Chapter 734: Appearance of the Heavenly Cicada

When Han Fei and the others absorbed the Spirit Awakening Fluid, the Half-Mermen up above were shocked too.

“There’s Spirit Awakening Fluid underneath the spring of demonic Qi?”

The Half-Merman leader and his subordinates all gasped.
It was a secret that even they did not know!

After all, none of them could weather through the spring of demonic Qi.

The Half-Merman boss roared, and waves spread out.
Although he couldn’t come in, he was a top expert anyway and it wasn’t hard for him to fight over the Spirit Awakening Fluid.

So, while Xia Xiaochan, Little Black, Little White and the others crazily absorbed the Spirit Awakening Fluid, Han Fei suddenly realized that tens of thousands of kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid was pumped up.

Immediately, he got anxious and tried to block the well with the Infinity Water.
He also planned to stock the Spirit Awakening Fluid in Forge the Universe if he didn’t have a choice.
He wasn’t going to give it away to the Half-Mermaids anyway.

It all happened very fast.
After only one minute, Han Fei saw that the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp had a breakthrough, Little Black and Little White were emitting weird brilliance, and Little Gold seemed about to make a breakthrough too.

The Spirit Awakening Fluid inside the pit dwindled at a visible speed.

Han Fei couldn’t have felt more regretful.
All of them were greedy gourmets!

Up above, seeing that he couldn’t pump it up anymore, the Half-Merman burst into rage.
“Shameless human being, I’ll put ten thousand harpoons into you after you come out.”

He roared, “All of you, get out and lock down the Sea Demon Mountain both here and on the surface! Not a single fish is allowed to get out.”

“Yes, my lord!”

All the Half-Mermaids accepted the order.
They were all excited to know that there was Spirit Awakening Fluid underneath the demonic Qi barrier.
It must be noted that there were a lot of places like the Sea Demon Mountain.

This was not the only place that had a demonic Qi barrier!

If the news spread out and the sea demons dug out the Spirit Awakening Fluid, they would be greatly strengthened.
It would even be possible for them to become Sea Spirits and great demons.

Inside the pit.

Han Fei saw that Little Black and Little White had stopped absorbing the Spirit Awakening Fluid.
The two creatures swam around him, as if they were performing a ritual for the breakthrough.

Little Fatty had eaten so much that it was filled up.
It seemed to be making a breakthrough too.

The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and Little Gold were both level-38 earlier, so they were relatively slow.
However, they had both reached level-39, and considering their speed, they might get into level-40 soon.

However, there was less and less Spirit Awakening Fluid left in the pit.
The Half-Merman pumped ten thousand kilograms away, the Hexagon Starfish stole some, and Little Black, Little White and Xia Xiaochan had been swallowing crazily.
At this moment, only half of the Spirit Awakening Fluid was left.


Han Fei felt regretful just looking at it.
At this moment, the Spirit Awakening Fluid was being pumped away in tons!

He wanted to store some for himself, but for some reason, Xia Xiaochan was still swallowing it.

Anyone in such a situation could tell that Xia Xiaochan wasn’t simple.

Earlier, Han Fei only swallowed several thousand kilograms, and he already felt that he hit the limit and the Spirit Awakening Fluid couldn’t improve himself anymore.

He didn’t feel that the Spirit Awakening Fluid was useful again until the demonic Qi invaded his body just now.

But Xia Xiaochan was different.
She kept sucking and sucking without any stop.

After several minutes, Han Fei saw that there were twenty thousand kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid left.
The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and the others had all stopped swallowing, but Xia Xiaochan still was.

Han Fei gritted his teeth and covered all the remaining Spirit Awakening Fluid on Xia Xiaochan with the seawater.

The Spirit Awakening Fluid disappeared at a visible speed, and Xia Xiaochan became more and more brilliant.


All of a sudden, Han Fei heard a noise that came from Xia Xiaochan’s body.

“Zhi? What does that mean?”


The noise came again.

Han Fei tried to prick his ears.
He was sure that it wasn’t Xia Xiaochan who was talking!


After only one moment, there was only ten thousand kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid left.

Han Fei was quite worried that it was not enough for Xia Xiaochan.

Han Fei shouted, “Mr.
Hexagon Starfish, discharge the Spirit Awakening Fluid for Xia Xiaochan to use.”

The Hexagon Starfish also knew that it was a critical moment and offered ten thousand kilograms to Xia Xiaochan generously.

Han Fei glanced at it.
“Don’t drink the rest yet, in case it isn’t enough.”


Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was quite bummed.
What was that supposed to mean?


All of a sudden, a horrifying and holy light burst out from Xia Xiaochan’s body, knocking Han Fei, the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, and the others away into the wall.

“Zhi… Liao…”

At that moment, time and the sea seemed to be frozen.

Han Fei felt that a sound that came from an extremely distant land echoed in his ears.

What Han Fei didn’t know was that the Half-Merman boss up above fell on his knees the moment he heard the sound.
His heart trembled with indescribable fear.

At the same time, Old Bai, who was far away in Blue Sea Town, suddenly heard a sound from the sky.

“Zhi… Liao…”

Old Bai suddenly rose from his chair and said in shock, “How can she be so fast?”

On the Scattered Stars Island, Xue Shenqi raised his head and looked at the sky, before he asked in confusion, “What’s that sound? It covers hundreds of thousands of square kilometers.”

In the Thousand Star City, many people were searching for the source of the sound too.

Countless people were looking at the sky from various places.

Someone exclaimed, “Huh? What’s that sound?”

Someone laughed.
“It must be some guy making fun.
I’ve never heard that sound before.”

Some top experts were astounded.
“What an astonishing sound.
Where is it from?”

Someone stood in the void and performed divination.
Then they became solemn.
“This sound matches natural rules and covers a wide range.
Who is it? Is an unparalleled expert going to emerge among human beings?”

Billions of kilometers away, inside a splendid palace, a middle-aged open suddenly opened his eyes.

“This is a disgrace of our family… That bastard is still alive… Find her and kill her.”

After the middle-aged said that, hundreds of streaks of light dispersed from the sky.

Outside of the Scattered Stars Island, beyond the boundless sea, in the distant sky that nobody knew where it was.

“Zhi… Liao…”

When the sound echoed, a young man suddenly opened his eyes.

“The Heavenly Cicada has been born… Is it her?”

After he said this, he walked forward, and he reached the boundless sea after merely one step.

“Zhi… Liao…”

The young man frowned.
“It’s the second sound.”

The young man stepped again and appeared in the terrifying waters.
A dragon that was thousands of meters long attempted to tear apart the stranger.

However, the young man pointed his finger, and the roaring dragon was instantly crumbled into a rain of blood.

As if he had done something trivial, the young man made a third step.

After this step, the young man had already crossed the boundless sea and appeared in a place that was peaceful and tranquil.

“Zhi… Liao…”

After hearing the third sound, the young man frowned even harder.

“There’s no time.
When a Heavenly Cicada appears, it lets out three world-shaking hums.
I have to find her before the third sound dies down.”

As he spoke, while the young man’s own body still stood there, a shadow left his body, tore apart the space, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Inside the cave in the Sea Demon Mountain.

Han Fei vomited blood.
He knew that something huge would happen the moment the cicada hum echoed.

He saw that a cicada-shaped shadow was flapping its wings above Xia Xiaochan’s head.

It was merely a cicada, yet it was most sacred in Han Fei’s eyes, as if nothing else in the world was as holy as that.


Han Fei saw that a pair of transparent wings was unfolding on Xia Xiaochan’s back…

Xia Xiaochan clearly seemed to be struggling.

She then opened her eyes slowly, only to see that Han Fei was staring at her in shock.

Xia Xiaochan seemed slightly confused.
“What’s wrong?”

Han Fei’s eyelids shivered.
Then he quickly said, “Look at your side.”

At a loss, Xia Xiaochan turned her head aside, only to be astounded by the wings on her back.
Had it not been for the colorful brilliance on the wings, she wouldn’t even have recognized them.

Xia Xiaochan looked at Han Fei, stunned, and said with tears, “Why have I grown wings too?”

Han Fei stepped forward and came to Xia Xiaochan.
“Don’t panic.
It’s not a big problem.
You’re probably not fully evolved yet.
Here, I’ve just found a way for you to turn into a human.
You can practice it first, so that we can go back to the Scattered Stars Island.”

Then, Han Fei took out the Demon Spirit Shift and gave it to Xia Xiaochan.

Han Fei knew that this thing was big, and that he’d better go back and ask for Old Jiang’s help.

Yes, he decided to use the last resort.

He didn’t think it could be kept a secret anymore, and he needed to find someone who could protect Xia Xiaochan.


However, the moment after Han Fei said that, the wall cracked, and the whole mountain fell apart.

If it merely fell apart, Han Fei might have thought that it was the result after he and Xia Xiaochan drained the Spirit Awakening Fluid in this place.

However, what happened next made him realize that it wasn’t so simple…

It was because the whole mountain was flying away.

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