Chapter 854: Goddess, Welcome to Earth

In Han Fei’s home at the Empyrean Waterfall.

With Han Fei’s help, Jiuyin Ling was transformed from a pretty girl into a handsome young man… Well, not exactly a handsome one.
She got an average-looking face and wore clean clothes.

Jiuyin Ling loved the color white, but Han Fei didn’t make white clothes for her.
After all, she could be quite eye-catching no matter how she looked as long as she wore white clothes.

Han Fei said solemnly, “You must know how important disguise techniques are.
With a brilliant disguise technique, you can pretend to be anyone.”

Jiuyin Ling looked at herself with a basin of water as a mirror and said pitifully, “I don’t look pretty at all…”

Han Fei was amused.
“Of course not.
Why do you want to look pretty? Do you want everybody to recognize you to be Jiuyin Ling? You’re going to experience ordinary people’s lives and observe them.
You’re not going to a beauty pageant.
Just follow my instructions!”

“What’s a beauty pageant?”

Han Fei waved his hand and said, “Not important.
The important thing is that you should be dressed like this when you go out later.
You can buy a few more sets of male clothes… It’ll be better if you keep a mustache.
You look like a pretty boy right now.”

Jiuyin Ling: “…”

It was certainly impossible for Han Fei and Jiuyin Ling to sneak away from the Empyrean Waterfall without anybody else knowing.

So, Han Fei didn’t try to keep it a secret at all.
He simply hoped that Jiuyin Ling could understand the trick of shopping.

On the ground, Ning Jingyao was confused and mumbled, “Didn’t he claim he disliked her? Then why is he taking her out?”

Looking at the flashing boat in the sky, You Ye slightly shook her head and continued whistling and tending to her flowers.

Han Fei didn’t think anyone could identify him after he put on his disguise.
After reaching the city, he took Jiuyin Ling to the sea creature market which had the greatest number of customers.

The market was even busier than the departure ports in towns.
Not only were people selling things in their shops, but some were even making deals and bartering on the street.

They exchanged things with each other on blankets on the road.

“Shoppers, you can’t miss these! More than twenty kinds of materials are available! The Scorching Fire Wings are on sale!”

“Freshly-caught Hopping Tails, only ten high-quality pearls a piece!”

“I just explored an undersea treasure trove.
I’m selling all the items I found!”

“A rarely-seen mysterious technique.
It’s worth a look for nothing but the word ‘mysterious’! You won’t be charged for looking!”

Few people were selling food at the Scattered Stars Island, but Han Fei managed to buy two skewers of roasted squid tentacles and gave one of them to Jiuyin Ling.
“See how it tastes.
This is what life should be like on the Scattered Stars Island.
It’s no different from the towns and villages.
But of course, I’ve never been to the Thousand Star City.
I don’t know the life there.”

Suddenly, Han Fei’s eyes glittered.
He saw that someone just squatted, laid a blanket, and placed a piece of Trivariant Golden Ginseng on the blanket.

Immediately, Han Fei ran to him.
“What’s the price of the Trivariant Golden Ginseng?”

The man glanced at Han Fei, obviously not expecting to meet a client so quickly.
“Hey, bro! Trivariant Golden Ginseng is getting more and more expensive these days.
It’s not easy to catch them.
You’re my first client today, so I’ll give you a special offer of 5,000 high-quality pearls.”

Han Fei chuckled.
“Bro, I just came out of the Refining Hall, where I bought one for 3,100 high-quality pearls.
Isn’t it outrageous that you’re selling one for 5,000 thousand?”

Jiuyin Ling asked telepathically, But we never went to the Refining Hall!

Han Fei glanced at her. I’m just bargaining with him! Quiet!

The man smiled.
“Bro, you know that good stuff is always costly.
You can always pay five hundred pearls for a spiritual fruit, but it’s not nearly as effective as the Trivariant Golden Ginseng, is it?”

Han Fei chuckled.
“3,500! If you don’t sell it, then I’m leaving.
Since there are so many people here, I’m sure that you can wait for someone to buy it…”

“Hey, hey, hey, bro, that’s a cut of 1,500 pearls! That’s too much! Please give me some more.
It’s really not easy to catch the Trivariant Golden Ginseng.
Look, I was ambushed by a sea demon and hurt in the shoulder when I got this.”

The man took off his clothes and showed his wound to Han Fei.

Han Fei grinned.
“That’s not my business.
This thing is quite nutritional, but I might not have time to use it at all in battle! How about this? I’ll give you another hundred…”

A moment later, Han Fei said proudly, “See? I got a Trivariant Golden Ginseng easily for 3,600 pearls.
It’s not a high price for such a rare item.”

Jiuyin Ling blinked her eyes.
“I don’t think his life is easy.”

Han Fei was choked.
“Do you think my life is easy?”

Jiuyin Ling nodded quickly.

Han Fei: “…”

When they walked another thousand meters, they saw two men holding two snakes as thick as wrists.

The two men had bitten the snakes’ tails and were drinking their blood crazily.
Their clothes were stained by the blood.

“Burp! This feels great!”

They even high-fived with a smile on their faces.

Jiuyin Ling’s eyes were widened, and Han Fei said casually, “These are highly nutritious! You can increase your strength by eating this.”

“But can you really have the blood just like that?”

Han Fei snorted.
“This is why you have to go shopping and observe ordinary people in order to gain more experience.”

On that day, Han Fei took Jiuyin Ling to buy clothes, watch street fights, and go to the casinos…

Jiuyin Ling was dumbfounded the whole time.

She had never been to any of these places, especially the casino, where Han Fei lost 3,000 high-quality pearls.
His face turned entirely red after all the losses.

At this moment, in a club on the club street.

Han Fei pointed at the club and said, “Ordinary people will have a drink here if they’re tired or anxious.
Come on, let’s have a drink.”

Jiuyin Ling frowned.
“Something smells terrible in there.”

Han Fei caught her arm and dragged her into the club.
“What’s terrible? Anything worldly can be dirty… Ordinary people’s lives are just as filthy as this.”

They came to the counter, and Han Fei bellowed, “Boss, I’d like ten cups of Fire Fox Wine first.”

“All right!”

The boss opened an iron can and snatched it, and liquor as red as fire flowed into the cups.
The dark red Fire Fox Wine was not as delicious as the strong distilled spirit that Han Fei brewed, but it did have a special taste and Zhang Xuanyu ordered it every time.

Looking at the red fluids where flames were burning, Jiuyin Ling felt like her teeth were chattering.
She frowned hard.



Han Fei grabbed a cup and filled his mouth.
“You’re not drinking it?”


Jiuyin Ling couldn’t do it anymore.
She could put up with the shopping during the day.
At least, she didn’t have to do anything or drink blood.

But was the Fire Fox Wine any different from blood?

With a smile, Han Fei said, “How can you gain social experience if you can’t drink this? Let me tell you, cultivation is not built on nothingness.
Everybody on the Scattered Stars Island used to be a Heavenly Talent in places they came from, but they’re all drinking the Fire Fox Wine right now.
So am I.”

Han Fei specifically stressed the last sentence and looked at Jiuyin Ling.

Jiuyin Ling was almost shedding tears.

Under Han Fei’s watch, Jiuyin Ling finally picked up a cup and looked at Han Fei.

Han Fei urged her, “Drink, drink! A goddess can only stay in the heavens.
To be a human girl, you have to walk on the ground.
Drink it.”

Jiuyin Ling seemed to have made a major decision.
She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, before she suddenly poured the wine in.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Han Fei scratched his head, as she had choked herself.

Han Fei said, “Let’s not be hasty.
You’re drinking too fast.”

Then, Han Fei poured a glass of Fire Fox Wine into his mouth.
He saw that a pretty girl was walking to him.

In the next moment, the woman lay between Han Fei and Jiuyin Ling and said with a sexy posture, “Can I have one cup?”

Han Fei shrugged.
“Of course.
Girls always have privileges.”

Jiuyin Ling, however, frowned.
“No, go away.”

The girl giggled.
“Hey, you have quite a temper! Sir, you must be new to the Scattered Stars Island.
You look pretty and clean, not an alcoholic.
Do you want your sister to show you around?”

Jiuyin Ling asked Han Fei telepathically, What do I do? She barely wears any clothes, and I don’t know her.

Han Fei chuckled and replied, Goddess, welcome to Earth.

Jiuyin Ling frowned.
Seeing that Han Fei wasn’t helping, she instantly grew panicked.


To Han Fei’s surprise, she waved her hand and slapped the girl away.

Han Fei’s mouth widened. Did you really do that?

Lost for words, Han Fei grabbed Jiuyin Ling’s arm and said, “Let’s run…”

“Huh… Son of a bi*ch, why did you hit me? Did I do anything wrong?”

The woman seemed to have a lot of friends here.
Many tall and strong soul warriors and armorists stood up.

Someone sneered.
“Brother, it’s against the rules to beat someone without a good reason, isn’t it?”

Someone grunted.
“Damn it, you slapped Ms.
Hong away.
You want to die, don’t you?”

Someone had already grabbed a giant axe.
“You may have six stars, but so what? I have six stars too.
If you don’t give me an explanation, you’re not walking out of this club.”

Jiuyin Ling was about to extend her hand and “seal” the guy, when Han Fei stopped her and said, “This is our fault.
We should just run.”


A whip appeared in Ms.
Hong’s hand.
She smacked it on the floor.
“I knew you were stupid, but I didn’t know you were that stupid! 5,000 high-quality pearls, or you can’t get away with this!”

Han Fei grinned.
“We shouldn’t have hit you, but your extortion is outrageous.
I’m walking out.
Let’s see who can stop me.”

“Are you still being cocky? Take him down!”

Han Fei punched and knocked away two armorists that ran towards him.
They were thrown into the big river outside.

“Son of a bi*ch, you really dare to fight us? Brothers, let’s go!”



A moment later, Han Fei disappeared into the crowd with Jiuyin Ling and zigzagged to an empty corner.
Then, he created Breath Concealing Arrays and Stealth Arrays to cover them up.

Jiuyin Ling blinked her eyes and asked, “I shouldn’t have attacked, right?”

Seeing how pitiful she looked, Han Fei heaved a long sigh and said, “Never mind, let’s just go back! Anyways, congratulations on witnessing an ordinary life today…”

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