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“Wow! How is he so fast?”

“Oh my god, he has done the copying so fast?”

Someone exclaimed, “Look, he has entered the 39th floor.”

Another ten minutes later, they were shocked again.
“Number one, he is number one again.”

“Look, the 41st floor.”

“F*ck, Floor 49?”

“This is insane! He’s already on the 54th floor.”

The crowd was in a great uproar again.

It was like Han Fei was shopping, strolling casually in the demon realm.
He was already very proficient in collecting these ownerless souls.

Although it was still a bit jerky in copying these words, it would only take him about ten minutes to finish the copying.
It was not difficult at all.

Seeing the teleportation array of the 55th floor open, Han Fei scratched his head.
“I wonder what awaits me on this floor.”

He stepped in.


In an instant, Han Fei guarded his soul, as a large and strange sound was trying to attack his mind accompanied by a spiritual impact.

Needless to see, it was Tsunami Jellyfish.

When he left the Scattered Star Island, he sealed a Tsunami Jellyfish in the Blood-Drinking Knife.
And then the knife became almost invincible! Tsunami Jellyfish was literally the best creature to seal in a weapon.

But at this moment, what Han Fei saw was not one or two Tsunami Jellyfish, but a whole flock.

Han Fei felt his ears ringing.
However, it was better than last time.
His nose and mouth didn’t bleed because he was prepared.

“Spirit Splitting Technique!”

One after another faint blue flame floated out, and the fight with the ownerless souls started again.


After about fifteen minutes, Han Fei vomited a mouthful of blood.
However, he was smiling.
He was sure to pass this floor.

Half an hour later, when his soul returned, he felt it stronger than he had ever felt.
Since entering the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm, his soul had grown by at least 30%.

As expected by Han Fei, from the 56th floor up, it was copying again.

This time, copying became much more difficult.
Han Fei frowned slightly.
“Fortunately, it’s still doable.
Not a big problem.”

The sea demons outside were exclaiming, but Han Fei couldn’t hear it.

He was very excited at the moment.
He went up floors one after another, with almost no obstacles.

When Han Fei reached the 71st floor, copying had become very difficult.
However, it only took him half an hour to pass this floor.

Outside the demon realm.

Yu Ji and the other Heavenly Talents were all shocked.

Yu Ji murmured, “Already on Floor 71? Can he go up to Floor 72?”

Yu Yun and the others were dumbfounded.
“No! Floor 72 belongs to Half-Mermaids and Half-Mermen, not an Azure Sea Blue Demon.”

The breathing of Chixue Huan and other strong masters also became rapid.

On the side, Yu Hanjia said calmly, “He won’t be able to enter Floor 72.
No one has done so since ancient times.”

Chixue Huan shook his head.
“That’s not for certain.
Nothing is impossible for a true Heavenly Talent.”

While everyone was waiting anxiously, a terrifying suppressing power fell on them, and all the sea demons quickly put their hands on their chests and bowed their heads to greet this presence.
“King Feather.”

In their fields of vision, a person appeared.
If Han Fei were here, he would have called out in shock.
This was a person, a strong master who looked exactly like a human.

Blue Feather stood with his hand behind his back, staring at the Demon Stele, and shook his head slightly, indicating that they didn’t need to mind him.

At the moment he arrived, suddenly, Han Fei’s name appeared on the 72nd floor.


The crowd was excited, and someone exclaimed.

“He did it.
He has cleared all the floors of the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm!”

“God, from today on, no one will dare to underestimate Yu Fei.”

“A true Heavenly Talent! Since the birth of the Ten Thousand Demon Valley, no one has been more gifted than him!”


Blue Feather smiled.
“Has someone finally entered Floor 72?”

Chixue Huan was inexplicably excited.
In the entire Ten Thousand Demon Valley, in the future, he and Yu Fei would be the closest! They were both red demons, which laid the foundation for their relationship.

Chixue Huan even wondered, shall he cancel the agreement with Han Fei?

How could such a peerless talent be restrained? If he could build up a friendship with him, he would definitely benefit from it in the future.

Chixue Huan even thought this was not Yu Fei’s chance, but his own.

However, when Han Fei stepped onto the 72nd floor, a voice rang in his ears.

“You’ve finally come.”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Who are you?”

The owner of that voice didn’t answer.
However, a shadow was condensed in the water.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

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