Chapter 896: Sounding Snake Mine

Just having a narrow escape, Han Fei didn’t want to venture to explore the ruins for now.
Even if he explored one, he wouldn’t go too deep.

Han Fei still remembered what the corpse said.
It was dangerous here! Even such a strong master said so, so he should take it seriously.

“This time, we found enough weapons.
I guess if we want to find something better, we should go to the underground city.”

He had told the three about the underground city, so they weren’t surprised.

Luo Xiaobai rolled her eyes.
She knew what Han Fei was thinking.
He was afraid that once the seal was removed, he wouldn’t be able to get the things on this ancient battlefield anymore.

Zhang Xuanyu raised his hand.
“Well, I agree.
The secret realm is too dangerous to explore but we can rob others!”

Le Renkuang chuckled.
“I think we can stop when Semi-Divine weapons fill up my armor box.”

“Get lost.”

“F*ck off.”

“Go away!”

Han Fei was speechless. How many weapons can your armor box contain? At least thousands of weapons!

Le Renkuang chuckled.
“We’ll kill the sea demons anyway!”

Luo Xiaobai nodded.
“Three days.
After three days, we can hunt the sea demons while looking for the array’s sealing object.”

Three days had passed.

Zhang Xuanyu stabbed a Half-Mermaid Heavenly Talent with his spear and sat on the ground.
“We have fought 16 battles.
These guys have so many treasures!”

Le Renkuang also sat on the ground.
“Unfortunately, we can’t eat hot pot here.”

Han Fei grabbed a Pure Soul Bead in his hand, stuffed it in his mouth, and said as he ate, “Let’s take a rest! Go to the big mountain up front.”

Luo Xiaobai added, “I suspect that the mountain is also one of the ruins.
This is the first mountain we’ve encountered on this ancient battlefield.”

“Maybe, it is also one of the places where a sealing object is hidden.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded slightly.
“However, this mountain is so obvious.
There should be a lot of people going to it.”

Zhang Xuanyu smiled and said, “That’s great! Let’s just wait for them to come back.
Wait here and kill any sea demon we see.
The number of Semi-Divine weapons we’ve got is almost 100, right?”

Han Fei scoffed.
“88 pieces, and not a single Divine weapon.”

Zhang Xuanyu smiled.
“You forget the seven or eight pieces taken by Kuangkuang.
It’s normal to not find a Divine weapon.
We haven’t explored the ruins.”

Le Renkuang asked, “Feifei, why don’t you just give me your Semi-Divine weapons? I know what you’re using are Divine weapons.
Don’t be so stingy.”

Han Fei said helplessly, “No way! I’ll refine the Semi-Divine weapons into Divine weapons.
Remember, I need a lot of spiritual spring energy, the more the better.”

Le Renkuang curled his lips.
“Okay, okay, don’t forget you still have a bunch of things stored in my place.
I didn’t dare to bring them with me this time.”

Han Fei said carelessly, “It’s okay.
I don’t need to use them right now.”

Any mountains on the battlefield were bound to be explored.

Han Fei suddenly said, “Little White sensed that there is a lot of danger and sea demons here.
Let’s go find the sea demons first!”

Clang, Clang~

Before Han Fei swam far, there was a faint fighting sound in the sea.

Le Renkuang’s eyes lit up.
“Someone is fighting?”


Luo Xiaobai said, “The voice is too regular.
It’s not a fighting sound.”

Han Fei spread his perception.”There are bodies of sea demons… Well, some humans have died here.”

Han Fei perceived that more than a dozen creatures had died in the middle of the mountain, including both sea demons and humans.
However, there was also an unknown, badly mutilated body, which seemed to be a soul-eating beast.

Luo Xiaobai said, “Go, let’s take the bodies back.”

After a while, when they reached the middle of the mountain, they found eight sea demons, seven humans, and a snake-like creature with four wings.

There was a big battle here, and the mountains were bombarded with pits everywhere.
Some people were lying in that pit.

Someone’s ultra-quality battle suit was all shredded, and there was a pool of red liquid on the ground, which could not be blood.
Otherwise, it would have been washed away.

Luo Xiaobai sighed slightly and collected all the Sea Swallowing Seashells and undamaged weapons.

Han Fei looked at the big snake, his eyes flickered, and information appeared in his eyes.

Sounding Snake (Dead)

An ancient gregarious sea snake living in areas with mineral deposits.
Where the snake is, there is no vegetation but only blood and water.
It has four wings comparable to Divine weapons.
When its wings flap, it will produce a resounding sound, which can make enemies go crazy and kill each other.



20,068 points

Taking a Sounding Bead can enhance hearing.

Sounding Bead

The Sounding Snake is a symbol of disaster.

Just as Han Fei dug out the Sounding Bead, he heard Luo Xiaobai ask, “What did you find?”

Han Fei listened to the sound from the water, and said solemnly, “This is not a soul-eating beast, but a kind of…”

At this moment, Le Renkuang suddenly said, “Let’s get in! I feel that there must be Divine weapons in it.”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “Are you sick? Are you so crazy for Divine weapons that you lost your mind?”

Le Renkuang furiously said, “Shut up! We’ve wasted three days and didn’t look for the ruins.
Now we’ve finally found one.
How can we let it go? If you object, I’ll swallow you.”

“Phew, fatty, do you know what you’re talking about? Swallow me? Fine, give it a try.
Believe it or not, I’m gonna beat you from fat to thin!”

Luo Xiaobai shouted, “Stop it! Get the hell out of here if you can’t shut up.”

Han Fei frowned, feeling a little irritable.
This feeling was very familiar.
When he fused with Little Black, he would have this feeling.

So he immediately took out a bunch of mint leaves and said, “Shut up! Put this in your mouth.”

Zhang Xuanyu said grumpily, “I don’t like these… I don’t want to eat it.”

Le Renkuang grunted.
“I’m not in the mood.
Han Fei, why are you so timid? Are you going to explore the ruins or not?”

Han Fei didn’t say a word as he put a piece of mint leaf into his mouth, and then handed one to Luo Xiaobai.
“Eat it.”

Luo Xiaobai hesitated but still put the mint leaf in her mouth.

And Han Fei looked at Le Renkuang and said, “If you take a piece of this, we will explore it.”

Le Renkuang immediately grabbed a few mint leaves and stuffed them into his mouth.
Han Fei looked at Zhang Xuanyu.
“Take on and I’ll give you a Divine weapon.”

Zhang Xuanyu glanced at Han Fei in surprise.
“Really? If you’re lying, I’ll stab you to death!”

When each of them put a mint leaf in their mouths, they suddenly looked embarrassed.

Zhang Xuanyu said awkwardly, “It seems, I was a bit fierce just now?”

Le Renkuang said, “Why did I want to explore the ruin? I seemed… A bit irrational just now.”

Luo Xiaobai looked at Han Fei.
“This is?”

Han Fei pointed to the pile of sea demon corpses and said, “It is impossible for a snake to kill so many people.
They must have been tricked by it.
Did you hear the sound from the mountain? It should have the power to bewitch people and arouse negative emotions.”


Le Renkuang said, “Cough! I remember I really wanted to fight just now.
Feifei, give me some more of this leaf.”

Han Fei smiled and said, “Yuyu! You even wanted to stab me to death!”

Zhang Xuanyu scratched his head awkwardly.
“Did I?”

Luo Xiaobai muttered, “The snake with wings…”

“It must have been the sound it made.
There are still these sounds on the mountain, indicating that there is more than one snake of this kind.
There could be many.”

Everyone frowned.
“So they aroused our fighting desire just now?”

Han Fei nodded and said, “Yes.
And there is definitely more than one battlefield.
If we go around the mountains, we should be able to find many dead humans and sea demons.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded.
“Then let’s take a look and bring back the human bodies.”

Han Fei said, “Go around and look for the bodies.
I want to explore this ruin.”

Le Renkuang exclaimed, “Are you crazy? Don’t you know it’s dangerous?”

Han Fei said, “My soul is comparatively stronger.
And I have a lot of mint leaves, so I should be able to resist their temptation.”

Le Renkuang tried to stop Han Fei.
“You aren’t bewitched, are you?”

Han Fei laughed.
“Of course not! I’m just afraid you will be!.
Since there is more than one snake here, it shows that they are a gregarious kind of creature.
Since these snakes can occupy this mountain, it means they are already the greatest threat here.
This ruin is less dangerous than the corpse tunnel.”

Luo Xiaobai frowned and said, “What if there is a snake king in it?”

Han Fei grinned.
“As long as it is not as strong as that corpse in the corpse tunnel, I’ll be fine.
Don’t worry, if I encounter a Sea Spirit-level snake, I’ll immediately return.”

Zhang Xuanyu pleaded, “Feifei! Do you have to take this risk? Let’s go with you, OK?”

Han Fei said impatiently, “I’m afraid you will attack me if we go in together! Besides, there must be people who died nearby.
Bring some mint leaves and look for them.
They should have a lot of good things on them.”

Luo Xiaobai took a deep look at Han Fei.
“Take care.
Are you going to take this puppet with you?”

Luo Xiaobai was referring to the sea demon that had been controlled by her.
These days, it was very useful to them.

Han Fei shook his head.
“No, he is not even as strong as me, so he is useless to me, but if he goes with you, you’ll have one more helper.”

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