Chapter 811: Challenge the Dark Hunter Legion Again

Han Fei’s waist tag had been completely shattered when he was killed by Chun Huangdian.

On the Scattered Stars Island, anyone without a waist tag would be investigated, whatever they looked like.

Han Fei was only able to sneak to the Skeleton Shore because he was very familiar with the terrain.

Even so, he was still almost discovered by Hidden Fishers at the edge of the sea.
He took quite a few detours before he finally snuck onto the Skeleton Shore.

Three days passed.

In the Dark Hunter Legion’s bluish forest, nobody could be seen at all.
The only sound was the chewing noise when someone was having food.

For hunters, the most important thing was to hide themselves.
They always communicated telepathically.

Gong Wenhai and Yang Ying had each grown into the captain role of a squad.

They had also reached the peak of the Hanging Fisher level during the year.
After multiple hunting missions, they were almost Hidden Fishers.

At this moment, Gong Wenhai was stuffing dried fish unhurriedly into his mouth while he spoke to Yang Ying telepathically, Eleven teams have been sent, yet they’ve found nothing about the mysterious expert.
I don’t want to waste all my time on searching for someone.
Besides, he’s as strong as a Hidden Fisher, and we might not be able to find him at all!

Yang Ying said casually, “We’ll go if it’s our mission.
The deputy commander is out this time.
I don’t think we need to do anything.”

Gong Wenhai secretly chuckled.
“Yang Ying, I find that you’re getting talkative.
You’ve rarely opened your mouth in the past.”

Yang Ying put on a vague smile.
“Isn’t it a good thing?”

Gong Wenhai said, “Yes, it is a good thing.
But you’ve been training too hard ever since that incident.
You need to relax once in a while.
All the other girls go shopping during holidays.
Do you want me to go shopping with you tomorrow?”

Yang Ying glanced at Gong Wenhai coldly, “Are you trying to hit on me?”

Gong Wenhai smiled awkwardly.
“We’re the only members left of our old team, so we should bond with each other.”

Yang Ying sneered coldly.
“You’ve already forgotten Xia Xiaochan?”

Gong Wenhai’s lips curled.
“What are you talking about? I was indeed into Xia Xiaochan, until she betrayed us.
Even if she didn’t, she’s probably already dead after such a long time.
Also, it occurred to me that I don’t like girls who are too proud…”

Yang Ying glimpsed at Gong Wenhai and then jumped to another tree.

She had heard Gong Wenhai saying the same thing to multiple girls.
Did he really think that she was a fool?

Thinking about that, Yang Ying put on a cold smile.

In a way, she had successfully got back at Xia Xiaochan and Han Fei.

However, she also witnessed their love.

She couldn’t have hated them more for that.

She didn’t think that they deserved such wonderful love at all.

Guan Qingyan, on the other hand, leaned close and said telepathically, Yang Ying, why are you leaving? Let me tell you, Guan Qingyan and Mu Jia’er worked out a way to make Semi-Divine weapons.
Haven’t you always wanted Semi-Divine Daggers? I pulled some strings and got a chance.
If you want, I can take you to them tomorrow.
It’s Semi-Divine weapons we’re talking about!

Yang Ying asked in surprise, “Semi-Divine weapons?”

Gong Wenhai said proudly, “Of course.
You have no idea how many people are waiting in line! I pulled some strings.
With everything coming to this point, it’s time that I told you my real identity.”

Yang Ying looked at Gong Wenhai in shock.
“What other identities do you have?”

Gong Wenhai said unhurriedly, “In fact…”

“Who’s there?”

Before Gong Wenhai could finish, he heard someone shouting not far away.

A hunter suddenly emerged from the shadows and marched to an empty land.

However, a golden fist mark flashed in the void, and the man was flung away.

Gong Wenhai and Yang Ying both flashed out.
As captains, they weren’t weak at all.
It was definitely not a small thing that someone snuck into the Dark Hunter Legion.

However, when they were rushing to the shadow, both Gong Wenhai and Yang Ying were horrified as if something was after them.

They quickly retreated, and Gong Wenhai roared, “Invader!”

Shua! Shua! Shua!

People were coming in all directions.

In the shadow, a stranger dashed out at a horrifying speed.

The moment the stranger dashed, at least twenty hunters took action one after another, and many of the unpredictable daggers hit their target.

However, what dumbfounded them was that the stranger completely ignored their attacks while their daggers clinked against his body.

All of a sudden, dozens of streaks of golden light shone in front of Gong Wenhai and Yang Ying.
They were too fast to be resisted.


Gong Wenhai and Yang Ying were hit multiple times and rolled dozens of meters on the ground.


Gong Wenhai vomited two mouthfuls of blood with broken arms.

He couldn’t be more appalled at this moment.

He cried in shock, “Hidden Fisher! A Hidden Fisher has broken in!”

Yang Ying vomited multiple mouthfuls of blood too.
The moment she was knocked out, she grabbed a Flash Stone.

However, she found that her hand was gone before she could squeeze the Flash Stone.


A devastating scream echoed throughout the woods.

What did a severed hand mean to a hunter? Although the experts could regrow it with secret techniques, it wasn’t easy to do that at all.

When Yang Ying forced herself to calm down from the scream, she saw a man in front of her eyes.

She raised her head.
Then, her eyes were filled with disbelief, fright and shock.

After that, her eyes became full of hatred and brutality.

“It’s you.
You’re still alive?”

Han Fei looked down at Yang Ying with a cold smile.
“Did you never expect me to come back? Did you think that I died out there and nobody knows what you did anymore?”

Seeing that Yang Ying shivered, Han Fei quickly extended his hand and grabbed her neck.


After Han Fei’s punch, Yang Ying vomited a mouthful of blood.
Her internal organs were all deeply wounded by the terrifying force.


“What a bold burglar.
You dare to cause trouble in the Dark Hunter Legion? Do you want to die?”

“Bast*rd, I’m going to kill you!”

“Villain, let go of our captain.”

On the other hand, Gong Wenhai rose back to his feet in fear.
“It’s you? How can it be you? How are you still alive?”

Han Fei titled his head and looked at Gong Wenhai indifferently.
“Sorry, but I don’t think you can give away your Semi-Divine daggers.”

Gong Wenhai was shocked.
Did the guy hear that?

In the next moment, Gong Wenhai roared in a low voice, “Han Fei, you broke into the Dark Hunter Legion and set sail without permission.
This time, you attempted to kill someone the moment you came here.
That’s an unforgivable crime.
Have you considered the consequences?”

“Han Fei?”

More and more people were gathered.
They were all shocked to see Han Fei.

He’s absolutely a lunatic.”

Nobody had killed a fellow human being on the Scattered Stars Island so far.

However, Han Fei was so crazy that he came here even though he knew the consequences.

He mutilated Yang Ying the moment he attacked.

Han Fei was quite unstoppable too last time, but that was because he was supported by the Door-Holding Man who was invincible.

However, he had snuck into the woods on his own this time without being detected by anyone.

Almost at the same time, many people began to call for reinforcements.

At the same time.

Zhang Teng was browsing through some paperwork.
After learning that sea demons were capable of pretending to be human beings, his work got a lot busier.
There were too many people he must investigate.

There were a thousand people on the list from different divisions.
Some of them still needed to be further observed.

All of a sudden, one of his subordinates rushed in panic.
“My lord, my lord…”

Seeing how panicked his subordinate note, Zhang Teng knew that something huge must’ve happened.

However, he was not in a rush at all.
Nothing would be too serious as long as it was on the Scattered Stars Island.

Zhang Teng asked casually, “Where are your manners? You could have reported whatever it was telepathically.”

The subordinate said, “My lord, it’s Han Fei.
Han Fei is back.”


Zhang Teng quickly rose and asked solemnly, “Where is he?”

“He’s at the Dark Hunter Legion.”

Zhang Teng felt that his blood was freezing. The Dark Hunter Legion again! Why didn’t you come to the Scattered Stars Prison? It’s not like I’ll kill you.
Why do you have to go to the Dark Hunter Legion?

Zhang Teng roared, “Wait for me to come back.
I’ll go there and take a look.”

Pei Yi, who was going to the sea for the investigation, considered which direction she should go not far away from the Scattered Stars Island.

Suddenly, she sensed that someone dropped her a message. Deputy commander, come back right now.
Han Fei just broke into the Dark Hunter Legion.

Pei Yi was shocked for a moment.
Then, she shouted with her expression changing drastically, “Turn back and go to the Dark Hunter Legion…”

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