Chapter 910: Bro, Please Behave Yourself

Han Fei looked down at the ring in his hand.
Wow! He had thought that this ring was useless, but it turned out that it had such an amazing effect.
With it, he could ignore the law of time.

“Huh? Where is Li Luoluo?”

Han Fei quickly put away his weapons, stuffed an energy fruit in his mouth, and immediately went to search for Li Luoluo.

Regardless of whether Li Luoluo was schizophrenic or not, this girl was very strong and could be a good helper.

In fact, except for Ning Jingyao, Nameless, and Du Jiangliu who he was familiar with, he didn’t know the people in the Empyrean Waterfall well.

He had witnessed how brave Yue Shier was.

Now, he had experienced the strength of the Variety Devil Girl.

It was said that Youye was also here.
He wondered how strong she was.

As for the Luo Xiaobai trio, Han Fei wasn’t quite worried about them.
Le Renkuang’s Sky Swallowing Technique was very powerful and had a peculiar effect.
These insects shouldn’t be able to stop him.

He was just worried that they might encounter many sea demon Heavenly Talents, but it wasn’t very likely.
There were a total of about 5,000 sea demons here, and the ancient battlefield was huge.

What he and Li Luoluo met should be the strongest group! They were also by far the strongest group of sea demons Han Fei had ever fought against.

After a while, Han Fei had collected the Sea Swallowing Seashells and found an artwork sculpture and some hanging bodies whose blood and flesh had been swallowed by vines.

When Han Fei found Li Luoluo, she was squatting on the ground.
In front of her, there were rows of insects, which were in colorful formations like soldiers.

Han Fei looked around and didn’t see any sea demons.
Were they swallowed by the forest?

Han Fei couldn’t help but walk two steps forward.
“Li Luoluo, what are you… Doing?”

Seeing that Li Luoluo suddenly turned her face to him, Han Fei took a step back in shock.
She had become an innocent little girl again.

Seeing the strange makeup on Li Luoluo’s face disappear, Han Fei was a little nervous.
This was not a good thing.
It showed that Li Luoluo’s schizophrenia was very serious.

Li Luoluo grinned.
“Brother, I’m watching the insect soldiers killing each other.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows.
“Uh… Well, little girl, what shall I call you?”

Li Luoluo smiled and said, “My name is Li Keke.”

Han Fei was speechless. I haven’t seen this kind of thing happen before.
What should I do?

“Ahem… Keke! How old are you?”

“Eight years old!”

Han Fei felt a chill down his spine. Sh*t… Does Li Luoluo have an eight-year-old identity?

Han Fei said in fright, “Keke, watch it after we leave this forest, OK? Right now, are you going to fight bad guys with Brother?”

Li Keke immediately jumped up.
“Keke is going to beat the bad guys.
Brother, don’t be afraid.
Keke is very powerful!”

Han Fei lowered his head and said, “Hmm, let’s go! Protect me… Yes, you protect me…”

Han Fei was speechless. Protect me? Aren’t I the babysitter?

However, Han Fei smiled secretly.
Since Li Luoluo had become Li Keke, he could take all the spoils this time.

Nice, at least no one would snatch things from him now.

“Brother, hold my hands.”

Han Fei: “???”

But Li Keke had already pulled Han Fei to run out with her.

Han Fei was speechless. Why do I feel a bit guilty?

Han Fei shrugged, stretched out his hand, and the Infinity Water returned to his palm.
After a while, Infinity Water began to absorb the essence of water again.

Han Fei had discovered last time that Infinity Water continuously absorbed the essence of water, and it would take one to two days for it to make a perfect self-detonation tool.
As his strength increased, the power of its self-detonation would be greater.

Although it could explode for the second time, the power was definitely reduced a lot, so Han Fei didn’t plan to use it now.

About an hour after Han Fei left, the Luo Xiaobai trio came over.

However, at this moment, the corpses of the sea demons had all disappeared, being dragged away by the vines and sucked dry.

Le Renkuang looked at the huge pit in the ground and was surprised.
“What a violent battle…”

Zhang Xuanyu said in astonishment, “Many people must have died here.
Were they killed by a human or a sea demon?”

Luo Xiaobai suddenly said, “Han Fei did it.”



Glancing at Le Renkuang and Zhang Xuanyu’s stunned faces, Luo Xiaobai asked, “Can’t you even feel the aura of Han Fei?”

Le Renkuang immediately laughed.
“Haha! I knew he was okay.
But what is he now?”

Zhang Xuanyu pointed to the side road and said, “Here! He must have left from here.”

It was because the ground where Han Fei walked was unusually solid.
The vines were crushed flat on the ground.

Luo Xiaobai frowned.
“I’m just wondering, why didn’t the person in the forest smooth out the path here?”

Zhang Xuanyu smiled.
“It shows that he is not omnipotent.
He just controls everything from a distance.
And the huge destructive power makes him no longer able to control the environment here.”

Luo Xiaobai nodded slightly.
“It’s possible.
Let’s go! Catch up with Han Fei and check it out…”

Han Fei was telling stories while walking.

“Once upon a time! There was a huge castle in which lived a vicious queen and a girl named Snow White… Snow White and the seven dwarfs lived a happy life ever after…”

Li Keke cried, “Bad woman! She used the poisonous apple… Brother, what is an apple?”

“Uh… It’s a spiritual fruit?”

With that said, Han Fei took out a spiritual fruit and took a bite.
“Apple is a kind of spiritual fruit.”


“Brother, I want to eat too.”

Taking up so many things from the little girl, Han Fei graciously took out a spiritual fruit and handed it over.
“Keke, do you know where the bad guys in the forest are?”

Li Keke said, “Ask the insects!”

As she said this, a small centipede appeared in her palm.

Li Keke asked innocently, “Little insect, do you know where the bad guys are?”

Then she raised her head.
“Brother, it doesn’t know.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes helplessly. Forget it, I’ll figure it out myself!

Han Fei pinched his fingers and tried to calculate the location of the most dangerous place and he quickly found the right direction.

Before Han Fei walked far, he heard someone shouting in the water, “Feifei, Feifei, are you here?”

Han Fei was stunned.
“Zhang Xuanyu?”

Han Fei smiled immediately.
“Yuyu! Here, here…”

However, there was no response.

Then he remembered that he had clairaudience.
Zhang Xuanyu and the others could still be some distance away from him.

On the other side, the Zhang Xuanyu trio was fighting.

Luo Xiaobai was controlling the poisonous weeds and vines to kill the insects.
At the same time, she said to Zhang Xuanyu, “It’s too far.
Han Fei is unlikely to hear.”

Le Renkuang had activated the Sky Swallowing Technique and was devouring.
Only Zhang Xuanyu was idle.

Zhang Xuanyu said in frustration, “The b*stard in the forest just doesn’t want us to meet each other! Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sent the insects over again.”

Luo Xiaobai said flatly, “This is a good thing! It means that the one inside is not strong.
He is afraid that we will get together.”

Zhang Xuanyu muttered, “But it’ll take a long time! By the way, are there endless insects here?”

Luo Xiaobai hummed.
“And there are also vines.
However, within ten kilometers of me, I can compete with him for control of the spiritual plants, and I’ll win.”

About half an hour later.

Zhang Xuanyu exclaimed, “Why are there more and more insects? Gosh, the number has doubled.”

Le Renkuang was busy swallowing, his eyes already green.
Now he just wanted to pass out.

Luo Xiaobai said, “It seems that the guy is anxious.
Why is he anxious?”

Boom! Boom…

The three of them looked to one side, where the ground was shaking and it was exactly where the insects came from.

Le Renkuang said, “No! I can swallow small insects, but if they’re too big, I’m afraid I will have indigestion.”

However, at this time, they saw colorful rays of light erupting in the depths of the forest.

Zhang Xuanyu was stunned.
“Oh, no! It must be poisonous insects this time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a large swath of colorful insects popping up from the ground.

Luo Xiaobai and Le Renkuang both glared at Zhang Xuanyu.

However, what was beyond their expectation was that these poisonous insects began to fight against the insects gathering up, and in a moment, most of them were killed or injured.

Seeing the insect tide receding, everyone was puzzled, and then they saw Han Fei holding a girl’s hand and running over.

Le Renkuang was overjoyed.
“Oh… Feifei, you are finally here.”

Zhang Xuanyu’s eyes lit up, and he stared at Li Keke.
“My God, she’s cute…”

Luo Xiaobai asked coldly, “Who is she?”

Before Han Fei answered, Li Keke bowed respectfully and said politely, “Hello, handsome brother, beautiful sister, and chubby brother, my name is Li Keke.
I am eight years old this year…”

Everyone: “???”

The three of them all looked at Han Fei wondering what the hell was going on!

With a grimace, Han Fei said to them in a voice transmission, She is Li Luoluo from the Empyrean Waterfall.
She has multiple personalities.
This is one of her personalities, only eight years old.

The Luo Xiaobai trio looked at each other. What? Did I hear that wrong?

Zhang Xuanyu was the first to react.
“Alas, what a pretty little girl.
Let me hug you…”

Before Han Fei could stop him, Zhang Xuanyu had already embraced her.

Next second.


Zhang Xuanyu flew out and sat on the ground with a dazed expression.

Li Keke seemed to change into another person.
She stared at Zhang Xuanyu with a serious face.
“I’m Li Kuang.
What did you want to do to me?”

Han Fei: “???”

Everyone: “???”

Then Li Luoluo, who was now Li Kuang, turned to look at Han Fei and looked down at their holding hands.
Then both of them shivered and looked disgusted.



Li Kuang rubbed ‘his’ hands in disgust.
“Bro, please behave yourself.”

Han Fei: “…”

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