Chapter 912: Stick Insect • Tree Lobster (Part 2)

As Han Fei stepped into this small space, he discovered this must be the secret of this forest.

In this ultra-small secret realm, there was only one stick stuck in the ground.
Of course, what Han Fei noticed at first sight was not the stick, but the big insect that was sticking to the stick.

Han Fei looked up and down.
The insect’s body was also like dead wood, but there was a faint golden light on its edges.
It looked like a luminous dead branch.

It turned out that this thing was manipulating the insects in the forest…

This was a golden-gray stick insect, two meters high, with eight sections of body, six claws, and double hook-like feelers.
At this moment, there were a lot of insects around it.

In Han Fei’s eyes, information emerged.

Stick Insect

An extremely rare stick insect which grows in demonic plant forests.
They have strong spiritual power and can control insects.
However, its fighting ability is low, and it is also very easy to be hunted.
When a tree lobster encounters a dragon insect (stick insect), their strength doubles, and they can almost sweep the entire spiritual plant forest.



53,022 points

Eating it brings a certain chance to acquire the ability to talk to insects.

Insect honey

Insect honey is a precious material for alchemy and is one of the important ingredients of the law pill.

Han Fei grinned. Now we finally meet.
Is this stick the sealing object?

Han Fei could tell at a glance that this stick was very special as it gave off a certain aura, a bit like the Cosmic Sword.
It was either a top-quality Divine weapon or an ultra-quality Divine weapon…

But it wasn’t likely a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure.
Snowmourne looked much more gorgeous than this stick.

“Heh, this stick would suit Zhang Xuanyu.”

Han Fei already had the Embroidery Needle and the Snowmourne.
Even if he took this stick, he wouldn’t be able to fully tap its potential.
So, he might as well give it to Zhang Xuanyu.

Han Fei looked around and found a corpse lying here.

To Han Fei’s disappointment, except for this corpse, there was no spiritual spring energy or Spirit Awakening Fluid on it.

Han Fei stared at the stick insect with a dark look and said, “I’ll give you three minutes to consider my questions.
Where is the treasure? And is there any spiritual spring or Spirit Awakening Fluid here?”

Suddenly, a vague voice rang in Han Fei’s mind, Can, can you control it?

Han Fei couldn’t help but smile. This stick insect can talk!

At this moment, Han Fei had controlled the soul of this tree lobster.

Han Fei grinned.
“You’ve used one minute.”

The stick insect immediately responded, “Actually, there is nothing good here.
We are just guarding this seal.”

Han Fei smiled and Infinity Water appeared in his hands.
“Now you only have one minute left…”

“Wait a minute!”

Han Fei’s eyes were cold.
“What, have you decided to tell me the truth?”

The stick insect said, “The little girl who controls insects needs me.
I have told her that I am willing to be her contractual spiritual beast.
I’ll also tell you where the treasure is…”

Han Fei bared his teeth.
“Do you think I dare not kill you?”

The stick insect said, “You don’t need to kill me.
I am just an insect.
Since you have controlled the tree lobster, why not let me go?”

Han Fei said, “Collect!”

The tree lobster was immediately collected into the Demon Purification Pot.

The only thing that surprised Han Fei was that this stick insect was too smart.
Within three minutes, he had put aside his dignity as a legendary creature and promised to be Li Luoluo’s contractual spiritual beast.

Swish, Swish, Swish!

The others ran in one after another.


Han Fei shuddered and immediately stared blankly at Luo Xiaobai.

Luo Xiaobai explained, “When you took that lobster away, she changed into another person.”

Han Fei: “…”

“Wow… The stick…”

At the first glance, Zhang Xuanyu saw the stick inserted in the center of the little secret realm, and his eyes almost glowed green.

Luo Xiaobai grabbed Zhang Xuanyu with a vine, dragged him back, and looked at Han Fei quietly.
“What happened?”

Han Fei pointed to the insect and said, “I originally wanted to kill it.
However, he took the initiative to ask Li Keke to take it.”

Although it was a pity that he missed a legendary creature.
It was alright.
This stick insect knew where the treasure was! At least it could help them find the treasure.

Han Fei looked at Li Keke and said, “Keke, let this insect be your contractual spiritual beast, okay?”

Li Keke pouted, hesitated for a long time, and suddenly said, “Sister Luoluo, Keke won’t accept it!”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched, and then he saw Li Keke’s face slowly distorting and various colors returning to her face.

When her lips turned blue-purple, Han Fei knew that Li Luoluo had returned.

“Ahhhh… Damn, stupid Keke, you should have given me your body long ago.
Why do you give my body to Li Kuang? He’s just an idiot…”

Li Luoluo said angrily and gave Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu a menacing look, “Don’t tell anyone my secret.”

Han Fei shrugged speechlessly and said, “Come on, collect the stick insect!”

Li Luoluo’s eyes lit up, and she stepped forward.
“What a good insect!”

Zhang Xuanyu touched Han Fei’s shoulder and asked, “Is Li Luoluo back?”

Han Fei nodded.
“Yes, which isn’t a bad thing.
Li Luoluo is a bit more herself right now.
However, now we’ve seen 5 personalities, Li Keke, Li Kuang, Li Luoluo, and two others who we don’t know their names… Maybe a few haven’t even come out yet, who knows!”


Zhang Xuanyu gasped in shock and said, “More?”

Han Fei remembered when he was fighting Sun Mu, and when Infinity Water exploded, Li Luoluo seemed to have changed into another person… Han Fei wasn’t quite clear who the other two were.

Besides, her nickname was Variety Devil Girl.
It made sense for her to have seven or eight personalities.

Han Fei was still thinking about it when he heard Zhang Xuanyu say hesitantly, “Feifei! Well, can you introduce me to her?”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei looked at Zhang Xuanyu in shock.
“Are you serious? Believe it or not, she can stab you without a second thought!”

Zhang Xuanyu said carelessly, “Didn’t Xia Xiaochan stab you often? I don’t mind…”

Han Fei was speechless.
“Don’t forget she can control insects.
I’m afraid that when you wake up, you will only have bones left.”

The smile froze on Zhang Xuanyu’s face.
“Uh… Well, let me think about it then.”

While Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu were whispering, Li Luoluo had signed a contract with the stick insect.

Li Luoluo looked back at Han Fei strangely.
“I know the location of the treasure… How shall we deal with this stick? As long as it falls, the seal will be broken.”

Zhang Xuanyu immediately said, “Let me try it.”

“Nine-Layered Waves in the Furious Sea!”

A boom resounded in the little secret realm, and a terrifying, overwhelming power erupted!

However, that stick could produce an invisible barrier to resist the power.
Zhang Xuanyu failed to break the barrier after trying twice.

Seeing this, he put his hands behind his back and said arrogantly, “Good, this barrier is not bad.
Feifei, I was just testing it.
Now it’s your turn.”

Li Luoluo rolled her eyes, muttering, “Do you think we don’t know you can’t break it?”

Zhang Xuanyu’s face suddenly turned blue.
God, he was mocked by a girl!

Le Renkuang shook his head slightly.
Poor Zhang Xuanyu tried to impress the girl but failed.
Seeing that there was no water in this secret realm, he immediately proposed, “Shall we eat hot pot here?”

Luo Xiaobai frowned.
“Step back.”

Clang~ Clang~

Boom, boom, boom!

Invincible fist marks bombarded the seal crazily.

The horrible power shook the little secret realm.

After more than 30 punches, everyone heard a “click” and the barrier collapsed.

Han Fei drew up the stick and threw it to Zhang Xuanyu.
“Xiaobai, I found that there are both strong and weak spiritual barriers.
The defense of this barrier is very strong.”


Before Luo Xiaobai could answer, the secret realm exploded, and seawater instantly poured in.

The entire forest was shaking, so was the sea.
Above their heads, thunder rumbled.
The seal of the outside world seemed to be affected.

Luo Xiaobai said, “The seal must have been loosened, and there may be a chance to break this space.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip and he immediately said to Li Luoluo, “Quickly take us to find the treasure.
We won’t have any chance if the people outside come in!”

Le Renkuang nodded hard.
“Yes, yes! Let’s find the treasure first.”

Li Luoluo ran out with a swish.
“Come with me.”

This time, there were no insects in the forest, so they were extremely fast, and it took them only half an hour to reach where the treasure was.

At this time, the sea was still shaking.
Luo Xiaobai guessed, “It is very likely that some people on the outside are trying to break into the secret realm.”

“Then hurry up!”

Li Luoluo stomped and a large swarm of insects began to burrow into the ground.
After a while, a big pit appeared in the ground.

Seeing this pit, everyone felt a chill down their spines.
There were all kinds of corpses, and all kinds of weapons in it.
It had to be the tree lobster and the stick insect that killed these people, sucked them dry, and buried them here.
As time went by, there was a whole pit of corpses.

Le Renkuang exclaimed, “Wow! A lot of… Semi-Divine weapons?”

Han Fei had already jumped in. Semi-Divine weapons? Yes, there are even Semi-Divine weapons!

Le Renkuang quickly said, “Hey! Put that down.

Zhang Xuanyu shot back, “A stick may not be enough for me.”

Li Luoluo added, “And mine…”

In a moment, these bandits had taken all the weapons that had been buried in the pit for an unknown period of time.

Only Luo Xiaobai, standing by the side of the pit, looked up at the sky and muttered, “The people outside haven’t broken in yet!”

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