Chapter 839: The Wind Sky Wings

While everybody watched him, Han Fei moved to the depths of the Wind Sky Canyon without hesitation.

The Desolation Gale of such a scale wasn’t a threat to Han Fei at all.

In fact, once he became a Hidden Fisher, he would have to catch a Wind Sky Wing and get the Wind Pearl as soon as possible.
Luo Xiaobai had repeatedly told him before he came that the sooner he took it, the better.

Han Fei moved faster and faster.
After he finally disappeared from everybody’s vision, someone finally remarked, “Five Heavenly Talents have been here this month.
They all want to go to the Desolation Graveyard.
I wonder how it is going with the former four.”

Someone smiled bitterly.
“It has nothing to do with us anyway.
Not everybody can go to the Desolation Graveyard! People as weak as us can only stay here.
Those who are stronger are already on their way to the Desolation Graveyard.
Those who can make it to the Desolation Graveyard are all Heavenly Talents of the Heavenly Talents!”

Someone slightly shook his head.
“I only hope that he can return alive!”

After moving only a hundred kilometers, Han Fei found that the Desolation Gale was already powerful enough to hurt peak-level Hanging Fishers.

He moved several dozen kilometers and sensed that someone was sitting cross-legged and training with the Desolation Gale.

After Han Fei got closer, the stranger glanced at him but didn’t talk to him.

About three hundred kilometers later, Han Fei found that fifty people were training.

When they saw Han Fei, their eyes flashed.
“Are you… Han Fei?”

When he said Han Fei, someone was quite surprised.
“How is it possible? Didn’t Han Fei die on the outer sea?”

The man who said earlier remarked in surprise, “He refined a weapon for me.
I can’t be mistaken.”

Someone asked tentatively, “Han Fei?”

Han Fei slightly nodded.
“Don’t bother me.
Just keep cultivating.”

Immediately, someone frowned.
“Han Fei, where are you from? The outer sea, or the Scattered Stars Island?”

Han Fei knew that the guy wanted to know.
He pointed at his star waist tag casually.
“Six stars.
I just received it.”

Someone was shocked.
Han Fei couldn’t have had more than five stars when he left, yet he had a six-star waist tag at this moment.
He was clearly from the Scattered Stars Island.

After Han Fei walked away, someone finally remarked with mixed feelings, “He’s a tough guy! Everybody thought he died on the outer sea, but he has returned alive.”

Someone looked at Han Fei’s back.
“Is he going to the Desolation Graveyard too? A lot of people died there.”

Someone laughed.
“He dared to go to the sea when he was only an intermediate Hanging Fisher.
Where can he possibly be going if not the Desolation Graveyard?”

Someone shook his head.
“I hope that he doesn’t perish inside.”


Han Fei moved a thousand kilometers against the terrible Desolation Gales and ran into several dozen other people.

He paused, as the Desolation Gales were destructive, even to a peak-level Hanging Fisher.
The ultra-quality battle suit on Han Fei was already full of cracks.

At this moment, the battle suit was shattered, and the Desolation Gale, which was as sharp as blades, caused clicking sounds when it hit Han Fei.

But that wasn’t the reason why he stopped.
He stopped because he sensed the corruptive mist that was mixed in the middle of the Desolation Gale.

The mist was what caused his ultra-quality battle suit to fall apart.

“Desolation Water?”


Han Fei put on a new golden battle suit and took out a Semi-Divine weapon, before he stepped forward again.

Fewer and fewer people were on his way.
He went on for another three hundred kilometers and only found one person who was cultivating.

Over the past 1,500 kilometers, Han Fei had seen many powerful Wind Sky Wings, except that they were mostly hovering three hundred meters above his head.

Some of the Wind Sky Wings approached Han Fei curiously.
One of the Wind Sky Wings that had a wingspan of more than six meters just flew past Han Fei.

Han Fei simply ignored it and moved on.

After two thousand kilometers.

The Desolation Water didn’t appear as mist anymore, but as small pillars of water.


A drop of Desolation Water landed on Han Fei’s golden battle suit, and the power of shaking slightly moved Han Fei’s body.


All of a sudden, Han Fei sensed an anomaly over his head.
A Desolation Gale was falling like a wave.

Han Fei dodged horizontally and found that a Wind Sky Wing with a wingspan of more than eight meters attempted to attack him.

“Huh? You don’t want me to move forward?”

Han Fei launched a golden fist mark to the sky towards the Wind Sky Wing.
However, the Wind Sky Wing was extremely fast and was able to escape in time even though the golden fist mark had appeared out of nowhere.

However, Han Fei put on a smile, because the moment he punched, the Void Lines had darted out and caught one of its wings.

Once a Void Line caught a target, the other Void Lines wouldn’t miss at all, unless the Wind Sky Wing cut off part of its soul the moment it was hit.
Once it hesitated, it would be impossible to escape.

Han Fei sneered.
“You dare to come fifty kilometers close to me?”

Nine Void Lines had caught the Wind Sky Wing, which realized that it was caught.

Its soul struggled, and the Wind Sky Wing seemed to know that it couldn’t possibly escape and came straight at Han Fei.

Information popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

Wind Sky Wing

A strange creature that grows where the winds are the fiercest and lives on the winds.
They’re shy, curious, and fond of flying.
They enjoy bullying creatures weaker than themselves.
When they open their wings, they can raise Desolation Gales.
A human being can get Wind Sky Wing Feathers after swallowing their Wind Pearl.



6,806 points

It can significantly strengthen health if it’s eaten over a long period of time.

Wind Pearl

The Wind Pearl must be eaten within a hundred years, or the Wind Pearls will return to nature as Desolation Gale.

Han Fei snorted.
“You’re actually an exotic creature.
No wonder you dared to approach me.
However, goodbye bro.”

Han Fei stomped and invoked the Coiled Turtle Array.

At the same time, Han Fei opened his right fingers and controlled the Void Lines to shatter half of the sharp winds with golden light.

The rest of the sharp winds were no longer damaging after they broke the Coiled Turtle Array and finally hit Han Fei.

A moment later, the Wind Sky Wing crouched in front of Han Fei.

Han Fei put on a smile and jumped to the back of the Wind Sky Wing.
He already had a second vision.

Vaguely, he could see a bright blue mysterious air current in the middle of the Desolation Gale.

He felt that the Wind Sky Wing that was under his control had the desire of swallowing it.

“Huh? Is that the reason why the Wind Sky Wings swallow wind?”

“Fish, hyah!”

Riding the Wind Sky Wing, Han Fei began to fly at a low altitude.
Since there were so many Wind Sky Wings here, he wondered if he could control them with the Void Lines and absorb some of them first through the Demon Purification Pot.

However, Han Fei soon gave up the idea after it popped up.

The reason was repetition.
He already had Little Gold, which was extremely fast and much better at fighting than the Wind Sky Wings were.
Why would he contract a Wind Sky Wing?

He didn’t even think that he needed the wings.
However, if everybody else had a pair, he didn’t want to be an exception.
After all, he couldn’t use Little Gold all the time.

On the other hand, while he didn’t need a Wind Sky Wing as a contractual spiritual beast, it didn’t mean that the creature that he were to synthesize didn’t require one.
He simply needed a Wind Sky Wing that was more powerful than the exotic level.

Thinking it through, Han Fei rode forward on the Wind Sky Wing.

“Hula… Hula…”

The Desolation Gale got stronger and stronger.
After three thousand kilometers, Han Fei felt extremely cold inside the golden battle suit.

Han Fei removed the golden battle suit, and his body was instantly covered in ice.
The freezing chillness leaked into his flesh from his skin.

The gale was sharp and the water was corrosive.
Under the dual stimulation, Han Fei’s blood was somehow boiling and fighting back.

Han Fei realized that it was possible to practice the 108 Desolate God Body in this place.

A blue color appeared on Han Fei’s body.
There was no telling whether it was because of the cold, or because of the slapping of the gale and water.
Some of the shallower marks were caused by the wind blades.

Han Fei took a deep breath.
Even though his body was hard, it was still hurt here.
What if someone else were here?

Guan Qingyan and Mu Jia’er could probably make it, but only in their Semi-Divine battle suits.
It was hard to say about the other two Heavenly Talents.
Even if they could weather through the Desolation Gale and the Desolation Water, they probably couldn’t press on for another thousand kilometers.


All of a sudden, Han Fei found that the Wind Sky Wing he controlled slowed down with fright in the depths of its soul.


Han Fei removed the Void Lines and jumped off from the Wind Sky Wing.
He didn’t care about the Wind Sky Wing at all, which was too weak for him.

In the next moment, two visible wind blades cut down.


The Wind Sky Wing that was under his control was beheaded.

“Shoot! So brutal? Didn’t they say that the Wind Sky Wings are shy?”

Han Fei raised his head, only to find that a Wind Sky Wing that had a wingspan of ten meters opened its mouth at him!


Han Fei dashed towards the Desolation Gale and spread out his senses, hoping to catch the Wind Sky Wing with the Void Lines through the Desolation Gale.

By logic, few creatures could’ve detected the Void Lines in such a turbulent environment, but the Wind Sky Wing flashed away as if it had foreseen the danger.

Huh? Is it because the Wind Sky Wing is too familiar with the environment?

However, the Void Lines caught up to the Wind Sky Wing like parasites.
They were not real fishing lines anyway and could ignore the rampant Desolation Gale.

The Wind Sky Wing seemed to be frightened and fled crazily.

It escaped from Han Fei’s senses in the blink of an eye.

Han Fei was rendered speechless.
If the fish hadn’t reacted as fast, he would’ve got a new mount for himself!

Recalling the Void Lines, Han Fei snorted. It seems that I’m still not an expert with the Divine Manipulation Technique yet!

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