Chapter 849: Coronation On The Sea

Han Fei flew all the way back to the Empyrean Waterfall.
He was quite frustrated.


Han Fei sat at the dinner table in Wang Dashuai’s home, with a bowl of rice in front of him.
Anybody who saw him would have felt sad.

It wasn’t easy for him to stop Jiuyin Ling from tagging along.
He claimed that the food at Wang Dashuai’s was all served by bowls, which finally scared her off.


At the table, Wang Dashuai, Bai Lu and Qing Chen all looked at Han Fei in surprise.

Wang Dashuai scratched his head.
“Junior Brother, you’ve sighed almost a hundred times.
What’s wrong?”

Bai Lu also asked nervously, “Yeah, what happened to you? Didn’t you get the Wind God Pearl and the Phantom Glass Wings? Why are you still sighing?”

Qing Chen nodded quickly.
“My heart is filled with jealousy.
Yes, jealousy.”

Han Fei slowly put his hands on the table.
“My life is so hard! Jiuyin Ling really fell in love with me! I’m so worried!”

Bai Lu instantly rolled her eyes.
“Why are you worried? Isn’t she a great girl?”

Qing Chen nodded too.
“Brother Han, I just feel like you don’t cherish happiness.
I’m told that Xiao Jiu’s technique is all about following what she really wants in her heart.
She’s very gentle and obedient.
She may be a Law Enforcer, but you can command her to do anything.”


Han Fei smashed the table.
“Which son of a bi*ch created that technique? I’ll definitely cut him apart if I know who he is.”

Wang Dashuai said unhurriedly, “It’s a technique from the ancient times.
I think it was created by a king-level expert.”

“Cough, cough!”

Han Fei was dumbfounded.
“Did the king-level expert have nothing better to do? Couldn’t he have created anything better than the Comfort Technique? I feel quite uncomfortable because of this technique.”

Qing Chen patted Han Fei’s shoulder and said, “It’s only natural that you feel uncomfortable.
Xiao Jiu definitely feels uncomfortable too because you refused her so many times.
However, if you don’t refuse her, you may create an Explorer in two years.
Think about it! Nobody will dare to mess with you if you have an Explorer behind you!”

Bai Lu nodded.
“Qing Chen is right about that.
It’s really possible.
Also, the more you refuse her and make Xiao Jiu uncomfortable, the greater her breakthrough may be when she feels comfortable later.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei didn’t know what to say to these people.

Han Fei was lost for words.
“I have a girlfriend! Are you forcing me to cheat on her? She’ll cut me apart if she knows this! No, thank you!”

Glancing at the bowl of rice before his eyes, Han Fei blinked his eyes.
“I don’t feel very good.
I’ll just go out and fight a random guy.”


Bai Lu slapped the table and roared, “Come back and finish your food!”

Immediately, Wang Dashuai and Qing Chen buried their heads in their bowls.
Han Fei shivered and sat down again.

Han Fei didn’t know how he managed to swallow the bowl of rice, but he did.
He swore never to eat at Wang Dashuai’s place again, which was even more horrifying than Jiuyin Ling.

After dinner, Han Fei went home, but then he saw that Jiuyin Ling was standing at the entrance of his yard.

Han Fei quickly turned around and walked into Ye Qingfeng’s place.


Han Fei heaved a long sigh.
“Senior Ye, do you have any poison? I’d like to have a drink.”

Ye Qingfeng was pruning a venomous grass.
He looked at Han Fei and asked, “Why are you sighing? There’s a Fiery Horn Worm in the corner.
Tap its head and let it drip two drops of poison in your tea.”

A moment later, Han Fei held the teacup and sighed.
“Senior Ye, is there a way to break Xiao Jiu’s heart?”


Han Fei was kicked out of the yard and rolled on the ground.

He rose to his feet and patted his clothes to remove the dust.
Whistling, he gritted his teeth and went back.
When he passed Mrs.
Yin’s home, he tried to sneak past it.

But Mrs.
Yin shouted from the yard, “Why are you running? Come here!”


Han Fei said at the door, “Senior, did you ask for me?”

Yin nodded her jaw.

Han Fei obediently sat down on the stool and subconsciously sighed.

Yin couldn’t help but put down the fish skin in her hand and laugh.
“You really don’t know how lucky you are, do you? The technique that Xiao Jiu practices forces her to remain loyal to the man that she acknowledges.
Besides, she’s a great girl too.”

Han Fei frowned.
“But the problem is that I have a girlfriend.
Don’t say that she’s not around.
I’m not a good guy, but I’m serious about relationships.
I can’t cheat on her.”

Yin glanced at Han Fei.
“Is Xia Xiaochan really so great?”

Han Fei thought for a moment and shook his head.
“Not exactly, but I love her!”

Yin snorted and said, “Actually, there are two solutions, but they’re extremely complicated.”

Han Fei’s eyes glittered with delight.
“What are they? I’m best at accomplishing difficult tasks.
It’s great that there are two solutions!”

Yin sniffed.
“Don’t be happy just yet.
Let me tell you more about them.”

Han Fei nodded quickly like a chicken that was pecking for food.
“Please do.”

Yin looked up at the sky and said, “It’s said that there was a wonderful book named Book of Dreams in the primordial age.
It’s a myth even in the Thousand Star City.
The book teaches you the technique to enter dreams.
If you have the book, you can help Xiao Jiu practice her technique in her dreams.”


Han Fei squeezed his eyebrows. Are you kidding me? Where can I find such a mythical technique?

Han Fei heaved a long sigh.
“What about the other option?”

Yin asked casually, “The other technique is also from the ancient legends.
It’s called Magical Three.
The technique can separate one individual into three identical mirrors.
In such a way, you will have two clones, and they can be independent from your soul.”

Han Fei was lost for words.
“Isn’t that too challenging? Where can I find this ‘Magical Three’? Besides, even if I do, my clones will still be me.”

Han Fei started to suspect that the old lady wasn’t reliable at all.

Yin said unhurriedly, “That’s why I said it was hard.
Who knew that you’re so committed? In villages and towns, many men marry multiple wives.
Wouldn’t it be great if you have another one?”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei rose to his feet.
“Fine! You can keep enjoying the sunlight.
I think I should probably take care of the problem on my own.”

“Wait a minute!”

Han Fei looked back, and Mrs.
Yin nodded at the stool again.

Having no choice, Han Fei could only sit down.

Yin said, “There’s indeed a third solution, but it’s very difficult too.”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched.
“It has nothing to do with ancient legends, does it?”

Yin glared at Han Fei.
“This solution is very difficult, but it’s not related to ancient legends.”

Han Fei was quite refreshed.
“What is it?”

Yin said unhurriedly, “Sea establishment and coronation.”


Han Fei was stunned.
“What do you mean?”

Yin said casually, “The level above the Explorers is the Venerable.
You must’ve heard about that before.
Then, above the Venerable is the Sea Establishment Stage, or the King Stage.
But nobody in the Thousand Star City has made it to this level yet.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei asked in surprise, “The level about the Venerable is the King?”

Yin nodded.
“Yes! However, Sea Establishment is too hard for me.
However, it’s possible for Xiao Jiu.
You’ve seen her talent.
Your girlfriend isn’t here for now anyway.
If you can help Xiao Jiu with the Sea Establishment, she won’t be restrained by the Comfort Technique anymore.
Then you can break up with each other.”

Han Fei’s heart became heavy.
He rose and said, “Got it.
I’ll go home and think about it.”

Yin narrowed her eyes and said, “Okay, go now!”

Leaving the yard, Han Fei squinted.
He was sure that Mrs.
Yin actually wanted to inform her of the third approach.

She asked him to help Xiao Jiu with the Sea Establishment.
So, in her eyes, Jiuyin Ling’s odds of success were higher.


Yin also mentioned that nobody in the Thousand Star City had ever achieved that, so there were no Kings.

Then, was it a coincidence that Jiuyin Ling practiced the Comfort Technique?

Why was he chosen? Did they want him to help Xiao Jiu with the Sea Establishment? Or did someone simply want to make a King who could stand on the top of the Thousand Star City?

Han Fei had a lot of random thoughts.
He looked at Jiuyin Ling at a distance and strode to her.

A moment later…

Standing before Jiuyin Ling, Han Fei said casually, “Come with me.”

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