest are easy to deal with.
However, my brother, what happened exactly?”

Han Fei said gravely, “Xia Xiaochan went missing, and the Dark Hunter Legion isn’t confessing at all.”

Wang Dashuai nodded solemnly.
“Then we do have to ask them properly.”

The Dark Hunter Legion was the most mysterious of all the organizations on the Scattered Stars Island.
Even if the outsiders knew the location of their base, they might find nobody inside the base after they walked in.

After all, the hunters were best at hiding themselves, especially those in the Dark Hunter Legion.
They were in a stealthy state during the day and night, and they were always inactive!

At this moment, in a quiet wood, several hunters were communicating telepathically in their stealthy states.

All of a sudden, an enormous object flew close from the sky.

“Who’s there?”


A tall tree was broken into halves, and several hunters dashed out.

One corner of an enormous door was stabbed into the grassy land.
All the grass within a 200-meter radius had been bent by the wind.

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