Chapter 886: A War Is Imminent

It was too fast.
Han Fei didn’t expect that the Sea Token would respond so quickly.

Although he just robbed an Undersea Chimney, he still hadn’t digested the resources completely!

Not only did he, but also his beasts hadn’t digested the resources completely.
And he had just started his journey of tempering.
According to Han Fei’s plan, he would have to fight at least dozens of battles like the one today.
But who would have thought that the Sea Tokens would respond so quickly?

Sister Qin, why don’t you give me some time to react? Can’t you do it in a month?

Han Fei sighed and practiced the 108 Desolate God Body twice before he came out of Forge the Universe.

However, at this moment, the sea demons were resting and it was impossible for him to attack the sea demon army alone.

Han Fei summoned Little Black and Little White and asked Little White, “Girl, can you feel where Sister Qin is now?”

Han Fei wasn’t sure if Jiang Qin had returned to the Scattered Stars Island or not.
However, since it was the Pioneer Group that discovered the ruins, and the Sea Tokens happened to be responding, it at least proved that Jiang Qin was definitely involved.

Sure enough, the direction Little White pointed to was not the Scattered Stars Island, but the deep sea.

Han Fei frowned. Has she gone first?

But then he shook his head. No.
It’s impossible for Jiang Qin, a mere Hidden Fisher, to decide on something as important as the ruins.
Besides, the war lasted for two days, and many people involved were above the level of Hidden Fisher.
There must be stronger people in the ruins.

Han Fei sighed. What if I meet the Eight Wings of Blue Feather? Their strength is not comparable to ordinary Sea Spirits!

If I go to the ruins, there should be strong human masters over there too, right?

No, God knows what the peak-level Sea Spirit’s perception range is? What if I’m discovered in advance and ambushed?

No, I shall not go to the ruins, nor the Scattered Stars Island.

Just as Han Fei was thinking whether he should release his beasts to rest… Suddenly, above the sky, a curtain appeared, imprinted with a shadow.

Han Fei took a closer look and found the shadow was Blue Feather.

Yes, he couldn’t be wrong.
Blue Feather was in human shape.
His status in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley was similar to Xue Shenqi’s.
Both should be at the Explorer level.

At this moment, Blue Feather said in the sea demon language, “Everyone, retreat.
All Sea Demon Realm powerhouses must come to the southwest sea area of the Scattered Stars Island, 150,000 kilometers away, and don’t fight with any humans.”

Immediately afterwards, another figure appeared in the sky.
It was Xue Shenqi, whom Han Fei had met once.
At this moment, he said solemnly, “All human Hidden Fishers, go there too.
Don’t clash with the evacuating sea demon army.
Come quickly.”

Wow! What agreement did Xue Shenqi and Blue Feather reach?

The first thought that flashed through Han Fei’s mind was that the secret realm was too big to be explored by one person or two.

The underground city.
It’s definitely the underground city.

However, what Han Fei wasn’t sure about was why the underground city appeared so quickly.
And, shouldn’t it be kept secret?

Even if a place like an underground city appeared, it should be kept secret.
All Hidden Fishers are being summoned? What happened?

Han Fei remembered that the number of Hidden Fishers he had encountered in the Central City was definitely a lot, not hundreds or thousands, but at least several thousand.

Not only Han Fei, but the entire Scattered Stars Island was shocked.

Countless people looked up at the sky curtain.
All Hidden Fishers? Is there a super battle going on?

Someone said in shock, “In the history of the Scattered Stars Island, there has never been such a thing, not even once.”

Someone sighed.
“Damn it, I knew the reason for the sea demons to attack the Scattered Stars Island was not simple.
Could it be that now it’s the critical moment for the survival of the Scattered Stars Island?”

On the frontline, many Law Enforcers looked solemn.
What happened this time was beyond their imagination.
In this battle alone, the people killed were countless.

However, the so-called war turned out to be only the beginning.

When Xue Shenqi was speaking, there were people on all sides of the Scattered Stars Island flying to the sky, looking grave.

Fishing boats flew into the air one after another, and people had no idea what was going on.

However, judging from the current situation, the matter this time was probably extremely important, to the point that every soldier was summoned.

Silent Demon Pond.

In a certain Law Enforcement brigade, someone got up and stood in front of the other people.
“I’m going to war.
Everyone, guard the line of defense before I return.
Pay attention to the news in the city and be careful.”


“What happened, Captain?”

The man shook his head slightly, his eyes resolute.
“I don’t know.
All the Hidden Fishers are being summoned.
They wouldn’t do this unless it was a matter of life or death.”

Inferno Beach.

Someone in a certain inspection team cursed, “Son of a b*tch, do we finally not have to patrol and enforce the law? Scattered Stars Island, Scattered Stars Island… Do they want us to sacrifice ourselves?”

Someone sneered.
“The commander must have a reason to make this decision.
Let’s just go.”

Someone lazily got up from the beach and said, “Are we going to fight the final war against the sea demons? I’m fed up with fighting and guarding every day.”

Path of Giants.

Tang Ge and others controlled their boats and set off in silence.

Most of the people who went with them were from the big clans of the Thousand Star City.

East Coast.

The over 300 people in the Empyrean Waterfall had mixed feelings at this moment.

Granny Yin cried, “A great war is about to break out! I didn’t expect to be able to participate in such a war at such an old age.”

Nangong Xuan sneered.
“I don’t mind fighting the war! I’ve been here too long in the Empyrean Waterfall.”

Ning Jingyao sighed.
“It’s a pity that Old Du happened to make the breakthrough and become a Law Enforcer at this time.
It’s his loss to miss this battle.”

Li Luoluo chuckled.
“It should be fun.
Let’s fight! It’ll be best if we can fight all the way to the Ten Thousand Demon Valley.”

Someone sneered.
“You all hide secrets, don’t you? You were all waiting for this battle, right?”

South Bank Area.

The strong masters of the major sects in the Thousand Star City were all here.

The leaders weren’t one person or two, but a group of powerhouses.
Looking from the sky, there were seven groups of people gathered.

Gong Yuehan, Lu Wuwei, Chu Xun, Zhai Shun… The Heavenly Talents of the major sects walked in the forefront of the crowd.

Someone shouted, “Let’s go!”

Under countless gazes, the fishing boats lifted off and the army went to sea.
Such an unprecedented grand scene stunned many people.

At this moment.

Countless Hanging Fishers were sighing.
No one would know what would happen next, nor how many people would survive.

Someone prayed, “I hope we can all return safely.”

Someone shook his head.
“There must be a bloody war.
But if you win, the Scattered Stars Island may be safe for decades!”

Some people were optimistic.
“Hey! Bro, we should be able to concentrate on exploring secret realms and improve our strength if we reach a truce with the sea demons, right?”

The man being asked smiled and nodded.
“Maybe! However, I want to go back to my hometown once.
I’ve been out for so long and I’m afraid my family must think I’m already dead.”

Someone smiled and said, “I’m sure we can win.
Otherwise, the commander wouldn’t easily start this war.”

In the southwest, somewhere in the outer sea, Xue Shenqi and a group of 9-star, 10-star, and even 11-star powerhouses stood proudly in the sky.

More than ten kilometers away, Blue Feather and the Eight Wings of Blue Feather were all there.

Blue Feather looked at Xue Shenqi and sneered.
“Xue Shenqi, I can’t believe you dare to bet with me! Our Ten Thousand Demon Valley hasn’t used all our strength yet.
Aren’t you afraid that we will launch a sneak attack in the rear and destroy your den?”

Xue Shenqi looked majestic and glanced at Blue Feather disdainfully.
“You can try.
If you can conquer the Scattered Stars Island, I’ll kill myself on the spot.
Humph, if it weren’t for that old monster, the Ten Thousand Demon Valley would have been wiped out decades ago!”

Blue Feather laughed out loud.
“I know you dare to destroy our Ten Thousand Demon Valley.
The key is, if the Ten Thousand Demon Valley is destroyed, are you sure you can resist the Royal City?”

Xue Shenqi scoffed.
“If the Royal City wanted to come, they would have come long ago.
What are they still waiting for?”

Blue Feather snorted.
“I admit we lost to you in the Demonic Forest Channel.
Then let’s gamble on whether the Thousand Star City will have a king first, or the sea demon Royal City will have a Deep Sea Giant Demon first!”

Behind the crowd, Jiang Qin looked solemn.

What happened this time was beyond her expectations.
She had thought that even if she found the underground city, it would be the human race’s own business.
Who would have expected that the sea demons would get in on it?

Did the sea demons come to contend for the Sea Quelling Painting? But that didn’t make sense.
Was it because of Xue Shenqi?

Han Fei was controlling the Wind God Boat to race wildly all the way.

If he didn’t run fast enough, the sea demon army would have caught up with him! He was alone in the sea and had no chance to escape from the sea demon army if he was discovered by them.

Before such a big war, no one would care even if the sea demons killed him.

As Han Fei ran, he thought to himself, Does Old Han manipulate this matter behind the scenes? Old Han is so strong.
He must have a part in it.

And did Old Jiang come? If Old Jiang is here, I’m safe!

Heh! The battle for the Sea Quelling Painting has begun again! No matter what, the painting is mine.

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