Chapter 742: Azure Sea Blue Demon

The treasure troves in the Unknown Place were quite well hidden.

Han Fei had wandered here for a long time, but he hadn’t met a single decent treasure trove yet.

Yet, the one before his eyes was glowing.
It was clearly extraordinary.

“Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, let’s go.”

He rushed forward on the shrimp, followed by a bunch of Red Fox Fish.
Over these days, Han Fei had found that not all creatures in the sea were fighting another.
Some of them would regard Inferior Man-Fish as their own kind and wouldn’t attack them.

Not just the Red Fox Fish, but the Flying Fish and the Silver-Scaled Fish were also friendly.

A moment later, Han Fei had already reached the treasure trove.

However, before he broke in, he saw that a Half-Merman and two Red Demons jumped out of the treasure trove.

The Half-Merman saw Han Fei the moment he appeared.
He was quite shocked.

Han Fei was quite shocked too.

He didn’t know that the treasure trove was glowing because it had been explored by the Half-Mermen.

Han Fei quickly stopped the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and held Needle tightly.
He thought that he could kill the Half-Merman and the two Red Demons if they were alone.

But in the next moment, another Half-Merman appeared and made Han Fei drop the idea.

If he were in his original human form, he might have charged at them.

But unfortunately, he was an Inferior Man-Fish, and he wasn’t used to his body yet.
He had to count on his physical strength and Little Gold in a fight.

If a Half-Mermaid Heavenly Talent was here, he might be crushed at the bottom of the sea by them.

The two Red Demons were about to attack, but the Half-Merman stopped them.

The Half-Merman let out a cry, “Ji li gu lu…”

Han Fei tilted his head: “???”

The other Half-Merman pointed at Han Fei.
“Ji li gu lu…”

Han Fei realized that he didn’t understand at all! What kind of language was that? There were even bubbles when they talked!

Han Fei wondered if he had betrayed himself.

So, he recalled the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and Needle and gathered demonic Qi under his feet, wondering if he should summon Little Gold and run off.

However, he heard a weird voice in his head the next moment.
There was no telling what caused it, but it was imprinted in his head and he understood it.

Inferior sea demon who has just awakened, don’t be nervous.
Succumb to me and I’ll teach you the sea demons’ language.

Han Fei had a strange feeling.

All the Half-Mermaids he saw could speak human language.
He never had such an experience where a guy imprinted words in his brain with mental power.

Han Fei thought for a moment and quickly nodded.

The sea demons had their own language.
If he learned the language, wouldn’t he be able to blend into the sea demons? They all said that the sea demons had great treasures.
He might make a fortune from them.

The two Half-Mermen both smiled, but Han Fei could tell that their smile was weird.

Open your mind and don’t resist.
I’ll etch the sea demon language into your soul.

Han Fei couldn’t have felt more terrible as he thought to himself, You want to touch my soul? Why do you think I would let you?

If he abandoned resistance, it would be very easy for them to control him and do anything to him.

Of course, Han Fei was not such an idiot.

He nodded his head, pretending to be ignorant, while he planned to launch a critical attack on the enemy when they invaded his soul.
With Little Gold’s Lightning Blade that hadn’t been used yet, it shouldn’t be a problem to kill two Half-Mermen.

As for the two Red Demons, they weren’t as talented as the Half-Mermen.
The sea demons didn’t think that they could kill him.
Even though they were peak-level Red Demons, it wasn’t like he was a real Inferior Man-Fish.

Right when the Half-Merman was about to unleash his mental power and Han Fei was about to counterattack.


Another person appeared, and Han Fei subconsciously stepped back.

It was not because he was caught unprepared by the stranger, but because he knew the Half-Mermaid who just appeared.

Yu Ji?

Han Fei was briefly stunned. Why would Yu Ji be in this place?

Shouldn’t she be somewhere near the Scattered Stars Island?

This place was so far away from the Scattered Stars Island that even Little White had lost the way, yet they had met here?

More importantly, Yu Ji was quite strong, so the other two Half-Mermen were likely Heavenly Talents too.
He might be no match for them since he hadn’t fully controlled his power yet.

Now that Yu Ji had shown up, it was further unrealistic for Han Fei to kill those sea demons on his own.

If he were in his human form, he might’ve tried his luck.

However, Yu Ji was a Half-Mermaid who had a real Divine Weapon.
She was too strong for him to kill her in his current status.

Yu Ji was surprised to see Han Fei and exclaimed, “Where is this Azure Sea Blue Demon from?”

Han Fei couldn’t understand what Yu Ji said, but he could see her surprise.

It quite puzzled Han Fei.
Shouldn’t the Inferior Man-Fish be cannon fodder in the eyes of the Half-Mermen and Half-Mermaids? Why was she so surprised to see him?

One of the Half-Mermen slightly changed his expression.
“Yu Ji, he must be a newly-awakened Azure Sea Blue Demon.
However, I saw him first, and he’s already mine.”

Yu Ji frowned.
“You’re going to take him? Is he willing?”

The Half-Merman spoke to Han Fei telepathically again, Open your mind and I’ll teach you the sea demon language.

Han Fei’s eyes flashed.
His big eyes were filled with vigilance and confusion, and Yu Ji was quite confused.

In the next moment, when Han Fei sensed that a mental power was about to invade his soul, he blocked it with his own mental power, and the Half-Merman staggered and had blood on his lips.

“Damn it, you’re asking to be killed!”

The Half-Merman raised his harpoon and aimed at Han Fei.
Knowing that he couldn’t defeat the enemy, Han Fei decided to run.

However, the moment the Half-Merman raised the harpoon, Yu Ji slapped it aside.
“Yu Yue, did you trick the Azure Sea Blue Demon because you want to invade his soul and make him your slave?”

The Half-Merman looked rather awful.
“Yu Ji, I came here first and saw the Azure Sea Blue Demon first.
Are you going to loot him from me?”

Yu Ji sneered.
“Who gives you the courage to challenge my authority?”

Yu Yue briefly stagnated as if he thought of something.
He lowered his head regretfully.

Han Fei hadn’t run off yet, and he witnessed the internal conflict.

Was it for him? Why would Yu Ji help him when they didn’t know each other at all?

Yu Ji turned around and threw a jade slip that was full of demonic Qi at Han Fei, while she imprinted words in Han Fei’s head.
“Don’t be fooled.
You are an Azure Sea Blue Demon.
You’re as honorable as him.
Don’t open your soul to others.
This is a language slip.
You only need to fill demonic Qi into it to learn the sea demon language quickly.”

Han Fei was briefly stunned.
Azure Sea Blue Demon? What was that? Wasn’t he an Inferior Man-Fish? How did he become an Azure Sea Blue Demon?

However, Han Fei’s speculation was correct.
That Half-Merman was indeed trying to trick him into opening his soul! Vicious… He had to kill that guy sooner or later.

Han Fei didn’t care if there was any trap in Yu Ji’s jade slip.
With the Demon Purification Pot here, he wasn’t scared of being possessed at all, and no traps could really threaten him.

Han Fei held the jade slip and scanned it.
A moment later, a brand-new language appeared in his consciousness out of nowhere.

After only one minute, he had mastered a new language?

Yu Ji asked, “Do you understand me now? You’ve just awakened.
Don’t trust other people easily, or disasters may happen to you.”

Of course Han Fei got it.
It seemed that they had mistaken him for a newly-awakened sea demon.

Han Fei was instantly lost for words.
Could a newly-awakened sea demon be as strong as me? Do you not use your brains at all?

However, Han Fei would rather they were silly.

At this moment, Han Fei bared his fangs and replied hoarsely, “I… Do… Thank you.”

Yu Ji’s eyes glittered.
“Huh! Can you talk already? You even expressed your gratitude! You must be one of the stronger Azure Sea Blue Demons.”

Han Fei pretended to be vigilant.
“What… Are… Azure Sea… Blue Demon?”

Yu Ji grinned while the Half-Mermen stared at her angrily.
“It will take me a long time to explain that.
The Azure Sea Blue Demons are sea demons who have much more potential than regular sea demons.
Even the regular sea demons cannot compare to you, unless they’re Crimson Blood Red Demons… Even few Half-Mermen are as promising as you.”

Han Fei pretended to be silly.
He looked at the two Red Demons.
“Red… Demons?”

The two Red Demons looked rather unfriendly.
In their eyes, Azure Sea Blue Demons were just regular sea demons.
Why should they be superior?

Yu Ji stepped forward, and Han Fei immediately moved back.

The Half-Merman said, “Yu Ji, the newly-awakened Azure Sea Blue Demon is too ignorant.
If you want him to obey you, just teach him a lesson.”

Yu Ji glanced at him coldly.
“Shut up.”

Han Fei wasn’t an idiot.
He knew that the Half-Merman probably was probably warning him of Yu Ji.

However, after he had expressed it so obviously, wouldn’t it be unreasonable if he pretended that he didn’t get a hint?

Immediately, Han Fei stepped back again and warily looked at everybody including Yu Ji.

Yu Ji slightly frowned and glanced at the Half-Merman again.
Then she took out a harpoon and a jade slip and threw them at him.
“This weapon and this battle technique are yours.
We’re both sea demons.
I won’t stop you if you want to leave, but if you want to stay, you can follow me… Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to be my slave.”

Han Fei accepted a harpoon and said to himself, I have a golden harpoon, which is much fancier than this weapon!

But as a newly-awakened sea demon, he showed enough curiosity about the weapon.
He seized the jade slip and looked into it.
Instantly, a piece of information popped up.

Transient Golden Spear (Demon-Level, High-Quality)

Introduction: This is a battle technique of sea demons that can be used in offense and defense.
When it attacks, it can point stars and break waves; when it defends, it spins water as a shield.

Superseding Art: Unparalleled Water Splitting Spear

Deduction Cost: 0/2,000,000

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