Chapter 778: Opening of the Treasure Trove

After Blue Feather and the others were gone, Hai Xinlan, a Half-Mermaid, was left behind.
She said, “Let’s split you up into different groups.”

In the following days, everybody waited for the seal to loosen and nobody dared to leave.
Some didn’t carry enough equipment, and some wanted to buy spiritual fruits.
They needed someone to run errands for them.

According to their levels and strength, Han Fei and Yu Ji were assigned to the same group, which was understandable.
After all, both of them were trained by Eight Wings of Blue Feather.

Of course, another reason was that Han Fei was taken back by Yu Ji, so it was her responsibility to watch over him.

There were altogether ten members in the team.
Apart from Han Fei and Yu Ji who were rather famous, there was another famous Heavenly Talent named Yu Ying.

Han Fei found the name rather familiar.
He searched his memories for a while and remembered that the guy was the owner of one of the refining stores he robbed a couple of days earlier.

He robbed the stores by splitting his soul, so he didn’t remember it earlier.
At this moment, it occurred to him that Yu Ying’s store sold ultra-quality demonic weapons, but he had stolen all her tools for refining.

Han Fei was delighted at the thought of that.
He said to himself, Your belongings are only several meters away, bite me!

Of course, Han Fei only thought that to himself and didn’t underestimate Yu Ying.

Even someone as talented as Yu Ji could only sell high-quality demonic weapons in her store.
Yet, Yu Ying had divine refining platforms to craft ultra-quality weapons.
She must be very strong.

The leader of Han Fei’s team was named Yu Hun.
He was said to be a peak-level sea demon who had returned from the front line.

He wore a silver mask that covered half of his face, which made him look rather mysterious.

Yu Hun was telling stories to others,”Little guys, you’ve never seen the carnage and ferocity on the real battlefield in the front line.
One time, I led a raid towards a place named Inferno Beach on the Scattered Stars Island.
I brought five hundred soldiers with me.
How many of them do you think survived in the end?”

Some Heavenly Talents who had never been to a battlefield asked curiously, “How many?”

Yu Hun chuckled.
The others were all killed.”


Everybody, including Yu Ji, gasped hard.
Naturally, Han Fei gasped too as others did.

Yu Hun curled his lips and smiled.
“However, our achievement was remarkable too.
The raid was successful.
We destroyed a brigade on the beach and killed a Hidden Fisher.”

Han Fei’s pupils contracted.
A brigade?

“Damn it.”

Han Fei’s head was cold.
He looked at Yu Hun as if the man were dead fish, determined to kill him in the secret treasure trove.

Yu Hun was still bragging.
“Do you know that human beings love high-quality pearls? High-quality pearls can only be reaped from the Sea of Pearls.
Eight years ago, a total war burst out between humans and sea demons.
Lord Yu Hanjian of the Eight Wings of Blue Feather took us to the Sea of Pearls to fight human beings… In that battle, the seawater turned red as if the Bloodthirsty Sesame Shrimps passed the area.
It was bloody and gory.”

Someone asked, “What happened later? Which side won?”

Yu Hun said with mixed feelings, “It’s hard to say.
In any case, both sides suffered heavy casualties.
More than three thousand human beings were killed in that battle…”

Yu Hun didn’t seem interested in talking more about that question.
He pointed at the mask on his face and said, “Do you know why I have to wear a mask?”

Everybody shook their heads.

Yu Hun chuckled and took off the silver mask.

Han Fei saw that his face that was covered by the mask was full of wrinkles and burns and looked no better than that on a skeleton.


Before everybody gasped, Yu Ji had put on the mask again and chuckled hoarsely.
“That was caused by the slap of a Law Enforcer, which equaled Eight Wings of Blue Feather.
I was almost killed back then, but then he was killed by Lord Yu Beichen and Lord Chixue Huan together.
I was so close to death back then.”

Han Fei’s face got more and more indifferent. You’re talking about human beings’ failures to a human being?

Yu Ying looked at Han Fei.
“Yu Ying, you don’t look so well.”

Han Fei was briefly stunned and then shook his head.
“I was imagining the picture.”

Yu Hun chuckled.
“Don’t be shocked yet.
I have more stories to tell…”

Before he finished his sentence, everybody felt that the soil trembled.

Instantly, everybody concentrated their attention, and someone descended from the sky.
It was none other than Blue Feather.

Blue Feather roared, “Attention, everybody.
The treasure trove is about to open.
Be prepared to go in.”

As Blue Feather finished his announcement, the Earth Fire Platform trembled violently, and six curled stones at the center of the Earth Fire Platform opened and revealed a dark hole.

Dense spiritual energy was spurted out of the hole, making everybody anxious and hopeful.

Usually, a place with such an intensity of spiritual energy was either a sanctuary for training or extremely dangerous

“Let’s go in!”

After Blue Feather gave the command, the captains of all teams roared at the same time, “Let’s go! Keep up with me!”

On the Scattered Stars Island, in an underground cave in the Transverse Mountain, Xue Shenqi had shown up in person.

In front of Xue Shenqi was a team of more than a hundred explorers including Luo Xiaobai and Le Renkuang.

Luo Xiaobai stood in front of the team.
She couldn’t keep her identity as a Divine Manipulator a secret to the leadership of the Scattered Stars Island, so she was leading an independent squad that included three other manipulators, two armorists, two spirit gatherers, one soul warrior and one hunter.

Le Renkuang was one of the armorists.
In an ocean of spiritual plants, Luo Xiaobai and Le Renkuang would be a lot stronger.

At this moment, Le Renkuang remarked, “If Han Fei were here, he would have definitely come after hearing that there are so many treasures here.”

Le Renkuang was no longer what he used to be several months earlier.
As a member of the Thug Academy, he knew that Han Fei’s Life Tablet was broken.

Le Renkuang blamed himself for not going together with Han Fei back then.

Zhang Xuanyu almost fell out with him too.
He couldn’t even enjoy his food anymore.
To this day, he couldn’t drop the incident behind.
When he heard about the channel of spiritual plants, he instantly remembered Han Fei.

Luo Xiaobai let out a hum and said with her eyes at a loss, “This is one of his favorite places.”

Le Renkuang scratched his head.
“I hope that Zhang Xuanyu is fine outside.
The Scattered Stars Island and the sea demons are already at war.
We’re the only two here now.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded.
“Don’t worry.
I got this.”

Exactly at this moment, a blue sprint began to boil inside the cave.

Xue Shenqi roared, “Go inside! Cherish your life no matter what you run into.”

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Things flashed in front of Han Fei’s eyes.

His eyes were filled with greenness after only one moment.
Then, he was so chilled as if he had just chugged a bottle of pop.

The spiritual energy that was at least five times more intense than the outside world made everybody feel that they had suddenly moved from a hot desert to a snowy world.

The moment he came to this place, Han Fei sensed that the Demon Purification Pot shivered in his head.

“Huh? The Demon Purification Pot moved uncannily?”

Han Fei knew that the secret trove couldn’t be simple.
Something in this place must’ve attracted the Demon Purification Pot.

After everybody calmed down, they found a lot of impurities in the greenness.
There were all kinds of colors here, and green was simply the most prominent background color.

Below Han Fei’s feet were large yellow and pink patches of coral.
There was seaweed in every corner too.

He also saw countless algae that were hundreds of meters long.
They lay here and there like trees that had been cut down.
Up above, the leaves of the plants floated dozens of meters away.

Occasionally, trees that were full of mosses could be found among the algae.
Every leaf on the tree looked like algae.
Even the smallest of them could be a dozen meters long.

This was a real forest of algae, which was even thicker than the Deep-Sea Jungle that Han Fei had seen before.

Here, bright yellow fish swam among the algae, yellow crabs crawled on the stone and mud, long-tailed fish with blue and black stripes escaped to the coral in panic, white lobsters that were as skinny as skeletons were drifting away, the transparent sea hair that was attached to the giant algae blinked and disappeared, and some weird ribbons that were flashing non stop suddenly died out…

Han Fei mumbled, “What a dreamy undersea forest!”

Before Han Fei could observe more of the creatures here, the captains of different teams called out to their team.

Someone roared, “This channel is too large.
All teams will disperse.
Unleash Demon Shrill if you’re in danger.”

Han Fei frowned and looked at Yu Ji.
“What’s Demon Shrill?”

Yu Ji glanced at Han Fei.
“It’s a special way of uttering sound for us Half-Mermaids and Half-Mermen.
They can burst out shrills in emergencies and send signals for help to three hundred kilometers.
You’d better pray that you don’t hear that, because it means that someone is dying.”

Han Fei secretly chuckled. I’m praying and looking forward to that.
Good thing that all the teams are split up, or I won’t have a chance to kill you…”

The teams had split up and were swimming to the direction they chose.

Yu Hun roared, “Follow me!”

Eleven members including Yu Hun charged at the jungle of algae, and the regular fish all ran away.

After swimming for twenty kilometers, nobody saw anything unusual.

There was nothing but giant algae and occasional trees nearby.

Han Fei had been looking around.
He saw a lot of creatures, but they weren’t very strong and didn’t launch any attacks.

“Huh? Why are there not powerful creatures here when the spiritual energy is so exuberant?”

A Half-Merman descended to the bottom of the sea and laid his hand on the seabed, as if he were sensing something.


All of a sudden, before anyone could react, three sharp stings that looked like iron thorns extended from the bottom of the sea and penetrated the Half-Merman Heavenly Talent.

The moment the stings emerged, thousands of vines the width of thumbs tied up the Half-Merman.

Han Fei was quite shocked too.
He gasped at the information in his eyes.
Was it a Hundred-Year Tree Demon?

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