the Empyrean Waterfall would also come here, and he could persuade them to join him!

About three hours later, Han Fei saw a fishing boat flying over from the sea.
In the boat, there was a young man and a young woman, who were both good-looking and were obviously a couple.

When these two arrived here, their gazes swept around and finally fell to Han Fei and Jiang Qin.

“Little Junior Brother?”


Han Fei looked at Jiang Qin in surprise, and then said, “Senior Brother, Senior Sister?”

The two smiled at Han Fei and nodded, looking very kind.


Someone coughed, and Chu Linyuan said, “Let’s talk later.”

At this time, someone sneered.
“Chu Linyuan, Mu Qingchuan… You never showed up when we needed hands, but now that the ruins are discovered, you immediately show up? Don’t think you can leave again!”

Mu Qingchuan smiled.
“We won’t leave.
After this matter is over, we will return to the Empyrean Waterfall.”

Someone snorted.
“Oh, you guys came back? If you hadn’t killed so many enemies at sea, we would certainly have punished you!”

Chu Linyuan also smiled.
“No matter if we’re in or out of the island, we’re contributing to mankind! We’ll make the breakthrough and become Law Enforcers when we go back to the Empyrean Waterfall this time.”

Someone grunted.
“You mean you can do so any time?”

Mu Qingchuan nodded.

After that, Mu Qingchuan glanced at Han Fei and said with a smile, “If we don’t hurry up, even our Junior Brother will surpass us.”

Han Fei looked dumbfounded, thinking, I’ve already surpassed you, OK?

But the Law Enforcer nodded.
“Not bad.
You’ve been holding off the breakthrough for so long.
Are you waiting for today?”

Chu Linyuan chuckled.

Han Fei’s heart flipped. Holding off the breakthrough for so long? How long?

So they haven’t become Law Enforcers because they purposely held off the breakthrough? Are Senior Brother and Senior Sister also chess pieces?

However, Old Jiang said that the chess piece in the Thug Academy is me, so does that mean Senior Brother and Senior Sister held off their breakthroughs in order to assist me?

Han Fei frowned. After entering the barrier, I’ll ask about it.

After one night.

When the moon rose in the sky, people and sea demons arrived one after another.
Among them, Cao Tian and the other Cao Family arrived first, including Cao Qiu.

As soon as Cao Qiu arrived, he wanted to run to Han Fei’s side but was stopped by Cao Tian.

However, the three Cao Family members sat behind Han Fei, only two or three meters away.

Cao Qiu said to Han Fei via voice transmission, The items down there are all treasures, but it is not my intention to grab the you know what.

Han Fei glanced at Cao Tian, and replied to Cao Qiu via voice transmission, It’s alright! It’s all within our reach.
Whoever has the ability can grab it.

After hearing this, Cao Qiu felt helpless.
He hated this feeling.
To scramble for a treasure, in the end, there would definitely be fighting.

By the time of dawn, there were already more than 300 people sitting behind Han Fei and the others.

Wang Dashuai arrived with Bai Lu early the next morning.
After arriving, he came straight to sit beside Han Fei and chatted with Chu Linyuan and the others.

Until the early morning of the third day, everyone had arrived.

At this moment.

Luo Xiaobai, Le Renkuang, and Zhang Xuanyu met Chu Linyuan and Mu Qingchuan.

At this moment, they snuck to the back of the army to eat hot pot, together with Big Yellow and Qing Chen, as well as several other Heavenly Talents from the Empyrean Waterfall.

Han Fei was whispering, “Shall we form a team when we go down?”

Chu Linyuan said, “Sure, it’s time to show the strength of our Thug Academy.”

Mu Qingchuan said, “First of all, it is certain that this is a barrier, not a teleportation array, so we won’t be teleported randomly after entering it.
But this barrier seems to be large and requires many people to break it.
There must be a surprising amount of things inside.
Therefore, some people will definitely play dirty to seize the treasures.”

Luo Xiaobai analyzed, “The trouble of teaming lies in the distribution of items.
However, we don’t have this problem.
Whoever needs the treasures most can pick them first.
The problem is survival.
Our biggest concern will be how to stay alive.”

Han Fei said, “I think we can act separately after the grab.”

Everyone: “???”

Han Fei continued, “You know, maybe we’ll have to act separately then.”

Chu Linyuan shook his head.
“No, Junior Brother.
This matter is not as simple as you think.
This ruin is actually just the first step.
It is very likely that there will be a second and a third step… We can’t be sure until we get inside.”

Suddenly, a voice rang, “Put away your pot.”

At the same time, Xue Shenqi waved his hand, and a light curtain appeared, enclosing all human beings.

Everyone was shocked and thought, It’s finally about to start!

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