Chapter 897: Causing Trouble

The mountain was dark red with no vegetation, and Han Fei went all the way to the top of it.

Crossing the top of the mountain, Han Fei didn’t find any Sounding Snakes, but in the valley beyond the mountain, there was a faint vibrating sound.

Han Fei felt that his head was a little heavy, so he stuffed a few mint leaves into his mouth.

Han Fei found that these leaves were really useful.
He had the idea to clear a plot of land in Forge the Universe to plant this stuff.

When he reached the other side of the mountain, Han Fei suddenly narrowed his eyes.


Han Fei flashed out, and a Sounding Snake appeared on the spot.

How did it escape my perception?

Han Fei was a little surprised. It doesn’t make sense! I couldn’t detect any Sounding Snakes in the valley.
Where did this snake pop out from?

Han Fei glanced intently and found that the Sounding Snake was completely different from the badly mutilated body that he had just seen.

It was red all over, and its four wings were more than 10 meters long.
Its head resembled a dragon’s head, with a clump of red hair standing on top of it.

Its wings were like bird wings.
However, the difference was that the wings were shiny red, and when they struck each other, they burst out with the sound of bells.

Clang, Clang~

Han Fei only felt a buzz in his head.
However, the soul power of the Sounding Snakes could not be as strong as his.
Therefore, they couldn’t bewitch him.


Han Fei flashed again and punched out.
The wave surged, and punched by Han Fei, the Sounding Snake retreated dozens of meters.

Han Fei sneered.
If he had to use the Overlord’s Technique when he was fighting a single Sounding Snake, he would be better off giving up exploring the ruin.


Han Fei flashed again and activated the Draw Technique, and the Void Lines were thrown out at the same time.

The Sounding Snake seemed to sense the danger.
It flapped its wings and flew out.

“Haha! That’s exactly what I was waiting for!”

Han Fei flashed again and appeared on the back of the Sounding Snake.
With a press of his palm, 10 Void Lines attached to the snake.

At that moment, even if the Sounding Snake wanted to escape, it had no chance.

Han Fei quickly took control of the soul of the Sounding Snake.
From its soul, Han Fei saw some messy pictures.
Among them, he saw densely packed snakes, which stunned him.

So many? How can I fight them alone?

Han Fei turned over and sat on the Sounding Snake, thinking whether he should explore that secret realm or not… Could he resist hundreds of Sounding Snakes himself?

Forget it, let me find where the snake cave is first.

Han Fei tried to find some information from the soul of the Sounding Snake.

However, he suddenly saw two huge red eyes.

Han Fei was startled, but the shock he felt actually came from the Sounding Snake itself.

Are you afraid of your own kind? They don’t seem easy to cope with!

Han Fei didn’t panic, however.
He planned to use this snake to test his Divine Manipulation Technique.

Controlling this Sounding Snake, he flew up high.
Han Fei tried to read information little by little.
After about an hour, Han Fei could gradually see the owner of the red eyes.

Just as Luo Xiaobai guessed, this snake turned out to be a Snake King!

When he saw the Sounding Snake King clearly, Han Fei was taken aback.
Its body was simply too huge! Its head alone was more than 30 meters long, let alone its body.

And besides the big snake, Han Fei also saw a small tree of unknown quality.
On the small tree, there hung a dark green fruit.

In addition to this dark green fruit, Han Fei also saw three corpses in the huge snake cave.
They were all wearing armored battle suits.
They were the same kind of corpses that Han Fei had encountered in the Undersea Chimney.

Han Fei was stunned.
If these corpses were here, would there be Spirit Awakening Fluid here?

Han Fei wasn’t quite sure.
If there was Spirit Awakening Fluid, then this meant that in this so-called ruin, there were not only the fruit and three corpses, but also at least more than 3 million kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid.

The Spirit Awakening Fluid might have been divided up by these little snakes; however, there were still three corpses! The equipment on them would also be precious!

If he could kill the Sounding Snake King, it would be another huge gain.
At least, the bodies of snake creatures were treasures.

Let me take a look.
If I can’t find the entrance, I’ll just give up.

He controlled the Sounding Snake, flying towards the valley.

In the middle of the valley, Han Fei controlled the Sounding Snake under him to make a sound.



The noise echoed in the valley.

Suddenly, Han Fei heard another sound, followed by dozens of the same sounds.

Han Fei’s eyes lit up. Huh! The snake cave turns out to be hidden somewhere at the bottom of the valley.

Haha! Got you! Don’t blame me for my cruelty then.

As soon as Han Fei stretched out his hand, a large jar filled with Poison God appeared.
He directly used half of the Poison God that Cao Qiu gave him.

Nearly 50 catties of Poison God were stuffed into the Sounding Snake’s belly.
Of course, in order to prevent the symptoms from starting now, Han Fei put the Poison God in a big fish bladder.
As long as the bladder didn’t break, the Poison God wouldn’t leak out.


Han Fei flew towards the top of the mountain, controlling the Sounding Snake with the Void Lines to go into the pile of rocks at the bottom of the valley.

Then he found a big cave under this canyon.
In the dark cave, dozens of snakes were entwining each other.
Some Sounding Snakes were looking at him, to be precise, they were looking at the Sounding Snake he controlled.

They hissed and their eyes turned scarlet as if they were looking at a strange snake.

Have they discovered me?

Clang, Clang~

For a while, there were many percussive sounds from the cave, which were rhythmic and gradually spread away.

Han Fei’s face suddenly changed. Why are these Sounding Snakes making these sounds?

Han Fei had to control the snake to follow them.
Otherwise, they might find this snake had a problem.

In the valley, percussive sounds resounded and the sound waves rippled.

Feeling a buzz in his head, Han Fei quickly spat out the mint leaves and put a new one into his mouth.

But Han Fei felt that a single piece of the mint leaf could no longer pacify his emotion.

Thud! Thud!

As the sounds rippled out like waves, Han Fei saw golden light descend on a distant mountain peak.

“Huh! Sea God Descends?”

Generally speaking, people who could make a creature at the peak-level of the Sea Demon Realm use their technique, Sea God Descends, couldn’t be weak.

It just so happened that Luo Xiaobai and the others could.

Han Fei frowned. Did Luo Xiaobai and the others encounter a sea demon army?

Han Fei immediately summoned out Little Black and Little White.
“Daughter, check where Luo Xiaobai and the others are.”

However, Little White was flying to the other side, which was exactly the opposite of the battlefield just now.

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Even if I don’t break into this snake cave, I can attract others to come over.

So Han Fei flew to the opposite mountain.

However, only when Han Fei flew less than 3,000 meters, fighting sounds came from all directions.

Han Fei saw that there was a white light in the distance.

Then he saw an octopus shadow on a small hill not far away.

And he also saw some people fighting each other, their wings spreading.

Huh? Why are there so many living people around this mountain range?

Han Fei didn’t expect it.
He had thought that there should not be too many people in this valley.
After all, if he hadn’t had the mint leaves, Zhang Xuanyu and the others would have been bewitched.

But now, he found out that he was wrong.
He was not the only one who could resist the sound of the Sounding Snakes.

However, it seemed that he caused the Sounding Snake to sound collectively.
This caused the people who could have resisted the bewitching sound to collapse and lose their minds.


Now it was impossible for him to save these people, no matter how fast he could be.

Now he could only lure these hostile guys to come over on their own initiative.

Han Fei gritted his teeth and flew over the valley.
Then he took out 10,000 kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid and a large amount of spiritual spring and scattered it around: the thick spiritual vortex attracted everyone’s attention.

One figure after another rushed towards the valley.

Not only humans and sea demons, but the Sounding Snakes underneath him were rushing over, trying to swallow the Spirit Awakening Fluid and spiritual energy.

Han Fei immediately ran away.

At the same time, Han Fei controlled the Sounding Snake to escape first.
When nearly 200 Sounding Snakes rushed out of the snake cave, he manipulated the snake to return into the snake cave.

More than 200 Sounding Snakes flew in mid-air, which was equivalent to more than 200 peak-level sea demons.
Fortunately, they were good at bewitching, but didn’t have strong combat power.

The humans and the sea demons rushed over and immediately had a violent conflict with them.

In the frenzied state, many humans and sea demons quickly joined the battle, and the sky was full of fighting shadows and dazzling lights.

Han Fei gritted his teeth. These idiots! Why didn’t they leave since they had already known these snakes have a bewitching ability?

Han Fei found that there were fifty or sixty human beings and as many as seventy or eighty sea demons.

Fine, I’ll solve the trouble that I made.

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