Chapter 729: Come on! Let’s Absorb!

Obviously, Xia Xiaochan wasn’t convinced that Han Fei was alright.
At this moment, she pulled Han Fei’s arm and asked, “Tell me what you did first.
Why did you vomit blood?”

Han Fei gave the True Spirit Demonic Scripture to Xia Xiaochan and said, “Actually, the Fish Transformation Technique I received was a sealed training technique for demons.
I tried to break the seal just now, and this is what I got.”

Xia Xiaochan accepted the True Spirit Demonic Scripture, only to be shocked by what she saw.


Xia Xiaochan slapped Han Fei’s arm and said angrily, “You broke the seal just for this?”

Han Fei grinned.
“I spent a lot of spiritual energy on lifting the seal.
I’m now destitute.”

Xia Xiaochan hesitated for a moment and said, “Since this Fish Transformation Technique is the sea demons’ training technique, you shouldn’t break the seal anymore.
I don’t think it’s easy to transform from a fish into a human.”

Han Fei shook his head.
“There must be a way.
You might not know this, but a few days earlier, I received a mission to explore a treasure trove.
One of my teammates was a sea demon.
Even an eight-star expert couldn’t distinguish him from a regular human.”

Xia Xiaochan was refreshed.

Han Fei nodded solemnly.
“Yes! His name was Xu Mo.
He conspired with the sea demons.
Since he transformed into a human, the sea demon experts definitely have techniques for that! We’re now under their nest, so we can try stealing one from them.”

Xia Xiaochan opened her mouth.
“But there must be a lot of experts in this place.
We can’t possibly defeat them on our own.”

Han Fei grinned.
“Didn’t you say that the demonic Qi here was too violent? We can always dig a tunnel through the demonic Qi.
I don’t think they’ll dare to chase us.”

Xia Xiaochan shook her head.
“You don’t know that.
The regular sea demons might not be able to endure the violent demonic Qi, but what about the very strong ones? I’m not sure.
Also, you are a human being.
The violent demonic Qi will conflict with your spiritual energy and kill you.”

Han Fei looked back at the Hexagon Starfish.
“I can hide in the Hexagon Starfish’s gates.
It’s not scared of demonic Qi.”

The Hexagon Starfish quickly replied, “I’m scared of that too.
I can only absorb demonic Qi slowly, not too fast.”

Han Fei said angrily, “Shut up.
If I say you can, you can.”

The Hexagon Starfish: “…”

Han Fei looked at Xia Xiaochan.
“What about you? Why are you not afraid of the demonic Qi at all?”

Xia Xiaochan was rather stunned.
“I… I don’t know! I just feel that the demonic Qi is no different from spiritual energy.”

Han Fei didn’t know how to respond.

A Half-Merman would’ve been more depressed if they heard that.
The gap between demons was too huge!

Han Fei said determinedly, “Then let’s figure out a way and catch two sea demons to interrogate them first.
Speaking of which, where are we right now?”

Xia Xiaochan considered for a moment and said, “I think we’re inside the undersea mountains.
I can go stealth, and I have demonic Qi and the Metamorphosis Water, so it was easy for me to sneak in.
I saw that a lot of sea demons gathered at a peak in the center.
That should be their main base.”

Han Fei thought for a moment and said, “Let’s dig our way there.
If we don’t have a choice, we can catch some Half-Mermaids with the Spirit Forbidden Net.”

They should have been scared as they were moving right beneath the enemy’s feet.

However, Han Fei didn’t feel scared at all, because he could always blow up the tunnels if he had to escape.

With the Hexagon Starfish’s arrays and Xia Xiaochan’s Metamorphosis Water, he could hide inside a rock created by the Metamorphosis Water.
Nobody could find him easily.

Seven days passed.

Han Fei dug three hundred kilometers and entered a huge mountain.

On his way, Han Fei saw a hundred spiritual stones.
One of them was even an ultra-quality spiritual stone.

However, Han Fei didn’t dare to take any of them.
He was merely afraid that the tunnel might collapse and he had no time to run off.

It seemed that the spiritual stones were of paramount importance to the stability of the mountains.

Suddenly, Han Fei asked in surprise, “Do you feel that the spiritual energy here is more intense?”

Xia Xiaochan nodded.
“And I feel that the demonic Qi here has weakened.”

Han Fei smiled.
“Why do you think they didn’t regard the mountain that has a spring of demonic Qi as their camp, but chose a mountain that contains abundant spiritual energy?”

Xia Xiaochan rolled her eyes.
“Most sea demons absorb spiritual energy too! They can transform spiritual energy into demonic Qi.
That’s also what I’m doing.
Half of my spiritual energy has been transformed.”

Han Fei frowned.
“Is the transformation so slow?”

Xia Xiaochan waved her tail.
While the spiritual energy is transformed into demonic Qi, the demonic Qi is also modifying my body and creating a new system, which is quite slow.”

Han Fei was quite shocked to hear that, as it was rather similar to the Demon Heritage Divine Technique.

But the Demon Heritage Divine Technique seemed more advanced.
It was said that it could break the barriers inside the body, so it wouldn’t need any system in the body.

Han Fei considered what excuse he should use to offer the Demon Heritage Divine Technique to Xia Xiaochan.
It should be much better than the True Spirit Demonic Scripture.


While digging the tunnel, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp suddenly found a spiritual stone.

Han Fei’s eyes glittered.
“A high-quality spiritual stone? Never mind.
Just drop it there.
After we catch a Half-Merman and interrogate them, we’ll pick up the spiritual stones on the way out.”

Xia Xiaochan exclaimed, “Huh! This mountain seems to contain a lot of spiritual energy.”

Han Fei smiled.
“Of course.
They have set up their camp here.
It’s easy for their training if they bury spiritual stones in the mountain!”

However, Han Fei was shocked a moment later, as the number of spiritual stones was beyond his expectation.

He had dug out hundreds of low-quality and mid-quality spiritual stones, as well as more than thirty high-quality ones.

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched as he looked at the spiritual stones.
He really wanted to collect all of them!

On the other hand, the Hexagon Starfish was just going to hide a high-quality spiritual stone, when Han Fei slapped it off quickly.
“Stay put and don’t pick them until we’re about to run off.
We’ll all be trapped here if the mountain collapses because of you.”

Looking at the spiritual stones on the way, the Hexagon Starfish asked regretfully, “Can I wait for you in that cavern?”

Han Fei sneered.
“What do you think?”

Suddenly, Xia Xiaochan said, “Wait a moment, there’s demonic Qi.”

As she talked, her eyes turned silver and she looked up.

Xia Xiaochan didn’t recover until a long time later.
She looked at Han Fei and said, “A lot of sea demons seem to have gathered up above.”

At the same time, above the mountain, a lot of Half-Mermaids were gathering.

The Half-Merman boss roared, “There have been a lot of earthquakes recently, but it could be a good thing.
The spiritual energy seems to be gathering.
There’s no telling when the next earthquake will happen.
So, seize the chance and cultivate here for breakthroughs.”

A Half-Merman asked, “My lord, the gathering of spiritual energy is rather uncanny.
Is it possible that someone is stealing our spiritual energy?”

The boss looked at the Half-Merman as if he were an idiot.
“Are you stupid? The spiritual energy will be gone soon if someone is stealing it.
Do you think you’ll have a chance to cultivate at all?”

Inside the mountain.

Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan looked at the spiritual stones that they left on the way and planned to collect on their way back.
At this moment, spiritual energy was popping up in a certain direction.
It seemed that someone was absorbing the spiritual energy.

Han Fei’s eyes bulged.
“Isn’t it too outrageous? Are they enjoying the spiritual stones that we’ve dug out so strenuously?”

Xia Xiaochan was quite lost for words.
“Those guys must be cultivating up above.
What do we do? How can we catch anyone?”

Han Fei’s face was dark.
“Cultivating? Did I dig up the spiritual stones for them to cultivate?”

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “There must be a lot of demonic stones at the bottom of the spring of demonic Qi, right? What do you think we replace the spiritual stones with demonic stones?”

Xia Xiaochan grinned.
“That’s a good idea! It will be hard for them to transform the demonic Qi if they recklessly absorb too much of it.
There may even be conflicts in their body.
It will give us a chance to catch them.”

The Hexagon Starfish asked, “Can we take those spiritual stones away now?”

Han Fei considered for a moment and said, “No.
Let them just absorb the spiritual energy for now.
We’ll go back and dig up the demonic stones.”

Xia Xiaochan said, “I can go back and dig for the demonic stones.
You can cultivate with them here! Later, I’ll replace the spiritual stones with demonic stones.
Theoretically speaking, it won’t cause the tunnel to collapse.”

Han Fei realized that it did make sense, so he nodded and said, “Okay, then be quick about it.
I’ll absorb the spiritual energy.”

Xia Xiaochan went back to dig up demonic stones.

Han Fei created multiple Spirit Gathering Arrays, and spiritual energy rolled at him crazily.

Han Fei sneered.
Do you think I’ve been digging the spiritual stones so hard just for you to cultivate? Leave some for me!

Above the mountain.

A Half-Merman asked in surprise, “Why is it hard to absorb the spiritual energy now?”

A Half-Merman was suspicious.
“Hiss! Spiritual energy is gathering underground.
Has the mountain ridge been connected to a mother lode of spiritual energy?”

The Half-Merman boss scanned again and again and said in comfort, “I chose this place as our main peak exactly because I thought it would be a place where spiritual energy would gather.
It may be late for years, but it’s finally gathering!”

Someone instantly adulated him, “My lord, you were truly visionary.
However, my lord, it seems that the spiritual energy isn’t easy to absorb.”

The Half-Merman leader sneered.
“Of course.
The spiritual energy isn’t stable yet after the earthquake, so it can’t be easy for you to absorb it! Just wait a moment.
It should be fine very soon.”

Below the mountain.

Seated inside a Spirit Gathering Array, Han Fei cursed, “You want to compete over resources with me? Come on, let’s absorb.”

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