Chapter 904: Variety Devil Kid

Before the spiritual barrier of the sealing object, Han Fei threw a few more Divine Healing Techniques to Yue Shier and said solemnly, “Just because we found the spiritual barrier doesn’t mean we can break it…”

Before he finished speaking, Han Fei saw Yue Shier pull out a long stick at the Semi-Divine level and jabbed the barrier with a terrifying force.


Both Han Fei and Yue Shier were sent flying by the terrifying force.
Under Han Fei’s stunned daze, the Semi-Divine weapon exploded, and the barrier… Was broken.


Han Fei said with a stunned look, “It’s over? Hey, hey! Shier, couldn’t you have warned me first? We were so close to the barrier…”

Yue Shier smirked.
“OK, let me smash the sealing object.”

This time, Yue Shier took out a big seal.
Han Fei was wondering what the hell was in Yue Shier’s armor box.

How much money would it cost each battle this guy fought? Every time he took something out of his armor box, he detonated it.

Sure enough, there was another boom.
Yue Shier, this fool, exploded two Semi-Divine weapons in a row, exploding the sealing stone.

Then he turned his head and glanced at Han Fei.
“There are many weapons here.
I picked up these weapons along the way.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei forced a smile. It’s still too wasteful.
Aren’t they Semi-Divine weapons?

Han Fei wondered if this guy picked up a Divine weapon, would he still detonate it?

Han Fei was speechless.
When this strange stone burst into pieces, within a thousand kilometers, the sea was buzzing and rumbling.

Han Fei and Yue Shier looked up for a long time, and the buzzing sound gradually subsided.

Yue Shier scratched his head.
“Maybe… It’s not enough to break one seal.
We’ll have to break another one.”

Han Fei curled his lips.
“But you have to find it first!”

Yue Shier looked at Han Fei.
“Let’s find it together?”

Han Fei shook his head.
“No, I want…”

Suddenly, Han Fei’s heart did a flip and he quickly pinched his fingers and calculated secretly.

After a while, Han Fei’s expression kept changing.
“Is Luo Xiaobai in danger?”

This was his premonition.
Han Fei glanced at Yue Shier.
“Do you know where there are a lot of spiritual plants?”

Yue Shier pointed to the left of Han Fei.
“I have met Youye.
She went in that direction and said that there was a forest of spiritual plants there.”

Han Fei immediately spread his wings.
“Shier, I have something to do.
I’m leaving.”

Han Fei paused, pointed to the right side, and said, “About 3000 kilometers over there, there is a snake cave mountain range.
The big snake inside has been killed by me.
You can go and see if there is another sealing object in it.”

Yue Shier grinned.
“Okay! Thank you!”


Without hesitation, Han Fei had already rushed out. Luo Xiaobai should be invincible in forests.
Why was she in danger? Was there a powerful creature like the big snake?

No, I must move quickly.

“La la la~”

A little girl with fancy clothes whose hair was dyed sky blue, crimson, and pure black slipped along in the water.

Anyone from the Empyrean Waterfall would recognize who this girl was.

Except for Li Luoluo, no one would be dressed in such a fancy and weird manner.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared underground, and a big fish with two big pincers pounced on Li Luoluo.

Li Luoluo snorted.
“Why does this fish have pincers? Are you a crab fish? No, a lobster fish.
Ew, you’re really ugly.”

Li Luoluo wasn’t panicked at all, but just when the big fish was 10 meters away from her, she disappeared with a flash.

Then, within a second, the big fish was tied up by colorful vines and grasses.

“Walk, walk, walk the big fish… Huh! There is a battle.”

A strange blade of grass on Li Luoluo’s shoulder vibrated slightly, and she made a sweet smile.
“Let’s go rob people.”

In this area of water, red lights were everywhere and shadows of swords were rampaging.

A large lobster with no shell was wagging its tail crazily.
Its two pincers were two big snakes, and its tail was a scorpion tail.

At this moment, this weird big soul-eating lobster, which was already riddled with holes, finally crashed to the ground.

Sun Mu fell on the ground pale-faced.
With a thought, he withdrew his Deity Slaying Array, looking like a sword warrior.

There were eight people walking by his side.

Among them, someone was flattering him, “Young Master, your Deity Slaying Array is getting stronger and stronger.
I believe that you will be able to kill these soul-eating beasts without secret methods soon.”

Sun Mu snorted lightly.
“Okay, but the soul-eating beasts are a lot weaker than Sea Spirit experts… And Han Fei can already kill Sea Spirit experts.”

The man flattered him, “How can Han Fei compare to you, Young Master? He is just a lucky country boy! How can he know what you’re capable of, Young Master?”

Sun Mu raised his head high and said, “Let’s go! If there is a forest of spiritual plants, then… Huh, who is it?”

The sword light swept across, cutting a red demon vine in half.

“Wow, you’re really grumpy.
I’m just listening… But what your subordinate said is not right.
Han Fei is from the Thug Academy.
He is terrific.”

At the moment, Li Luoluo was sitting on a wisteria a hundred meters away, her hands propped on the plant, her feet swinging.

Sun Mu’s eyes suddenly narrowed.
“Empyrean Waterfall, Li Luoluo?”

Li Luoluo was surprised.
“Huh! Do you know me?”

Sun Mu snorted.
“Although I haven’t been there, I know everyone in the Empyrean Waterfall.
Do you want to stop me?”

Li Luoluo quickly patted her chest with her small hand.
“Oh, I’m so scared… Are you Han Fei’s enemy?”

Sun Mu looked calm.
“So what?”

Li Luoluo smiled.
“It just so happens that I want Han Fei to do me a favor, to cook me a meal.
Then, I can become a Law Enforcer, no problem… So, how about I slaughter you and give your head to him as a present?”

“Shut up, b*tch! How dare you insult our Young Master? Let me kill…”


In an instant, flowers and vines bloomed everywhere, the phantoms of colorful soul-eating beasts were popping out, and white knife blades flickered in the air.

For almost an instant, the person who was scolding Li Luoluo was wrapped in a riot of color.

Sun Mu and others hurriedly retreated and brandished their swords, trying to cut off the colorful brilliance.

“Sword Protects My Body and Dragons and Snakes Retreat.”

Amidst the misty colors, someone shouted and surging sword energy burst out.

However, within a minute, a shrill scream rang amid the colors.

Li Luoluo curled her lips unhappily.
“Humph, I just want to borrow something from you.
Why did you scold me? Eat him…”

When the colors dissipated, everyone felt a chill down their spines.
The guy scolding Li Luoluo was standing there like a statue, posing as if he was about to jump.
His body was covered with colorful leaves of grass, and there was an ugly crayfish on his head.

However, the man has already died.
A peak-level Hidden Fisher was turned into a humanoid statue.
How horrifying was she!?

Sun Mu’s eyes were cold.
“Li Luoluo, are you sure you want to fight against our Sun Family?”

Li Luoluo said shyly, “Isn’t it interesting? I couldn’t find any sea demons, but you just happened to be here!”

Sun Mu shouted in a low voice, “Sky Sword Array.”


Seven swords crossed in the sky, and the seven people behind Sun Mu put on a different posture respectively, looking oppressive and powerful.


The big sword dozens of meters long fell, hacking at Li Luoluo.

“Oh! That’s really mean of you.
You guys are even bullying a little girl.
That’s too much.”

Everyone was speechless.
A little girl? Not a demon?

At that moment, the big sword shadows were all over the sky, seeming to be able to kill an ordinary Hidden Fisher in one blow.

With Sun Mu as the center, the swords flew all over the sky.

Puff, Puff, Puff!

On the ground, colorful densely-packed demonic vines burst out.
Some vines were not vines but centipedes and spider silks, and some grass blades were not grass blades, but all kinds of weird leaf insects.

There were vines, insects, silk, and knives, and Li Luoluo’s figure ran and flickered among the sword shadows.
Her eyes suddenly glowed red, and then a person was killed.

Someone exclaimed, “No, a bug got in my eyes… Ah… Bugs, bugs…”

Sun Mu’s eyes turned pale and he shouted angrily, “Everyone, concentrate.
Don’t be bewitched by this woman’s illusion.”

“Giggle… Are they delicious? Do you want to eat them? The bugs crawl into your mouth… Hey, don’t give me that look… Look at your clothes.
No, look at my clothes.
Aren’t they beautiful?”

Someone looked at Li Luoluo and then was stunned.
It was not a person, but a big bug piled up by countless bugs.

This person took a half step back in fright.
However, it was this half-step that pushed him into the abyss.

A bug fell on him when he panicked.
Immediately afterwards, the worm began to bite and gnaw… And then this man went crazy.

Sun Mu was furious.
The battle hadn’t even started yet, and three of his eight men who were all peak-level Hidden Fishers had already died.

“You evil b*tch, try my sword.”

“Wow! A high-quality… No, an ultra-quality Divine weapon? You’re rich! I can’t afford to offend you.

Sun Mu roared, “Do you think you can still leave?”

Hundreds of kilometers away.

A big golden bird was flying in the air, and Han Fei looked at the Infinity Water that was still absorbing the essence of water and curled his lips.
“The time it takes to recharge is a bit long!”

Suddenly, Han Fei raised his head. Huh, why are there so many fancy colors up ahead? There seems to be swords sounding.

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