Chapter 719: Flying Skateboard?

Han Fei grabbed a ball of Candle Dragon Blood again and stuffed it into his mouth.
This was the fifth time he had drank Candle Dragon Blood.

He finally knew why the Unknown Place was dangerous.

Could it not be dangerous? The outer sea area was almost like the backyard for the sea monsters, and the Inferior Man-Fish were almost endless.

When someone perceived the Half-Mermaids, he immediately transmitted his voice to Han Fei, Kid, are you crazy? Are you practicing combat skills here? Do you know that if you don’t leave now, you won’t be able to leave when more Half-Mermaids come?

Han Fei thought quickly and found he miscalculated the number of sea monsters, and someone had already arrived at this moment.
If he continued to practice the Art of Invincibility, the art’s astonishing power might cause doubt.

So he immediately rushed straight to the sea surface like a torpedo!

Han Fei yelled out, “Thank you for your help… But I will not return to the Scattered Stars Island.”

The two six-star powerhouses flew directly to Han Fei.
“Han Fei, it’s not your business to find Xia Xiaochan.”

Han Fei sneered.
“If you’re reliable, you won’t let Xia Xiaochan run away.
It’s not that I look down on you, but except me, no one can find her.”

A man said, “The waist tag has a positioning function.”

Han Fei asked, “Then can you find my position now?”

The man was speechless at his question.
No, they couldn’t position Han Fei at all.

In fact, they weren’t fools.
Even if Xia Xiaochan dumped her waist tag, how could they lock onto her position?

The other people who came to help hesitated.
“Damn, shall we intervene or not?”

The other man who came to catch Han Fei said, “Everyone, please take action and help us catch Han Fei.
Don’t worry.
He didn’t commit a serious crime.
He was just too worried about his girlfriend to keep sober.”

Han Fei said angrily, “I’m sober.
Don’t force me to fight you.”

Everyone was speechless.
There are eight of us.
Do you think we’re afraid of a fight against you?


While they were confronting in the air, three Half-Mermaids jumped out of the water.
In the distance, there were another two Half-Mermaids jumping out of the water.

Coming with them were five or six Red Demons, and hundreds of Inferior Man-Fish.

Everyone turned pale and the six Killers were not going to intervene in this matter.

On one hand, they had witnessed how strong Han Fei was.

This kind of Heavenly Talent must have an extraordinary background, and offending him would do no good to them.

Besides, this guy even dared to confront the law enforcement team.
With such a fierce temperament, he was definitely not a pushover.
If they came to attack him, what if he took revenge on them in the future?

Immediately, someone shouted, “Let’s go.
It’ll be too late when they form an encirclement.”

These people controlled their fishing boats, flew into the sky, and sped up to leave.

Seeing this scene, the two members of the law enforcement team cursed secretly.

However, it was not a good time to capture Han Fei.
The two of them also immediately manipulated the fishing boat, preparing to escape first.

However, when those people’s fishing boats flew into the sky, the Half-Mermaids and the Red Demons on the sea suddenly flew up too.

This scene stunned Han Fei.

“F*ck! Can they fly?”

Yes, Han Fei saw that under these Half-Mermaids and Red Demons’ feet, there seemed to be a water-shaped skateboard, which looked exactly like a surfboard.

They actually used these boards like skateboards as they flew up.

Of course, those Inferior Man-Fish didn’t have this ability.
They could only run on the surface of the sea, condensing spiritual energy spears in their hands, and flinging them at Han Fei.

The people of the law enforcement team shouted, “Han Fei, escape the sea monsters’ hunting first.
You don’t know anything! How can you set foot in the outer waters now?”

With that, the two of them rushed away.

However, there were also Half-Mermaids chasing while they were escaping, but Han Fei didn’t pay attention.

Five Half-Mermaids were flying on their skateboards and were rushing towards him.
Among them, some had performed the “Sea King’s Secret Technique.”

Han Fei spat.
How can surfing be compared with my Wind God Boat?

The next moment, the Wind God Boat changed into a red ray and disappeared into the sky.


Like a thunderbolt, a conical cloud wrapped around the Wind God Boat, breaking through the sound barrier in the blink of an eye, flashing across the sky like a meteor.

The Half-Mermaids watched this group of people fly away and roared angrily.

Only at this moment did Han Fei understand why Hanging Fishers were called “Hanging” Fishers.
When they flew into the sky, sea monsters couldn’t do anything to them.

The Half-Mermaids were very powerful in the sea, but they couldn’t fly before reaching certain levels.

Although they could use some methods, for example, the skateboard, they still couldn’t fly.
Although the speed of the skateboard was fast, it was no match for human beings’ fishing boats.

This was why the Hanging Fishers dared to patrol in the sky.

However, there were also set backs.
Hanging Fishers must resort to fishing boats if they want to go to the outer area of the Unknown Place.

If their fishing boats were destroyed, they would only end up being besieged and killed by fish tides and sea monsters if they didn’t have an extraordinary ability to hide.

In fact, Han Fei only flew thousands of kilometers away before jumping into the water again.

“Girl, can you still perceive your mommy’s position?”

Because the searching was interrupted, after the trace disappeared, it took Little White a full half an hour to reorient herself.

Han Fei walked out of the array and looked around, guessing.

If Xia Xiaochan ran into the deep sea by herself, it would be almost impossible for her to break through the sea monsters’ territory.

Therefore, Han Fei still believed that Xia Xiaochan must be in the door of the Hexagon Starfish at this moment.

It was a pity that he didn’t fight to his heart’s content just now.
He failed to fully arouse and stimulate the fighting spirit of the Art of Invincibility.

After the fighting spirit was gone, it wouldn’t be re-stimulated in a short period of time.

Han Fei simply set up a stealth array for both himself and Little White and then began to swim on the bottom of the sea very slowly.

Even when he encountered Inferior Man-Fish, he didn’t kill them.

He had tried it once, and it proved that under siege, it was almost impossible for him to break through the encirclement.

In this case, he could only take them by strategy.

Han Fei couldn’t help sighing.
If only he could become a fish.
Then he wouldn’t need to be so cautious about being discovered by the sea monsters.

However, Han Fei immediately gave up this thought.
If he became a fish, didn’t it mean that he had become a sea monster?

He would rather be a human being.
Being a sea monster meant that he would become an enemy to all mankind.

He moved extremely slowly, and it took a full eight hours before he completely walked out of the sea monsters’ encirclement.

Several times during the period, Han Fei entered Forge the Universe to avoid discovery.

This made Han Fei sigh… He was still not strong enough! If only he could get another 10,000 kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid.
If only he could get a few hundred million points of spiritual energy.

Two days later.


Han Fei swallowed a spiritual fruit in two mouthfuls.
In the past two days, spiritual fruits hardly left his hand.
For one thing, he needed to heal his injuries, and for another, he wanted to reserve spiritual energy.
He wouldn’t directly use spiritual fruit until he had to, because it was too wasteful.

He also occasionally fed Little White!

After all, unlike him, Little White had to deal with the spiritual energy conflicts caused by different spiritual fruits.
Only by solving it could the spiritual energy could really become hers.

Besides, in the past two days, Han Fei encountered powerful exotic creatures more than once and tried to catch them twice.

On one occasion, he was noticed by the creature, which then ran away.

On the other, he had just started catching the creature when the Inferior Man-Fish were attracted over, and in the end, he could only slip away.

Now, Han Fei saw a big crab with a green jade-like body running past him, but he couldn’t move.

That was because he was using this big crab to avoid the Half-Mermaids above his head.

“F*ck, they have been chasing me for two days.
Why haven’t they given up? These sea monsters are too stubborn! I did nothing but kill some of your kind!”

Han Fei slowly breathed a sigh of relief when the Half-Mermaids above his head swam away, and let Xiaobai continue to lead the way.

After swimming for more than 300 kilometers, however, Little White stopped.

Han Fei took a closer look and found that he actually ran to a place full of Sea Vine Grass.
The place was covered by seaweed.
Han Fei perceived that there was a green octopus hidden in the seaweed 800 meters away.

He saw colorful sea urchins lying on the seaweed, and some stones, which were actually crabs in camouflage.

Han Fei found something different about this place.
The flowing of spiritual energy here was strange.

“Has the amount of spiritual energy contained in the Sea Vine Grass decreased?”

“No, there is a lot of spiritual energy here.
Why doesn’t the Sea Vine Grass absorb it?”

“Huh! A defense array?”

“No, it’s a maze.”

Although Han Fei was still not very proficient in arrays, he was way better than before.
He was sure that someone was hiding here, draining the spiritual energy of the Sea Vine Grass to set up a maze.

Han Fei smiled.
“Nice, I finally got you…”

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